Developer: Tyler Loch

Current Version: 1.3.6

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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Detect and stop the Flash plugin on command!

Flash animations and videos are among the top processor hogs on OS X. A single poorly-designed Flash banner - even on an inactive window or tab - can eat up an entire processor with its shady mortgage offers.

Your 5-hour battery life gets cut in half, your laptop runs hotter, and your legs cook to medium-rare.

That's where FlashFrozen can save the day.
FlashFrozen lets you stop the Flash plug-in dead in its tracks — letting your Mac cool down and use less power — giving you more time to do whatever it is that you do. Probably blog or tweet or something.

FlashFrozen lives as a tiny menubar app, monitoring the Flash plug-in. It will warn you (by turning red) if Flash is using a significant chunk of your computer's resources. You can then click on FlashFrozen's menu to immediately stop the Flash plug-in.
Any running Flash content is replaced with the broken plug-in message. Want to get Flash working again? Simply reload the page, or go to a new one. The next time Flash is needed, it'll come back to life.

In AutoKill mode, FlashFrozen actively stops Flash content at all times. Turn this mode on and off at will to save even more battery life.
NOTE: On Yosemite and Mavericks, Safari becomes unstable when Flash is repeatedly killed in quick succession, so FlashFrozen's AutoKill mode knows not to affect Safari on these systems. In this situation, please use FlashFrozen's standard mode to kill the Flash plugin. Otherwise, upgrade to El Capitan for AutoKill in Safari.

Works with Safari (on 64-bit Macs), Chrome, Opera, and Firefox 4 & up.


Release Notes:

FlashFrozen is ready for El Capitan! (or is it the other way around?)
El Capitan's Safari handles AutoKill great again, so AutoKill has been re-enabled for Safari on OS X 10.11 and higher.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3
Review by CyberShepherd

Dutifully Kills the Flash - Here is another extremely useful product from the humble genius behind the late (but much celebrated) VisualHub. With all due respect to the --ahem-- one star review... please read the information provided before you buy : you can use this to kill Flash "In Google Chrome, Firefox 4, and in Safari on 64-bit Macs". You cannot fault this application for not functioning on a homebrew browser "built on Chromium"; it may be based on an open source version of Chrome but it is a different creature. (Spanish, Italian, and French are all based on Latin but none of them is Latin: Si tacuisses philosophus mansisses!) FlashFrozen does what it says and does it well. It kills the flash. Ahhh... thank you.

Found helpful by 40 out of 50 people
Version 1.3
Review by mshendr

Not Practical - This app is really not practical in normal every day use. It would be of better use if it stopped Flash from opening and then give me the option to load a particular Flash and to direct it to load every time I visit the page if I want. I unistalled the app and if they come up with a more functional version, I may reinstall. If you use the Auto Kill function, you cannot simply uncheck it to let Flash work; you have to shut down Safari and restart it with Auto Kill off.

Found helpful by 15 out of 22 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.3.6
Review by LZ queen

doesnt work - Even when set to autokill flash plug in, it only mutes the sound. The video still downloads and plays.

Found helpful by 7 out of 9 people