Essential Anatomy 5

Developer: 3D4Medical from Elsevier

Current Version: 5.0.8

Last Updated: 8 months ago

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Essential Anatomy is the most successful anatomy app of all time, with more content, features, structures and ease of use than any other anatomy app — bar none! Now with over 8,200 structures including female 3D model.

Download our FREE "Essential Skeleton" app in the free section to experience our groundbreaking 3D technology.

NOTE: Not compatible with MacBook Pro (2008) or earlier due to graphics card limitations.

- - Number 1 Top Grossing Medical App in 117 countries worldwide.

- - This app is the only one that can combine 3 stand alone apps. Don’t waste your time purchasing other stand alone apps for Muscle Premium and Skeleton Premium content - it’s all available with a price effective "in-app purchase" and just a fraction of the cost other companies charge. In Essential Anatomy - everything is available in one app (see in-app purchases below).

- - Stunning Graphics: No competitor comes close. Essential Anatomy’s proprietary engine was developed and optimized to showcase our new generation anatomical models for a completely immersive user experience. Other 3D Anatomy apps are limited by off-the-shelf gaming engines.

- - Easy Navigation: Instantly and seamlessly zoom into any area of the body, remove layers of muscle and turn on/off systems. Other apps are restricted to a multitude of limited predefined “views”.

- - Accurate Content: Essential Anatomy is used by hundreds of Anatomy Professors worldwide and has become the standard in third level education. In many cases, our app is now mandatory with text books optional.

- - Read the reviews of previous versions: Our visionary app has enhanced the lives of reviewers, both professionally and academically.

TUAW: "Make no mistake about it: Essential Anatomy by 3D4Medical is the future of touch-based anatomy learning. Essential Anatomy is an app every doctor, physiotherapist, OT, nurse and medical student should own."

In-app purchases allow additional muscle and skeletal content to be downloaded and accessed from within the app. These boosts add muscle insertion and origin points, skeletal bone parts and surfaces and 100s of animations detailing movements for each articulation.

Visit and watch videos that highlight the app's functionality and quality. You’ll understand why Essential Anatomy 5 is the most successful medical reference app of all time!

Essential Anatomy 5 is a full-featured anatomical reference app that includes MALE and FEMALE models, with 11 SYSTEMS and a total of 8,200 ANATOMICAL STRUCTURES. The app is fully 3D, meaning that you can view any structure in isolation, as well as from any angle. It represents the latest in groundbreaking 3D technology and innovative design. A cutting-edge 3D graphics engine, custom built by 3D4Medical, delivers outstanding quality graphics that no other competitor can achieve.


--Cutting-edge 3D technology
--Over 8,200 highly detailed anatomical structures
--Hide/Fade/Isolate/Fade Others/Hide Others options for individual structures
--Multiple Selection Mode
--Pins: Create customized pins with notes and place anywhere on the 3D model
--Slice: Slice through certain structures using 3D plane tool
--Bookmarks: Preset and Customizable
--Correct audio pronunciation and Latin nomenclature for every structure
--Search via English and Latin nomenclature
--Dynamic Quiz: Drag and Drop and Multi-choice
--Share images via social media and e-mail
--Includes anatomy for 11 systems: Skin, Skeletal, Muscles, Connective Tissue, Veins, Arteries, Nerves, Respiratory, Digestive, Urogenital, Lymphatic, also includes the Brain and Heart

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Release Notes:

- iOS13 compatibility
- Improved cross-product user experience


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.0
Review by MrsMoonBoy99

Really Impressive! - My investment is this app has been completely worthwhile as it just keeps getting better. I'm very impressed with the addition of the male reproductive system and skin and can't wait to see what's in store for future updates. I primarly use the app for patient eduction and it's been invaluable in that regard. Very highly recommended -- especially after purchasing the additional content for the muscle and skeletal systems. Thank you!

Found helpful by 39 out of 42 people
Version 5.0.6
Review by Lai H.

Ripoff - Great app, however a RIPOFF, as there is nothing explicitly stating that if you purchase on your iphone, you would be charged AGAIN on your MacBook. I found nothing online stating this and I redownloaded on my macbook thinking it would not charge me since I’ve paid, but it charged me $30 despite me already having paid $20 on my iPad/iphone. I’m a student, I could have easily ordered an anatomy book for cheaper online if I had known I would pay $50 in total for this app.

Found helpful by 40 out of 48 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.0.8
Review by Mik.144

Was Charged Twice! - I've only had the app for a day and find it absolutely amazing. I think it will make it much easier to learn the systems. BUT I downloaded this app on my Iphone first and even paid $10 extra to get the "full version" (which is great) Since I thought I would use this app alot, I wanted to download this on my MacBook. It charged me another $20 to redownload it! I don't understand cause in the discription at the bottom it states that it supports sharing/family sharing. I used the same Apple ID so I am really confused on why it recharged me! Yes, I chose to spend $25 but now I've paid a total of $45 for this one app!!!! I am not happy about this at all. I tried to conctact support but can't seem to get the website to work, it refuses to load/take me to the app support page. I will give this app 5 stars once I get the $20 refund! I really hope this app's support contacts me very soon so we can get this figured out. Please!

Found helpful by 37 out of 40 people
Version 5.0.8
Review by mwhdvm2

used to be great until they took features away! - Used to be able to slice and other features that they removed to force you to pay a subscription to their new app, Complete Anatomy which does what this one used to do. This is shady business practice and very disappointing.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 5.0.8
Review by BriJ7777

Good app for students new to anatomy - This app works great for my anatomy for dancers course, though I wish you could select and move the image while zoomed (aside from the helpful rotating feature).

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 5.0.8
Review by Voltageme5

Seems plagued with continuous hardware issues? - * 2020 Update-- Stopped using the app for quite some time until recently. Reinstalled on my Mac Pro 2019 with Catalina and when I tried to open it, it simply would continuously open and close for a couple of minutes before displaying an error with a message to reinstall it. So I did. Seemed to fix the issue but a week later it has happened again which is unfortunate as I was really able to use the software. So I will try to reinstall it again. From an artists perspective I don't think it does a well enough job of presenting the muscles in a visual way that is helpful for artists. From a medical perspective it probably does what you need as it will give you the muscles and names. For my current project that is all I needed so it has worked well for me-until this happened. ------------- Bought this when using Yosemite and it worked well but with El Capitan it simply hangs when I try to load it.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 5.0.8
Review by Kay_Dub-You

No search, no HELP - I've used the free app for years. It started getting glitchy so I bought the laptop version thinking that I wouldn't have the same glitches, but it does. The HELP tab is non functional. If you have this app for free on you IPad, great. But DON'T pay money for it for your laptop.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people