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Current Version: 4.6

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DataGraph is a fantastic tool for data analysis and graphing. DataGraph allows you to control every aspect of a graph. Save time by seeing changes in real-time. You can easily add labels and annotations. You will no longer need to create a graph in one program and annotate or refine it in another, like Illustrator. Do it all in DataGraph. Export graphs as bitmaps or pdf/eps/svg vector graphics. Export movies as mp4 files.

DataGraph is a tool for data analysis, with a unique visual display. Every column of data and every command is a visual object that can be dragged around, hidden from view, or copy and pasted to other graphs or files. The commands in the program are like drawing primitives that have basic options by default but can be made increasingly complex. By combining commands, you can create amazing graphics and animations.

Our company recognizes the importance of reproducibility and transparency. Every option and action taken on a graph or data set is documented. The program has a data-flow approach, which allows you to go from raw datasets to final publication-quality graphs in one file. Since the data and graphics are all together, DataGraph solves the problem of having processed data or graphics, where the original dataset is in question.

Our goal is to make it easy and fast to accomplish common data analysis tasks that researchers rely on (e.g., linear regression, non-linear curve fitting, t-tests, etc.). Our can not only replace spreadsheets, but also fills the niche between spreadsheets and text-based coding languages. Spreadsheets may be quick and easy to start with, but lack the robustness and reproducibility that scientists and engineers require. Text-based coding languages have the benefit of being robust and flexible, but can be tedious and time consuming to code and are simply not appealing to many students and researchers.

Our approach from day one with DataGraph has been to rely on community-driven development, where feedback from users has shaped the evolution of the program for over 10 years. DataGraph is a mature data analysis and visualization tool, but we continue to welcome suggestions and feedback from our community, and the program continues to evolve with the needs of our users.

A free trial is available from the DataGraph web site, so it is easy to see it for yourself before you purchase. Be sure to visit our community web-site for a discussion forum, on-line help, and tutorials. Check out our YouTube channel. Provide feedback or ask questions on the discussion forum or by email.

DataGraph is created by the same company that made DataTank, a high end scientific application, which won the Apple Design Award in 2005 as the best Mac OS X Scientific Computing Solution.


Release Notes:

Graph Groups, Zoom presentation mode, Connect to R, Data Locking, Ternary functions.
Improved importing and exporting, See the Community board (in the help menu) for more details.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.3
Review by JohannesRexx

DataGraph is a swiss army knife for data graphing - DataGraphs is incredibly flexible in producing 2D charts and graphs. There are about 80 standard templates included. You can work on multiple graphs at the same time. The interface is incredibly responsive and snappy. The output is beautiful and highly professional, and it exports to PDF for inclusion in your reports. The tech support is also very good. I've had the pleasure to email back and forth with David, who knows this product inside and out. I can hardly wait to see how this product evolves. Since the new App Store program now has an update feature, I will know quickly enough when an update is issued. Congratulations to DataGraph team for a fine, solid, stable, and easy to use product. I sincerly hope you do well by the App Store!

Found helpful by 18 out of 19 people
Version 3.0
Review by wormser03

Difficult to use - This application does not fulfill it's "easy to use" claim. I'm so disappointed that my experience with this application has compelled me to comment-my first on the App and iTunes stores of any of the items I've purchased in the last seven years. The application includes features that allow you to control data, but there's a huge learning curve. If you're looking for a simple charting tool, buyer beware.

Found helpful by 19 out of 44 people