Developer: Apps From Outer Space, LLC

Current Version: 3.1

Last Updated: 8 months ago

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Backdrop is a simple utility to fill your screen with a giant blank window. Fill the window with a solid color or a custom image, your choice. ALSO, includes a Fullscreen Color Cycle mode to see various colors filling your displays.

Backdrop received a 4 Mouse Rating by Macworld

Backdrop is useful for:
* Screenshots - take screenshots of one or many windows without having to clean up your desktop
* One thing at a time - Use Backdrop in between applications to let you focus on a few windows at a time. Want just one window of an app? Switch to Backdrop, then use Expose to pick out the window.
* Web design - create a full size image with outlines of more common screen sizes to help to check how your pages will look on different monitors
* Fullscreen Color Cycle - run the Cycle to see red, green, blue, white, and black from corner-to-corner on your displays.

* Supports multiple displays
* Set a color or a custom image
* Fullscreen Color Cycle mode
* Remains in the background during Exposé
* Works well with Spaces


Release Notes:

• Settings for Choosing only "this" Space and making the backdrop somewhat see-thru are back.
• Additional picture options to fit or fill the screen without distorting/stretching the image


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0
Review by Dov Todd

This is great! - I've been looking for something like this for a while! I'm very easily distracted by the other stuff on my iMac screen, which piles up almost daily. Every once in a while at irregular intervals I clean up everything on my screen or hide everything in a folder on my desktop, the rest of the time my screen is cluttered. But from time to time I need to do work on my screen where I need to really focus. I don't always have the time to clean up the clutter on the rest of the screen, and it can be very distracting to see that clutter around whatever document or application I'm working on. I also regularly take screen shots from time to time, and I can't always take the time to hide the rest of the screen, I might be too tired, or simply not have the time to take care of doing so at that moment. With this software I can just instantly black out the rest of the screen. However, I would really like the option of also making the narrow gray menu bar at the top of the screen completely disappear as well.

Found helpful by 14 out of 15 people
Version 2.1
Review by revolutionaryrob

Thank god this was free otherwise I - How anti-common-sense can one app be? 1, It doesn't just default to the current wallpaper, it defaults to white. 2, It doesn't default to making the first monitor white, it defaults them all to white. Just set the first monitor at first, let people turn that ON in the preferences. Who is screen recording multiple monitors? 3, So I go and find the wallpaper I'm using so I can choose it, and the guy only has a stretch option for the wallpaper so it distorts the wall paper. No fill option, and no fit to screen option. I don't think that Windows 3.1 (The version before Windows 95) didn't even omit this function. So after 10 minutes realizing it's not going to do what I want, it's 10 minutes of my life I want back. Don't write something just because you think it's good, give 50 copies out to people who will actually use the software and confirm yours is useful. And then, compare your software to other companies! Sheesh, what a piece of crapl! Oh and did I mention the white screens were so intensely bright I had to look away and squint like I was looking directly at the sun to find the menu, get to preferences and turn off 2 of the 3 monitors? If you were going to insist on making it show a color instead of the wallpaper that was there, did it occur to you to make it a PLEASING color????? Something that wouldn't throw me into a epileptic blindness? SHEESH!

Found helpful by 2 out of 22 people