Developer: Bean's Bytes, LLC

Current Version: 2020.15

Last Updated: 19 hours ago

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Breathable helps you find a quiet moment in your busy life with Deep Breathing Exercises and Ambient Sounds. Breathable guides you through deep breathing exercises on your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. Breathable is there for you to take quick breaks, sit back, relax, and collect your thoughts throughout the day. After completing each breathing exercise, Breathable presents you with a quote about meditation, stress, and self-care.

In addition to breathing exercises, Breathable features 16 different high-quality ambient sounds: White Noise, Pink Noise, Gray Noise, Ocean, Nature, Rain, Campfire, Fireplace, Stream, Fan, and Thunderstorm, Fireworks, Plane Interior, Passing Train, Construction, and Lawn Mower. These ambient sounds are great ways to escape from the present moment, focus on your work, or to help you find calm and peace in yourself.

Breathable features 8 breathing exercises, each with a specific purpose to help you with your busy day:

- Relax: A great way to decompress when you feel your anxiety building up.

- Simple: Helps you take a minute, collect your thoughts and be peaceful.

- Energize: As a great substitute for an afternoon coffee, this exercise gives you a surprising amount of energy in just one minute.

- Box Breathing: Used by professionals around the world including the U.S. Navy SEALs and professional athletes. Box Breathing helps improve your concentration and regulate the autonomic nervous system.
- Take a Moment: Take a minute to appreciate the day and relax with Take a Moment. You just remain still and close your eyes for a minute.
- Sleep: Wind down after a long day and get restored for tomorrow with this breathing exercise.
- Blue Light: Perfect for those with anxiety or in the moment stress.
- Focus: Shorter than most other breathing exercises and you breathe through your nose the whole time. Great for getting back on track.

Breathable is available on your Apple Watch so you can always have a breathing exercise ready for you anywhere you go. Breathable for Apple Watch has all of the same breathing exercises and provides haptic feedback to guide you throughout the breathing exercises.

Breathable Premium gives you access to all of the breathing exercises in Breathable and the Ambient Sounds.

Breathable Premium gives you access to 6 alternate icons for your iPhone home screen as a thank you for supporting Breathable. Additionally, Breathable Premium gives you access to new breathing exercises and content every month.

Breathable Premium syncs to all of your devices.

Complete Feature List:
* 8 Breathing Exercises.
* Ability to change the duration of your breathing exercise between 1 minute and 15 minutes (10 minutes on Apple Watch).
* Beautiful, easy to use, design that helps you relax.
* Peaceful music while you practice breathing.
* 8 high-quality ambient sounds.
* Ambient Sounds can play in the background or while your phone is asleep.
* Sleep timer for Ambient Sounds to pause the sound after a set period of time.
* Home screen shortcut to quickly launch you into Home, Breathing Exercises, or Ambient Sounds.
* A personalized Profile with a list of your past breathing exercises allowing you to quickly jump back into your favorites.
* Haptic feedback to guide you through your breathing exercise (available on devices that have haptic engines).
* Reminders to take a minute to relax every day​.
* Works with Apple Health: Sync Mindfulness Minutes with the Health App.
* iCloud syncing between your devices so all of your breathing exercises stay in sync.
* Universal Purchases with Breathable Premium, pay on one device to get access to Breathable Premium on all of your supported devices.

Thank you for considering Breathable, I hope it helps you improve your life and allows you to take a minute to appreciate the day,


Release Notes:

Hey everyone, thank you for using Breathable. This update adds support for iOS 14 and introduces a new design for iPad users. There is nothing too specific to iOS 14 in this update, so it will still support iOS 13 for now. I plan to add more iOS 14 specific features (widgets) within the month.

Stay well and healthy,