Garmin BaseCamp

Developer: Garmin

Current Version: 4.8.9

Last Updated: 3 months ago

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Garmin® BaseCamp® provides an interface for viewing Garmin map products and managing geographic data. With BaseCamp, you can perform the following tasks:

• Transfer data to and from your Garmin device.
• Plan multi-day trips using Yelp® and your map data
• Create, view, edit, and organize waypoints, routes, and tracks.
• Find places, such as addresses, points of interest, and public land survey areas included in your detailed map data.
• View map data in 2D and 3D.
• View topographical information included in your detailed map data.
• Geotag photos with geographical location information.
• Print detailed topographical maps, PLS quads, and multi-page poster maps.
• Download and view BirdsEye™ satellite imagery and topographic raster maps.
• Import and view Garmin Custom Maps.
• Create, share and download Garmin Adventures (


Release Notes:

• Fixed map display issue on Zumo XT
• FourSquare and Parkopedia products will now be displayed in BaseCamp as pre-loaded maps on specific devices.
• Various stability and bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.2.2
Review by lynxster

High quality mapping even if you are off-line - The real advantage to setting your Mac up with this is that you can access the high quality mapping even if you are off-line. Garmin had allot of applications but it looks like they have narrowed it down to this "just one app" that does "it all" for the Mac. Thank you Garmin! Now I don’t have to wonder which app I want to use. And with it at the App Store, updating will be even easier. I like the look down view, and you can do it with this app. Just requires some manipulation of a compass pointer at the bottom of the map window. It appears the default view is the airplane fly over view of south looking north. Navigating the map also works well if you are using a multi-touch track-pad device, like those on the Mac Book. You can scroll in any direction, zoom in and out, as well as rotate. Just experiment with the multi-touch to become familiar with its use. It will come with a base map. This map will not have the street level mapping that you have come to expect on your Garmin device. No worries. Every Garmin can be updated. And all Garmins devices are entitled to one free update upon it’s initial registration. This is their way of making sure you got the most recent map at the time of purchase. Anyway, make sure you do this on the computer you will be using Base Camp on. This will install a very detailed map into its library folder and will allow you to actually find the address you are looking for. For those of you entitled to life time maps, your Base Camp map will be updated every time you update your Garmin navigator device. I just stepped up to Lion (MacOS 10.7) and this 3.2.2 version and I am not having any issues with it.

Found helpful by 13 out of 15 people
Version 4.2.4
Review by Cyimri

It’s not just about the hardware, it’s how you get to use it - Garmin continues to disappoint when it comes to the whole user experience. BaseCamp is a clunky, difficult to use, failure of a user interface. The simple act of parsing an address is an exercise in frustration. Why not an option for a data field approach? Why can’t the user simply enter data in a traditional way? Street number, street, city, state, zip — all in a clear to understand dialog box. Instead there is an open field without any specialization. There is a menu with little in the way of navigation. There is unwanted integration with bloatware adventures and yelp. An address search can blossom into hundreds of useless suggestions in every direction but the one wanted. Sometimes with no sensical reason for it. I am typing for Dallas and I get information about Missouri? The process ought to be as simple as possible so the user gets to using the hardware. SIMPLE, MAKE IT SIMPLE!

Found helpful by 27 out of 29 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 4.8.9
Review by nav3it

Horrble - I Try to tranfer my itinerary from My maps to base camp and the system freeze and closing down the app I don't know why BMW make buisness with garmin

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Version 4.8.9
Review by Max_Lucas

Crap - Way to support your expensive GPS items. The link to update, got to an 8 year old app. thats not even runable on Catalina! Akward UI. I don't get any of the graphic shown is these preview pics! My cell phone has an app the does a better job! Stay away from Garmin!

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Version 4.8.9
Review by Rambler358

Works well! - I've had no issues since Garmin updated the app to support Catalina. Works as advertised and does what I need it do!

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Version 4.8.9
Review by Dingaan

Not compatible with OS Catalina - Frustrating. Like going back to the dark ages. Garmin can surely not be serious about this product?

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