Clemenza's Notepad

Developer: Rage Box

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 6 years ago

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Most simple notepad application is here. High speed and easy. Save your text on your Mac.

- Fonts
- Colors
- Print
- Full Screen
- Speech, Spelling, etc.



Release Notes:

NOTICE: This version doesn't match last version. So, if you have this applications file, please move to the other place, before update.

Version 1.1 is most simple notepad on the Mac App Store.

- Full screen support
- Print fix
- Remove the title and genre
- Many minor fix


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.1
Review by kfander

What's with the 1.1 update? - Until the last version upgrade, I would have given Clemenza five stars. It was indeed a simple, intuitive editor, and one that I have been using daily. The last version upgrade doesn't add anything that I needed, and now it seems that I can no longer access documents that had been created with the earlier version. I see now that there is a notice on the upgrade that states, "This version doesn't match last version…" Unfortunately, like many others, I think, when I go into the App Store upgrade area, I choose to upgrade all and don't read these details. It's not a catastrophe, since I didn't have anything hugely important in Clemenza files, but most app designers make upgrades compatible with work created in earlier versions, particularly when the upgrade is a minor upgrade, within the same version number. I won't be using Clemenza again, because it's too much trouble when each minor upgrade within a version renders work done on earlier versions inaccessible.

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