Art Authority for Mac

Developer: Open Door Networks, Inc.

Current Version: 3.5.4

Last Updated: 6 years ago

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A comprehensive collection of works by over 1,000 of the western world's major artists, from ancient times to today. Organized by period and artist, Art Authority's nearly 100,000 paintings and sculptures are downloaded as needed and displayed chronologically for each artist, with detailed captioning. In-depth information about the periods and artists is also available.

From the earliest creative pieces to the latest modern and contemporary works, Art Authority provides an impressively displayed, carefully selected, well organized view of the western art world that is both broad and deep. FOR iPAD AND iPHONE TOO.

Features include:

- Ancient, Byzantine, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary periods
- Special section on American art
- Art movements and/or nationalities within each period
- Overall index to all 1000+ artists, plus indices for each period
- Continuous shuffle through all art or by period
- Captions with work title, date, location and other details
- Access to in-depth information on each artist and period
- Full-screen slideshow display, with user-settable transitions
- Gallery-like, scrolling thumbnail view
- Save images to the desktop background or screen saver

How does Art Authority bring this vast world of art to you? We download most of it all from our own servers, where it's been optimized for quality, size and speed. For more recent works still under copyright, Art Authority downloads from an authorized Web site instead. The result: a comprehensive, continual view of western art from its origins through current times.


Release Notes:

Now with nearly 100,000 works of art
New Major Works shows


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.3
Review by museum_skeptic

Fabulous entre to painting - Art Authority for Mac provides the same comprehensive coverage as the iPad version, but lacks the latter's slick interface. However, it compensates by allowing for larger images. If your idea of value is that $10 should get you 40,000 super high resolution images, then you will certainly be disappointed in both versions, especially if your focus is on modern art. However, if you think $10 is a bargain for 20,000 images that look good or great in large windows on a 24" monitor, then you will be excited about the Mac version. Thousands of beautiful images, arranged chronologically within artist, most of which you are unlikely to see in museums or books, unless you are extraordinarily diligent in pursuing them. If you're really interested in painting, but lack this diligence, this app would be a great way to deepen your appreciation of this vast subject.

Found helpful by 11 out of 12 people
Version 3.3
Review by Tietjen.

Don't buy! - I rarely ever review anything, but this app is so bad that I have to. I downloaded it expecting to find a large amount of paintings, at decent resolution, with some info. Let's take Basquiat for example: I used their clunky interface, that basically has you select artists by browsing for files (like in finder), to find Basquiat. Being a very popular artist I figured he'd have a lot of paintings. There were 17. One painting was repeated three times, then two others were repeated twice. So there really wasn't 17. They are extremely low-res, some maybe 300px. As for the info, it will just take you to the artists wikipedia page in safari. I recall one image not even being a painting but the logo from artnet. Another example is Jeff Koons. The only work of his that they have is directly from his official site. Don't buy. Absolutely not worth $9.99.

Found helpful by 130 out of 134 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.5.4
Review by Grappleberries

The worst honestly refund please - SUpposed to be a fingertip sample of general masters or important works instead a disperportinate tacky nude display. Overwhelming really. GReat works were left out of the colletion ffor the sake of some boobs what a bunch of boobs. REFUND PLEASE

Found helpful by 9 out of 25 people
Version 3.5.4
Review by E_Zman

Needs to be updated - It app for the Mac has not been updated for almost 4 years, and should be made 64-bit compliant.

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people