CheckBook Pro

Developer: Splasm Software, Inc.

Current Version: 2.6.16

Last Updated: 13 days ago

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More than a basic check register and reporting tool, CheckBook Pro features everything in CheckBook, our powerfully simple personal finance manager, and then some. Get a report for all of your accounts at once. Search for transactions with any combination of criteria. Group your transactions into folders. Change the details of a group of transactions in a single stroke. CheckBook Pro's simply powerful data management tools make it all just plain easy.

Precisely manage your finances
• Find transactions with simple searches or dozens of powerful search criteria
• Reconcile your accounts to the penny
• Schedule transactions that repeat periodically, like monthly bills and paychecks
• Track cash flow over time with customizable reports so you can see where your money came from and where it’s going

Pro features
• Save complex searches as Smart Folders, so you can search again and again
• Group your transactions into Folders, to tidy up or begin a new year
• Quickly change the details for a group of transactions, instead of one at a time
• Report on all your accounts at the same time
• See pending scheduled transactions for all your accounts with a single reminder
• Save some ink strokes and let CheckBook Pro print your checks for you (pre-printed check paper only). Supports Quicken templates like Standard, Voucher, and Wallet.

Import from other personal finance apps or your bank
• Strong support for OFX, QFX, QIF, CSV and Text
• Import from Quicken® Essentials for Mac

Share and sync your data
• Sync with other users on a local network
• Sync with iCloud

And more
• Manage accounts in multiple currencies
• Transfer funds between accounts without creating two transactions (check out the built-in help or contact us for help)

Learn more about CheckBook Pro
• Download & print CheckBook Pro's built-in help:
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Get help
Send questions about CheckBook Pro to [email protected] We're happy to help!


Release Notes:

New Features
• We’ve added new keyboard shortcuts to CheckBook Pro’s date pickers. Try ‘Y’, ‘M’, and ‘D’, for today’s year, month, and day, and don’t forget ’T’ and ‘L’, for today’s date and the last entered date, are already in there.

• Prevents a crash that can happen if an Entry is dragged in All Accounts.
• Corrects an issue preventing row heights from being recalculated when you change the Entry Font Size preference while the Amount column is hidden.
• Includes minor user interface enhancements.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.5.5
Review by Sauronthetop

Finally found what I was looking for! - After years of struggling with Quicken for Mac, which more and more WASN”T for Mac, I finally found CheckbookPro. There was a very shallow learning curve, mainly just adjusting to the ‘different from Quicken’ layout, but after a few days of using it I find it intuitive and very responsive. I love the reconcile feature, which on Quicken I hadn’t used for years because it didn’t reconcile. I love the schedule feature, which helps me remember upcoming charges to my checking account. I especially love the customer service. I had a minor issue with changing from the Checkbook trial to the purchased CheckbookPro app. An email to support got a very quick response with easy to follow instructions which allowed me to resolve the issue. Highly recommend if you are looking for a basic checkbook function to replace Quicken or other non-Mac-native app. Very basic, and very easy to use.

Found helpful by 74 out of 75 people
Version 2.5.5
Review by Summersun1717

disappointed… but great customer service - I wanted a simple app that would keep track of my bills and income. We have two checking accounts and pay bills from both accounts and a particular bill can be paid from one account this month and another account next month. There is no way to make these bills available to be paid from either account. Bills can only be entered under one account. I contacted the makers of checkbook pro under the support link and they were very quick to answer my question and even suggested I ask for a refund from Apple. Apple also responded quickly to my request and I was refunded.

Found helpful by 25 out of 37 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.6.16
Review by Kolosik91

Great app - This checkbook app is easy and simple to use, and can be customized to fit user needs. My only request is there be a more definite line of demarkation between to-date debits and upcoming debits (that have been entered into the checkbook). Otherwise, I love the usability of this app!

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 2.6.16
Review by beachfamily

Does exactly what we need - We manage several accounts for trusts and estates. This gives us the ability to track and keep accountable without automating the process.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 2.6.16
Review by RP Bunni

Very Good Checkbook! - This is a handy and easy to use check book. I used to use Quicken, but then so many updates that took away features. But really all I need is a check register. I actually use it in a budgeting way, sheduleing all of my debits in advance, even estimates of credit card payments. It works great. I just bought a new laptop becuase I am working from home and it was quite easy to link my new app to the source file.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 2.6.16
Review by Celestial Herbs(;yum!

Home Finance - I just bought this Checkbook Pro and so far loving it. I am still learning this CheckBook Pro, so I haven't used all of its features yet but for now it is a five star for me. After 6 month or more of using this program I will give a more accurate rating and hopefuly my 5 star stays the same.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 2.6.16
Review by mac bliss

Great app for Mac - My biggest wish is there was an iPad version that would sync to the Mac version.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people