Developer: Batoul Apps

Current Version: 2.0.9

Last Updated: 12 months ago

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Guidance is an Islamic prayer times application for OS X that plays the Adhan and shows an alert when it's time for prayer. Designed to be simple and elegant, Guidance sits in the menu bar and shows a countdown until the next prayer. Guidance stays out of the way while providing you with easy access to your prayer time information.

- Choose from several Adhans
- Set a reminder before sunrise so you never miss Fajr again
- Minimalistic interface gives you easy access to prayer times
- Automatic location detection
- Get a countdown of how much time is left until the next prayer
- Integration with Notification Center for prayer alerts
- Displays Hijri date

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Release Notes:

Removed blur effect to fix compatibility issue with the latest version of macOS


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0.2
Review by Safi N,

Love it ! - I love how simple this app is. I usually have my headphones plugged in for something and sometimes in place where Azan cannot be heared; and this app indicates 10 mins ahead of time that its going to be Maghrib, then the notification when it is Maghrib. Plus it also indicates if the prayer is still valid at this time, by showing blue filled border on that time of prayer.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 2.0.6
Review by JPCWA

Excellent. - It has a very clean and simple interface. Nothing complicated. Can be configured to suit your needs. There are different muezzin so one can choose whomever he or she likes best. The Asr settings can be set for Shafi, Malaki, Handbali, or Hanafi. Call to prayer can be silenced for any of the 5 daily prayers and there is an option for remminders that can be set for 15-120 minutes before the actual call to prayer. Only complaint I have is “location” does not work when my imac is connected via ethernet. Works fine when with wifi though.

Found helpful by 10 out of 14 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.0.9
Review by همام زغدودي

 Just Perfect, 5 Stars if you add one little feature - Assalam Alaykum, Thank you for this great little application. Simple, Elegant and functional, what every muslim wants in his menu bar. I would give it 5 stars if you just add the ability to show the Hijri date along side the prayer time or choose between them. I really want always to keep track of Hijri date and sitting in the menu bar would be the perfect solution to that. Hope you get this message and you start working on it. Keep it up brother.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people
Version 2.0.9
Review by AbdesslamUSA

simple and easy and doesthe exact job. - simple as it supposed to be no annoying ads . it does the jobe reminds you of prair times. برنامج هادئ وجميل خفيف يقوم بالدور المطلوب بدون اعلانات كثيرة ربما لا اعلانات اصلا ان كنت اتذكر,انصح بتحميله ووتصحيح الاعدادات وانسى ...خليك من برامج مزقة ومزركشة واعلانات اكثر من شعر الراس

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 2.0.9
Review by MuathS95

simple as it should be - this is the perfect prayer time app. god bless guys thank you

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Version 2.0.9
Review by mr100percent

good little app - This app shows prayer times with a countdown to latest in the menubar, and has optional athan. Customizable to make more compact. Simple and elegant

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Version 2.0.9
Review by nFadu

Doesnt show correct timings - Doesnt show correct timings. Manually adjusted the prayer times but it went off again!

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