Dinosaur Chess - Learn to Play!

Developer: Universis Technology

Current Version: 1.0.1

Last Updated: 7 years ago

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Previously nominated for a BAFTA (Best Interactive Media) - Dinosaur Chess is the fun way to learn and play chess:

- Learn how to play chess with 11 bite-sized interactive lessons
- Over 20 mini games and puzzles
- Play simplified and full chess
- Entertaining and challenging
- Leaning and playing chess is good for the brain

Sign up to Professor MacDinosaur's chess class. You will grow from a hatchling fresh from the egg to a huge dinosaur ready to take on the TRex.

The action takes you through different parts of the dinosaur's world from jungles to forests. Here you learn the chess skills that will help you grow enough to defeat the other dinosaurs in battle.

Reviews of the iPad + iPhone version:

Great! - ★★★★★

by TonySchleizer - Version 1.0 - 18 February 2011

This game has gotten my 5 year old interested in chess. Great tutorials that get progressively harder as skills improve.

Great for getting started - ★★★★★

by Milfordthelargebonedgorilla - Version 1.0 - 20 January 2011

This has been fantastic for my five year old son...using this in addition to a real board and pieces has helped him immensely in understanding each of the pieces, how they move, their strengths and weaknesses...a terrific way to introduce young ones to the game without overwhelming them

awesome! - ★★★★★

by 3G dogs - Version 1.0 - 07 January 2011

Makes learning chess so easy. Love the graphics and characters.

Great learning tool - ★★★★★

by Triplescoop - Version 1.0 - 28 December 2010

I have an adopted 7 year old boy with fetal alcohol syndrome. It is very hard for him to learn to play games. Checkers was very hard for him to learn. I thought that chess would be something that he would have to wait to learn. I bought this app even though there were no reviews. So glad I did! What a great teaching tool! I love the mini games that teach the directions that each piece can move. We play slowly but my son can play chess! I recommend this for anyone who wants to learn the basics of the game. This app is for beginners. Great for kids! Thank you to the developers of this app!

Super! - ★★★★★

by Chess player - Version 1.0 - 27 December 2010

Hats off to the developers. A fun program for kids.


Release Notes:

Fixed occasional crash on mouse drag


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.1
Review by Marc Stewart

Great for anyone who wants to learn how to play Chess - Pros 1, This game will teach you how to play even if you never played . 2, Works with Lion. 3, great 4 kids. Con It needs more than one board for the 6 levels.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by 23x23

don't really hate it but - It doesn't deserve 4.5 stars which was a factor in me buying it. It's sloppy performance is embarassing on my macbook air mountain lion. Display problems need fixed.

Found helpful by 5 out of 7 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.0.1
Review by ZapFatty

Useful, lacking, has potential - First of all, it's buggy and doesn't work with all resolutions and some buttons are impossible to click unless you mess with your resolution. I'm sure they'll improve that. Also sometimes it doesn't close, or it crashes, etc. But I expect that to improve. The concept is good and fun and kids really like it. I wish they would add a few features, more training puzzles, more lectures, etc, but it's definitely great if you have a child that you wish to teach, and it's probably good for adults as well. I honestly should have given it 2-3 stars because of the technical issues and then the 4/5 if it worked as it's supposed to. Add some features and keep it working perfectly and then 5 stars is fair.

Found helpful by 9 out of 10 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by iHeartTech

Can't see the top buttons. - I bought this game for my 5 year old to satisfy his interest in Chess, but the gameplay is way too difficult! I can't make the AI easier, only decrease the amount of game pieces on the game board - with still the same difficulty. He got discouraged and so did I. The game illustration is also so large; I am assuming it is cutting off the exit button? because I cannot exit to the main menu, only force quit and re-open. I give this game 3 stars, however, because the graphics, sound, and lessons are stimulating to my son... please fix the buttons and add an eaiser AI option and I'll update to 5 stars. Thank You

Found helpful by 9 out of 10 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by racoon21

Still buggy - I can tell that the producers of this app put a lot of time into developing the content. Honestly a lot of the game is really fun and kept my 6 year olds attention. But little details are so buggy that it makes this game unplayable. For example, when doing the training it is literally impossible to move from one level to the next… you have to go back, exit to the main menu and then click on the next level. And when you click on the buttons you need to make sure that you are clicking right in the middle of the button because if you are on the sides, but within the circle, it doesn't register. So frustrating to see that all the effort is down the drain due to such tiny little bugs. All it would take is a few hours of time by a good programmer to make this a great app.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by Marc Stewart

Great for anyone who wants to learn how to play Chess - Pros 1, This game will teach you how to play even if you never played . 2, Works with Lion. 3, great 4 kids. Con It needs more than one board for the 6 levels.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by DarknessTigerpaw

Plese STOP it from crashing! - My daughter LOVES this tutorial; it's educational and fun. But it keeps crashing at the same point (Learning about Kings) and she can't progresss any farther than that. Also, when it crashes on a lesson, you have to do the lesson ALL OVER AGAIN. Please fix this, you're making my daughter cry. -1 star for the crashing. Other than that, 5 stars.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people