Decloner — a fast and reliable duplicate file finder

Developer: PixelEspresso

Current Version: 1.6.1

Last Updated: 5 years ago

Download Size: 2.3 MB - Download


Decloner helps you find and eliminate duplicate files on your Mac quickly and reliably.

• Compares files using Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA-1) for ultimate reliability
• Has simple straightforward user interface
• Scans across multiple folders, iPhoto and Aperture libraries
• Can quickly process large number of files
• Displays file information and supports QuickLook
• Saves scan results and restores them when reopened
• Automatically selects duplicate files for removal
• Never deletes files — places them in a staging area or tags as duplicate for your ultimate peace of mind
• Allows restoration of files from the staging area in case you change your mind
• Optionally replaces deleted duplicates with aliases of the remaining file
• Supports file exclusion lists
• Ignores files smaller than a user-defined size
• Ensures at least one copy of a file remains

If you find Decloner useful, a positive review is very much appreciated.


Release Notes:

• Fixed crash when deleting files from iPhoto or Aperture
• Fixed truncated button titles on Yosemite


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.5.1
Review by iTunes Yahoo

I use it all the time! - Over the last two years I've used both Decloner and Araxis Find Duplicate Files apps. Both are great! They just offer different features. I would say that Decloner's GUI is more simple than Araxis FDF. I noticed that in recent updates the feature of "select duplictes (after a search)" has been modified to just auto select a group of files. In the past there was an option to either select "older" or "newer." I can see why this feature was removed because sometimes people would just use the delete "newer" or "older" and think that the files being deleted where all in one directory. Not the case. So, in the new version there is no "older" or "newer" option and forces you to make sure you want to delete the ones it selected. By default it selects what Decloner thinks are the "newest" files and leaves the older ones alone no matter what directory it's found in. I do vistual inspections on results always before this change since it's better safe to be sure than sorry. Another feature I like is than when you finally do decide to press the "delete duplicates" it puts the files in a temporary trash can and offers you the option to come back later after checking with your files and make sure that the correct files were removed. Then, you can come back and emtpy the Decloner's trash which moves the files to the OS X trash can on your Dock. Now, lets compare Araxis FDF... Araxis FDF doesn't have an interal trash can feature. Once you delete them it moves them to the Dock's trash. Note, there is no "undo" feature like Decloner so you have to be more careful. Next, Araxis FDF has a nifty color coding for rows of dupliate files which allows one to visually see different groups of dupliates files easily. It also uses hash tags so you can actually see the "md5" hash strings. FDF has a search feature similar to Decloner in which it has an auto-select "newer" files. But it also offers "other (than newer)," "all files" and "non-duplicates". So, it is much more detailed. You also have an option to select what type of files you want to search. I have mine set to "all files" not to be confused with "any" files. You will get different results so make sure you test this before you start searching for dupes. All in all, I use Araxis FDF when I have to delete 1000+ files for heavy duty de-duplicating. And I use Decloner when I dealing with 100s or less since the GUI is easier to read and has safty mechanisms built-in. P.S. If you haven't noticed, I love both apps and recommend both!

Found helpful by 10 out of 11 people
Version 1.4
Review by RBunk

Yeah, great... simple? - Looks like I probably wasted $20. I simply want to FILTER out ONE folder on finder, "Users", as there are inherently a lot of duplicates there that need to be there as duplicates. Anyway, I tried EVERYTHING to get that "filter" option in preferences to exclude my "users" folder. Never worked, and one time I got some rdiculous results that made no sense. Went ot the support site, and could not find one article or tip or hint how to filter...

Found helpful by 7 out of 11 people