Developer: Chintan Ghate

Current Version: 2.1.5

Last Updated: 4 days ago

Download Size: 3.9 MB - Download


Export notes from Notes.app
- Notes are converted to markdown & store in plaint-text format.
- Creation & modification dates of notes are preserved.
- Notes are stored in directories named after the notebooks in which they are stored in Notes.app.
- Notes in same notebook having same name are renamed to avoid old notes being re-written by new ones.
- Image Attachments, Tables and url-links are imported correctly.


Release Notes:

Bug fix for exporting notes correctly with older version of HTML formatting.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.1
Review by 6-Wood

Does its job - I recently started using Apple Notes, but found that backup was limited to PDF export. I was looking for a usable backup. (My notes will eventually be the source of Pages or Word documents.) I did a web search and found Exporter. Free was worth a try. Bingo — the app backed up all my notes to individual text files — just what I wanted. I read that Exporter erases formatting, but I don’t use much formatting, so I can live with that limitation. One minor ding: You can’t use the app twice in a row without quitting in between unless you post a review.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.4.1
Review by AntinetBand

Dishonest proposal - SO let me get this straight. Apple releases a NOTES app which does a lot, but does NOT allow you to do the most essential of tasks, BATCH EXPORT! We all know what that is, of course. Now, since I’m not a pro user of NOTES, just a consumer, it took me three years of building up NOTES to find this out, that the only way to get these notes off my phone and my iCloud, is to ONE BY ONE export them….great, THANKS APPLE! Now, I go to Bear, which have beautiful software, and claim their software SYNCs, except it doesn’t really. It only syncs with notes you create inside of it. They however, advise me on of this app, wihich of course, APPLE does NOT! I come to this app, it claims it does something for free, not sure what that is, since the only way to get my NOTES actually exported is to pay $1. This isn’t a problem, just kind of a fraudulent feeling, all started because APPLE did NOT SEE FIT TO OFFER BATCH EXPORT, something you would think would be a NO BRAINER in a PHONE APP THAT IS AT THE CENTER of their useability APPS. This app is pretty awful. You have to figure out for yourself where to send the exports, when every other software I’ve ever seen includes that in the SAVE function (which should be EXPORT, since the name is EXPORTER. It truncates some content here and there, and strips out ALL the date info, so if you care about dates, export things selectively. This thing is only worth the dollar expended because Apple dropped the ball so utterly in the original app. THen once I use this app, it’s immediately asking for a review. I can’t get back to what I’m trying to do without restarting the app. WOOHOO! Apple, you are just the greatest some times….thanks for all the wasted time and frustration. That’s why I bought a computer in the first place…..meanwhile, thanks GOOGLE for not helping AT ALL in your searches on this topic. Of course, you don’t want to help Apple out. I get that. Meanwhile, Apple must be aware of this problem, and just doesn’t give a rats, just like they don’t care about the batch export inside of voice memos either, although that process has at times actually worked. This NOTES thing is the worst travesty I’ve seen in a while.

Found helpful by 2 out of 5 people