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Current Version: 2.3.2

Last Updated: 12 months ago

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Easy-to-use tabbed style ebook reader, equipped with library shelf, supports popular ebook formats as PDF, EPUB (DRM free), CHM, MOBI, FB2 and comic books(CBR, CBZ). You can make annotations, insert bookmarks, and do searching freely, and access your notes, bookmarks and book collections across multiple devices.

What's special with Clearview reader?

• Easy and intuitive books management.

Just drag the folders containing e-book files from finder and drop on the Clearview shelf, all the files information will be imported to the library quickly, then you can browse, search and read the books from shelf easily. With book folders and book collections cooperating together, you will find that books organization is such an easy thing.
- Cover flow preview of books.
- Drag and drop from library or finder to construct book collections.
- Capability to edit book meta info and change book cover.

• Tabbed style window make reading smooth and efficient.

With several related books organized in the same window, you do not have to look for and switch between the book windows everywhere. further more, with a shelf tab and book file tabs living in the same window, browsing and reading is so easy.
- Restore multiple closed tabs;

• Powerful searching capabilities.

You can find a book quickly by the file name, content, author, title or publisher.
You can also search in a book for specified texts.
- Sorting search results by page or rank.

• Popular book formats support, PDF, EPUB, CHM, MOBI(azw, azw3), FB2 and CBR(CBZ), with almost the same excellent reading experiences.

- Thumbnails display of book pages.
- Book page color themes (Normal, Sepia, Night time);
- Text fonts adjustment (Size, line height and font family).
- Printing support for all book formats;

• Each of 4 book formats can be presented in four reading layouts. Page flip or continuous scrolling, single page or two columns.
- adjust page margin;

Yes, you can read a EPUB, MOBI or CHM book like a PDF book in a continuous mode, by scrolling pages quickly, you do not have to flip page and a page, and no need to pause to click the next chapter.

• Annotations and bookmarks support on all 4 book formats.

Revisions will be saved in library database automatically, not on the original book files, so "save changes" prompt dialog won't appear in your smooth reading.
- For pdf, you can also choose (with a preference option) to save annotations to the original pdf file, this way make Clearview a compact editor for pdf;
- Line, arrow, rectangle, ellipse, highlight, strike, underline, free text, comments - for PDF annotations;
- Note/Comment, highlight, strike, underline - for EPUB, MOBI, CHM annotations;
- Customizable annotation colors and line width;
- Export PDF with annotations;
- Export notes as RTF file, pdf or print;
- Export/convert epub/mobi/chm book as a pdf book;

• Syncing annotations, bookmarks, book collections and meta informations with iCloud

You can read a book make annotations to it on multiple Macs and sync them with iCloud.

IMPORTANT: No support for DRM protected ebooks! (Such as many of the books sold on iTunes or other book stores)

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to write to [email protected], we are sincerely happy to listen to, talk to and help you.
If you want to try before buy, please download the trial version at the Canoe Software website.


Release Notes:

* fix pdf


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1.8
Review by NattyMD5

Finally - tabbed PDF reading! - I'd been looking for a tabbed PDF reader, as having a large number of windows open in Preview was becoming a nuisance and interrupting my workflow. I also hated that there was no way to collect related documents - basically, I wanted a web browser (tabs and bookmarks) for PDFs. Pros * Can't emphasize it enough: tabbed PDF viewing is amazing * PDFs can be grouped into named 'reading lists' * Supports bookmarking and annotation * It's extremely easy to browse your reading lists, bookmarks, and annotations * Fast and lightweight Cons/Missing features: * No saved state (not a deal breaker, since reading lists and the 'recent readings' smart list make it easy to resume where you left off) * No way to export or sync reading lists between computers * Search feature needs work - some instances of the search pattern are omitted This app is exactly what I was looking for! As a graduate student with over a thousand PDFs on my computer, Clearview Reader really helps me 1) keep my documents organized, 2) keep track of papers I need to read in the near future, 3) find what I need quickly, and 4) switch between projects without hassle.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 2.0.3
Review by TLMuse

Recent releases extremely buggy - I relied heavily on Clearview for a long time for helping me organize PDFs, and I have dozens of libraries on my 3 Macs collecting PDFs into various topics or date-based collections, for work and home use. Starting a few months ago, Clearview began getting flaky, with long startup times and occasional crashes. With the previous release, it began freezing with a spinning beach ball at launch, with a dialog open asking whether to open previous windows or not (it would freeze no matter which option is selected). In Activity Monitor, not only could you see that Clearview is unresponsive, but you could also see it consuming ever more and more memory. I was hopeful the bug would be fixed with this "bug fixed" release, but no luck. After updating, within a couple minutes after launch it's consumed over 3 GB of memory, and the beach ball is still spinning. I've written the developers several times about this bug over the last couple months; there has never been a response. If you like Clearview and are investing time creating libraries in it, beware. Not only might you lose all that work, but the developers will offer no help to you whatsoever.

Found helpful by 9 out of 10 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.3.2
Review by Yvan.Li

Please add iOS and iPadOS support - I like this app because I store my ebooks with different formats in one big foler on mac. By using this app, I can read and annote all my ebooks without moving them to ibooks and/or kindle which can just support one or two format and also create extra space for copies. However, I really wish I have iOS and iPadOS based clearviewer too so that I can read my books on my other devices. I guess it can work like Documents by Readdle, which link a icloud folder and get access to the files inside.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 2.3.2
Review by RmcRyner

False Advertising - This app does not support FB2 like it says in the description...

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 2.3.2
Review by gyokusai

File Title Sorting - There’s a number of bugs that need to be addressed but there’s ONE THING that makes Clearview much less useful for me as it could be, which is that Clearview can’t sort folders according to *file titles*. All my ebooks’ file titles are meticulously structured and maintained, while their “title” and “author” meta data is usually a hot mess, and it’s even worse for PDFs. Thus, as soon as I drop a well-maintained folder with ebooks into Clearview, I can’t find anything because it’s total chaos.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people