Dynaper - Dynamic Wallpapers

Developer: Marek Hrušovský

Current Version: 1.4.2

Last Updated: 5 days ago

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Create your own dynamic desktop wallpaper (time-shifting/solar-shifting) on macOS Mojave & Catalina.

Dynaper makes it easy to create a native time/solar-shifting HEIC wallpaper that changes throughout the day. Wallpapers made by Dynaper are supported by macOS Mojave & Catalina and can be set as wallpaper in System Preferences.

Simply drag&drop your images and change the display time for each image. Dynaper will change time automatically if image contains EXIF metadata or contains time suffix in the filename. For a quick time change use the autosuggest feature. For solar-shifting wallpaper run Solar Wizard where you can export it.

Dragging image out of Dynaper will create time-shifting text that contains normalized time and parameters that one can use for manual HEIC creation.

Helper tools:
- time helper (convert time to normalized time)
- solar helper (convert location to solar data: altitude and azimuth)
- solar wizard (convert many locations to solar data: altitude and azimuth)
- HEIC metadata (view HEIC metadata used for wallpaper display)
- strip still images helper (removes Dark/Light appearance metadata from dynamic image)

Solar Wizard is accessible from top menu (Utilities-> Solar Wizard).

Automatic Time Detector:
To save your time Dynaper automatically recognises timestamps in your filename or metadata. If your filename doesn't have valid time Dynaper will look at EXIF metadata (date of creation) to find valid time. Just append your filename with suffix HH_mm, where H is hour and m is minute. 24 hour format is being used for detection and last 5 character of filename are being checked.

Example of valid filenames:

Wide-gamut colors:
Wide-gamut color devices display more vivid and lifelike hues. This is important as all of the recent Apple devices can display these colors so it's best if you provide pictures that have been captured with wide-gamut colors. Whether you provide images with sRGB color profile or P3 display color profile, Dynaper will automatically choose the best color profile for you. Mind that dynamic wallpapers created on web don't support wide-gamut colors.

Still images:
Dynaper has ability to export dynamic wallpaper with still dark image and still light image. Right click in table view to select light/dark image or select still images during export. Since macOS Catalina the system will prefer dark still image on dark appearance. User must enable this feature (add still images) in preferences.

Please note that exported HEIC images include watermark. Removing the watermark is possible with in-app purchase.

Example of image display time:
1. 00:05AM-01:00AM (for time 00:05)

2. 01:00AM-03:00AM (for time 01:00)

3. 03:00AM-04:00AM
 (for time 03:00)
4. 04:00AM-00:05AM (for time 04:00)


Release Notes:

- crashes related to date/time picker


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