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Developer: Jaime Stokes

Current Version: 1.9

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Forgot which books you have read? Tired of buying books you already own? Not sure what to checkout at the library? Want to tell others about what you are reading and share thoughts?

Welcome to Book Crawler- the HIGHEST RATED book database in the App Store has now come to OSx! With Book Crawler, you finally have a way to quickly and accurately upload your entire book collection into one easy-to-manage library cataloging database! Adding new books to your database is simple and fast with the ISBN barcode scanner or manual search. Title, author, publisher, copyright, cover art, summaries, and Goodreads ® reviews are automatically generated when you enter a book. Locate all books and editions written by your favorite author. Sort and search your library collection with selected or custom parameters to quickly categorize or navigate your entries for quick recall. It’s a great tool for library professionals, book collectors, avid readers, teachers, and students!


* Harness the power of Google Books ® to support searches, book summaries, and downloadable cover artwork

* View Goodreads ® reviews for your books

* Supports ASIN format for logging Amazon Kindle ® e-books

* Upload books using integrated iSight scanner - companion scanner app available in iOS store

* 'Smart Collection' function allows you to customize sorting and searches based on rules you set (e.g. books read in the last year, by genre, etc.)

* New entries automatically load title, author, artwork, genre, series, ISBN, publisher, format, and copyright for most books

* Sort and view your database by title, author, copyright, date, decimal, genre, collection, rating, if read/when, ownership status, media format, series information, loan status, price, or customizable fields

* Enter multiple books by author or multiple authors for a book

* Edit data for multiple books at once

* Use Dropbox ® service or our in-app web interface to backup/restore, import CSV and SQLite files, transferring information from your iOS devices and your mac

* Use iCloud to sync your database between your macs (coming to iOS soon)


New features and improvements are continuously added to make Book Crawler the most popular and useful book cataloging database available!


Note: Book Crawler is not an e-Reader and does not allow you to read books.


Release Notes:

Upgraded database format to match Book Crawler for iOS.
Upgraded Dropbox API.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.8.1
Review by Thorium238

Catalog books to store out of office - I have Bookcrawler on my iPhone, iPad, and iMac (version 1.8.1). I started cataloging my books in the last two days. My objective is to pack away technical and a some other books and get them out of my office. I need Bookcrawler so that I can tell if I even have a book and where it might be: office, box X in garage, … Bookcrawler is quirky but my process works so far. I enter data on the iPhone and export to the iPad and the iMac via Dropbox. I won’t go in the other direction yet until I have all the books, maybe 600, into Bookcrawler. So far I have 119. Some of the books go back to the early 1900s. I have given Bookcrawler five stars rather than four stars to encourage the developer to continue working on this app and the related iOS app. As a footnote, I hope to share some of my Bookcrawler library info, as csv files, with other people that are interested in acquiring technical or scientific books. As another note, I found the ISBN Scanner via iPad Pro unusable. The ISBN Scanner works most of the time on the iPhone 6. I haven’t tried scanning on the iMac.

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.5
Review by Jack Madomo

I’m Finally Givng Up - I have tried to hang in there with Book Crawler, but with this last release all of my patience tokens have been redeemed and I’m going to look elsewhere. I am a long time satisfied user of BC on my iPhone and a long suffering disappointed user of BC on my Mac. BC has all the potential to be an outstanding app, but it continues to have serious problems and what few issues have been addressed since I started trying to use the Mac version have been very slllooooowwwww in coming. This is clearly a product with a single developer working on it in his spare time. Product testing is close to non-existent. In an hour’s time I could put together a list of a dozen obvious problems that should never have been in a released product. Today I fired up version 1.5 for the first time. It started with a progress bar and a message saying my database was being updated. Updated was an unusual way to describe what happened. When the “updating” was done, my database was gone. Not a single book record was available. Luckily, I have database backups on Dropbox, so I imported by latest backup. It loaded successfully, but now all of the pictures fo the book covers are gone. Nothing but grey covers with the book name in white text. I give up. I’ve spent several hours with previous versions trying to figure out repairs and workarounds for this app’s problems. I’m an old man. I can’t wait any longer. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Found helpful by 23 out of 23 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.9
Review by This is great and fun

DO NOT PURCHASE! - Does not work and no support. There is no sync between the Mac and the iPhone app. I have begged for help and they just don't care. Waste of money.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people