Developer: Amsterdamsoft LLC

Current Version: 2.10

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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A tool needed by all developers, AmSo Compare lets you perform side-by-side comparison and merge of your directories, files, and their content. It lets you see changes down to the character level and copy changes between two or more different versions of a file as needed. It allows for text wrapping and can ignore file formatting, forgiving differences between line wraps, indentation, line lengths and other programmer coding preferences such as where they put the opening braces after an if statement. It features a powerful inline editor for text and hex files, configurable rules based comparison, and supports N-Way comparisons and automated operations such as code merge, and file sync/update/mirroring.

This well designed application features a clean interface with easy to understand controls and icons. Just select or drag-and-drop in two or more items onto it and you're ready to compare and merge. It also remembers all recent items for each side so you can perform repeated comparisons easily.


• Folder/Text Compare
• N-Way Folder/Text Compare
• N-Way Folder/Text Merge
• N-Way Folder Sync
• Hex Compare
• Image Compare
• Structured (XML, JSON) Compare
• Time Machine Compare


• Side by side comparison with overview
• N-Way folder comparison feature auto-alignment of files
• N-Way text comparison feature N-way operations
• Multiple viewers such as Text (source code), Hex, and image comparison
• Inline editing or line by line operations within both Text and Hex comparisons
• Filtering of lines based on similarity (same, different) or include/exclude based on plain text or RegEx comparison
• Inline display of bytes as UTF8, ASCII, Integer and Decimal point data, (little and big endian)
• Merge multiple sets of changes in folder structures or text files.
• 3-Way folder merge with ancestor in the center and N-Way folder merge with ancestor in the side
• Manual copy, and copy to Ancestor/Branches operations
• Automatic merge, with merge to Ancestor, branches, or a merge folder/file
• Detection and pairing of JSON and XML arrays
• Configurable comparison rules.


For a limited time this major release of AmSo Compare version 2.0 is available as of March 2020 at a major discount.


• N-Way operations are generally limited by display area.
• Hex comparison is only suitable for binary files that are similar to each other.
• AmSo Compare works within the MacOS sandbox giving you full access control. It also minimizes use of third party libraries, significantly reducing chance of exposure to misbehavior by a buggy external libraries.


Release Notes:

This update includes a major enhancement:

- You can now select to ignore text formatting during comparisons! This means line wraps, indentation, line lengths and programmer coding preferences such as where they put the opening braces after an if statement are not detected as differences in text to text comparison.

Makes the following change:

- The refresh buttons rerun comparison from current text vs rereading the files.

And corrects the following problems:

- A bug sometimes causing text from last manual alignment until end of the file to be missing.
- Orange text has been improved for both light and dark mode display.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4
Review by Dora-An

Generic looking but good at what it does - I wanted a compare tool which looked familiar and easy to learn, i mean no crazy colored balloons on each side, and this app fit the bill just fine. It has no menus to open files but to open files with buttons and drag to icon both worked OK and the way it switched between comparing files in directories and comparing lines in files is very handy. I had to compare and update a rather large number of files (more than 100 small text files) and had no problems.

Found helpful by 6 out of 6 people
Version 1.0
Review by Dave Battaglini

Waste of Money-crashes constantly - It won't open an 25,000 line CSV file. Constant crashing.

Found helpful by 3 out of 4 people