Bundle Files

Developer: GOTOES.ORG

Current Version: 5.1.1

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Have you ever been faced with the task of moving files (or folders) from several locations into just one folder? Have you ever had to duplicate files or folders to many different folders? Have you ever wanted to put a shortcut to a single file or folder into many folders? If you had to move, duplicate, and shortcut a lot of files, it probably took a long time. If you have to do it regularly, it is probably a huge hassle. Free up time by letting Bundle Files do this work for you!

Features of the Bundle and Distrbute software:
* You can copy (or move) folders and/or files FROM several folders into one folder. This will save you the time of having to open each folder one at a time, and copying the contents into one location.

* You can copy folders and files INTO several folders. Let's say you need to have multiple folders with a duplicate file (or files) contained within. Rather than drag and drop those files one at a time, our bundle and distribute software will quickly do that for you!

* Both of the above features include the ability to filter the files by text. Say you want to consolidate just the JPEG files. All you have to do is type in .jpg when running the program. The software will then move or copy just the jpg files to a single directory.


Release Notes:

64 Bit.