Developer: Pavlos Tsochantaris

Current Version: 1.3.1

Last Updated: 8 days ago

Download Size: 9.1 MB - Download


Gladys is a drag-and-drop shelf that holds things you want to set aside, such as links, text snippets, map locations, contacts, images, photos, emails, messages and much more (even if the application that the information came from is removed)

It works with any app that supports drag-and-drop, and helps keep you focused by letting you quickly set something aside, without having to consider where it needs to be dropped, or having to constantly switch between apps.

• A completely native Mac app, using standard key combinations such as copy and paste, Quicklook, Spotlight, Handoff, service integrations and a share extension for apps that don't support drag & drop.
• Quickly search for items inside the app or via Spotlight.
• Annotate items with notes, custom titles, and tag items with labels that allow you to easily categorise, browse, and sort your collection.
• Turn on automatic iCloud syncing to sync your data with other Macs and iOS devices running Gladys. Use handoff to quickly locate and open items that you're viewing between devices.
• Invite friends to keep items from your own collection in their own collections, and, if you give permission, even collaboratively annotate and edit them.
• Ideal for bookmarking between apps: For example you can quickly return to dropped email items by selecting 'Open' in their info view, or quickly share links between different browsers.
• Advanced users can import/export/merge collection archives, as well as export items in a ZIP file for sharing, download items pointed to by web links, and even archive web pages.
• Experienced users can get details on dropped items and extract or modify specific data components (e.g. extract the URL of an image link, instead of the whole item, add a new image, or edit the title).
• Technical users can reveal the raw binary "blob" in Finder to access the raw bytes of whatever data was dragged in for further processing. (Changes to the raw data will be detected and synced up, if iCloud sync is used.)
• Contains no analytics, ratings prompts, or noise.


Release Notes:

• Improves appearance of modal and preference views, especially on smaller screens, or when Gladys is set to auto-hide.
• Corrects an issue that can lead to the app being unresponsive when accepting drops from the Safari 14 URL bar.

From 1.3.0:
• New option to automatically hide Gladys until the mouse reaches a specific edge, or corner, of the screen.
• New option to automatically show Gladys when something is being dragged on screen.
• New option to allow turning off converting finder tags to Gladys tags when dragging in a file.
• Label selector will list recently assigned labels.
• Removed explicit translucent option and relying on the system settings for appearance, plus better integration of the system theme throughout.
• Non-qwerty keyboard layouts will now work nicer with the keyboard shortcut selector.
• A large number of improvements to performance, search indexing, as well as sync logic and stability.
• New tip section: Gladys is now completely free. If you’re enjoying using Gladys and feel like leaving a tip, you can do so from the “about” window.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2.20
Review by Red Linzus

Been wanting this for a long time! Great app! - This unobtrusive app is simple and elegant while packing a whollup. It doesn’t try to do too much, but what it does, it does extremely well. I have been wanting an app that can be a visual temporary “holding pin” for things I am working on. Like a “shelf”. Sure you can use your desktop, but mine is always clutterred. I have to constanly upload and send ads for digital advertising out of email and then upload them…. this makes it so much easier, but there are many uses for this app. Great for collating things you might want to group together and not have to create a new folder in Finder etc. The home run is the companion iOS app. Now I can easily move things to my phone and vice-versa whereas I used to use Apple notes. The only thing I can think of that might make this even better is a “tabbed” inteface where you could have multiple spaces to group things. But that might complicate things and dilute the simple elegance of the app. This app shows this is a caring developer as it is well thought out. Like someone else said, I would have paid $10 for this app over just .99 cents.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people