Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto

Developer: Systweak Software

Current Version: 1.21

Last Updated: 11 months ago

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Make your iPhoto or Photos library Slimmer and Faster!!
Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto, a nifty little app, is designed to deal with duplicate photos and videos in your iPhoto or Photos App. It makes the task of finding and removing duplicates in iPhoto significantly easier. It moves all duplicates to iPhoto trash. So it’s safer than ever to remove duplicates.

Main features:
• Scans your iPhoto or Photos Library for duplicate photos
• Finds duplicate videos as well
• Finds edited copies of photos as well
• Finds all duplicates in a blink of an eye
• Displays multiple copies of same item clusters together in a group
• Automatically keeps one copy safe in each group.
• Can remove all found duplicates in a click
• Completely safe duplicate deletion – moves duplicates in iPhoto Trash
• Can clean Trash to recover your wasted disk space

How Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto helps you:
• Makes it easy for you to manage your thousands of photos in iPhoto more effectively
• Quickly searches duplicates in your iPhoto, saving you a lot of time
• Allows you to remove all your duplicate photos and videos just in a click, making your iPhoto slimmer and faster!
• Helps you recover substantial amount of disk space (depending on the size of duplicate photos and videos)

Find and remove duplicates with Duplicate Cleaner For iPhoto today. Enjoy your new slimmer, fast iPhoto or Photos library!


Release Notes:

Minor bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.16
Review by EmptyInitials

Crazy Easy and Effective - We saw recommendations for this app in a search and then downloaded it from the AppStore. It was up and running immediately - there is virtually no setup. Just pick the library or folder that you want to scan and go. It took just a couple of minutes to scan Photos library (over 237GBs) and then displayed the duplicates side by side (there were up to five duplicates of some photos). It was easy to review the 2064 duplicate photos before deleting. The deletion process was a little unusual, as it requires you to open Photos, where it will move the duplicates to a new folder named "Duplicate Marked Photos”. It’s up to to make the final decision to delete them from your library. I imagine that limits their liability, but it also gives you one last chance to decide to keep them. You could even export them to a hard drive - just in case - while still cleaning up your library.

Found helpful by 112 out of 115 people
Version 1.14.2
Review by Temps are rising

AVOID THIS APP! - The App went through my photos and changed the dates of some so that they no longer appear grouped by date when I select “Photos” from the iphoto left-hand menu. So some of my son’s birthday pictures which should be in, say, Feb 2015 are now scattered throughout 2015 so that I can’t find them all at once under the same date. Inexplicably, the date in the photo data itself (found via get info) has been changed. The customer service (clearly a foreign-based phone bank - - I could hardly hear because of the background chatter of other operators on other phones) wanted me to allow them to link into my computer to review “whether there is something wrong with my hard drive” or the software itself. No way would I give a stranger access to my computer. Check out the reviews for the pro version - - seems like a scam they use to try to sell you “hardware improvements” once you allow them into your computer. I’d say this app is a disaster, and I’m not sure why it has 4.5 stars. Big risk. I so wish I had just lived with the duplicates and never run this.

Found helpful by 65 out of 65 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.21
Review by Zseba

6000 duplicates removed in 5 minutes - I know, you’ve got to trust an app in order to let it remove your pics. I was hesitant, however all it does is identifying first the duplicates, probably by looking at different things, including the EXIF and maybe some sample pixels, I don’t know. Once you confirm that it did identify the duplicates correctly, it is going to move them all in a duplicates album in photos. Then you can go there, review them again and just select all the photos you want to delete. Then the photos go to the deleted photos album of Photos, so you’ll have yet one more chance to correct any mistake. Obviously I could not review 6000 photos one by one in 5 minutes, however I did verify samples and they were OK, plus I identified some of the duplicates I knew I had. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure why I ended up with so many duplicates, it’s probably because of all the iCloud syncing between different devices, however I feel better now.

Found helpful by 57 out of 57 people
Version 1.21
Review by cwiens

Does not work but find work around - If you have the most recent version of Apple Photos, a product that gets stunningly worse every release but I digress, you cannot delete the photos from the album only remove. What I did was created a keyword and applied it to all the photos in the duplicate album it created and then used that to delete the photos from the Photos main folder. I only use Apple Photos for iphone and older photos.

Found helpful by 5 out of 6 people
Version 1.21
Review by Frustratedoldwoman

Doesn't work as advertised - My old computor crashed and I thought I lost everything. My Mac savvy nephew took it home and was able tosave all my photos to a "Picture Keeper" stick. Well, when I installed the photes from the Picture Keep to my new Ma mini (which I love) insteead of about 4000 pictures, there were over 42,000. All of my pics, as well as anything that my old Mac had on it. That included pics of blank stationary, the Kennedy family, clip art etc. none of which I had installed...ever. So, I brought inthis app. Seemed to work beautifully. Scanns for duplicates, marks one of each duplicate, then go to iPhoto to a duplicate folder that magically appeared, check them again and delete the ones you want gone. Well, I am not going to go through all those duplicates, so I picked "Select All" and deleted. They did delete from the duplicate folder, but not from Photos library. I have run the scan numerous times with the same results. That's the definition of insanity! So my olny solution is to go through the 42000 plus photos and delete them one by one. Which does work, but is really time consuming. I'm an old lady. I no longer have the time or patience to do that. Any suggetions?

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.21
Review by Osborne01

Malware - Tried repeatedly to run this and it never worked. I thought it was because I had updated to Catalina a few days before. However, I ran a Malware Bytes scan and this software was designated a threat and deleted by the program. Malware Bytes is recommended by Apple.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.21
Review by BobH51562

Pretty Useless - All I can get it to do is create a new album with all the duplicates, but there's no way to delete them once they're in there - only remove them from the album.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people