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Release Notes:

Thank you for your feedback. New in this release:

• Improved audio quality when playing back videos at rates other than 1x.
• Link sharing improvements.
• Various enhancements and bug fixes.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 8.2
Review by androook

Transcripts text to video navigation - Really enjoying the fact that in a previous session, I can view the transcript, click a word, and the video skips right to that section of the video. Thank you!

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Version 8.2
Review by watabou90

Ugly, behaves like an iOS app on the Mac - The only thing I like? Clicking on the transcript takes you to the specific point in the video. That's good. Things I hate? Oh boy. Here we go. Apple's native apps have been borderline unusable recently and this is no different. It's so slow. Scrolling is janky, the whole app is janky. It doesn't feel like a Mac app at all. If you click on an article, you can't use two finger swipe gesture to go back. If you navigate to the past WWDC videos section then click on the search bar, you lose your position and get taken to the front page again. You can't select or copy ANY text in an article. When clicking the download button for a presentation, Safari opens up instead and navigates to the PDF. You cannot hide/collapse a sidebar section like you can do with /any/ other mac app's sidebar which has sections, like the Finder, Mail, Xcode, etc. Resizing the app window means the fans spin up, frames start dropping. If I uncheck the 'automatically send usage and diagnostics' option in the Developer app preferences, and then relaunch the Developer app, it asks me again whether or not I want to send Usage and Diagnostic information. Every single launch. If I click on Don't Send, guess what? The preference says it's enabled. It's clear that no one tested this app at Apple. There is no polish, there is no 'apple magic', it feels like an app that Microsoft would put out. Why? Why? Just why? Apple is supposed to be the role model here, putting out polished macOS native apps and we get this...crud. You can't even resize text in this app! Where's the accessibility? Why is the text so blurry? Isn't Apple supposed to be a pioneer in this? What's the point in even shipping this app? I worry about the next iOS and macOS releases if this is the best that Apple can do these days. The glorious halcyon days of macOS are long gone.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 8.2.6
Review by Doelilnad

Great - Got it

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Version 8.2.6
Review by threcius

Ability to renew Apple Developer Program in app - It would be better to be able to renew Applde Developer Program in this app in China like the iOS version of this app. A lot of people havd difficulty to renew Apple Developer Program in China with Credit Card, so this would be a nice feature.

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Version 8.2.6
Review by Koynoyno

Fix the audio - Audio quality is awful on the speed different than 1x EVEN AFTER THE UPDATE. I have the same problem with Safari and this is the only thing preventing me from using this browser as I hate to watch videos on normal speed. I've sent multiple bug reports regarding this question and there are a lot of Reddit topics about this problem as well. Please fix it.

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