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ColorSchemer is a color management software.
It can help you store and manage the color for your project.
It can be converted to code for development use.

. Manage color style groups.
. Support system palette to create color / color picking.
. Support color wheel (artistic/scientific) module.
. Support for Live color scheme module.
. Support for image palette module.
. Support for color mixer module.
. Support for color variations module.
. Support for copying source code for development use.
. Support for invert brightness.

Color Conversion Format:
. Support NSColor (ObjectC/Swift) format conversion.
. Support UIColor (ObjectC/Swift) format conversion.
. Support CGColor format conversion.
. Support Java format conversion.
. Support CSS/Web format conversion.
. Support RGB/CMYK/HSL/HSB format conversion.

Import / Export Format:
. Support Apple Color Picker Palettes (.clr) format import / export.
. Support ColorSchemer Palettes (.cspalette) format import / export.
. Support Adobe Swatch Exchange (.ase) format import / export.
. Support Photoshop Color Palettes (.aco) format import / export.
. Support Sketch Palettes (.sketchpalette) format import / export.

Output Format:
. Support Text color scheme report file output.
. Support PDF color scheme report file output.
. Support CSS color scheme report file output.
. Support HTML color scheme report file output.


Release Notes:

[Update]Support for macOS 10.15.4 and XCode 11.15 specifications.
[Add][Menu] Add UserGuide Menu Item.
[Fix]Shortcut key Copy CMD+C invalid issue.
[Modify][Export] The export color format default value is changed to CSS hex format.
[Add][Output] Support Cascaded Style Sheet (*.css) color report output.
[Add][Output] Support Hyper Text Markup Language (*.html) color report output.
[Add][ColorTable] Support export code format menu.
[Fix][ColorTable] Drag Image error issue.
[Fix][ColorTable][Menu] Multi-selection status menu enable/disable issue.
[Add][ColorTable][Menu] Support multiple selection objects to duplication.
[Add][ColorTable][Menu] Support multiple selection objects to invert brightness.
[Fix][LiveScheme] The color wheel is drawn in the opposite direction.
[Add][LiveScheme] Supports color wheel mouse focus tooltips.
[Add][LiveScheme] Support dragging to set the main node color.
[Add][LiveScheme] Support dragging & command key to set color scheme.
[Add][LiveScheme] Support dragging & control key to the add node color.
[Add][LiveScheme] Set the color of the main node and the child nodes will change together.
[Add][LiveScheme] Support replace the master node.
[Add][LiveScheme] Support locked the sub node.
[Add][LiveScheme] Support brightness attribute of node.
[Add][LiveScheme] Support to save / load color scheme file.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.09
Review by Designshac

I Was Close Hoping Color Schemer Pro - Mac Catalina forced me to 64 bit, which forced me to FINALLY, after years, abandon my beloved Color Schemer Pro. I found this app and based on its screenshots thought I'd FINALLY found a replacement. Turns out I was wrong. This app isn't even close and like has already been said here...the Color Schemer Pro search replacement continues unfortunatly. In the meantime ColorSchemer, if you want to keep my business and please continue you development where you left off. I know based on the UI of your tool that you based much of your designs and thinking around Color Schemer why not just do what they did? Also, I was hoping your tool would hold me over until I ultimatly find a replacement app, but it turns out the inability PASTE in HEX color as well as the inability to copy useful color codes has made my purchase useless. I wanted so badly to love this app...but I'm not even close unfortunately.

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people