AdBlock Pro for Safari

Developer: Crypto, Inc.

Current Version: 8.0.3

Last Updated: 9 days ago

Download Size: 52.4 MB - Download


Save data and speed up your Safari - block ads, trackers and unnecessary resources.

Say goodbye to:
• ads and banners
• autoplay videos
• fake "x" buttons
• scrolling banners
• timed popups
• redirects to "xxx" websites
• YouTube video ads in Safari
• collection of your data online

Enjoy better Safari:
• on average 2x faster web browsing
• on average 50% lower data usage
• improved battery life

Extra features:
• sync settings between your devices with iCloud
• built-in button in Safari for quick changes
• hide obtrusive "Allow Cookies" prompts
• hide comment sections on popular websites
• block adult content (make browsing safe for kids)

Optimized for websites in the following languages:

English, Japanese, Indonesian, Russian, Persian, Latvian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Finnish, Korean, Swedish, Italian, French, Polish, Dutch, Estonian, Hebrew, Icelandic, Lithuanian, Danish, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Norwegian, Hungarian, Chinese, German, Vietnamese, Arabic

Found an advertisement that made it through?
• Report it from inside the app. The app employs a crowdsourced blocking list updated with feedback of people like you.​

Did AdBlocker make your life better?
• Leave a review and spread the word - most of iPhone & iPad users still don't know that they can block ads inside Safari


Release Notes:

• iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 support
• iPadOS 14 sidebar navigation
• stability improvements
• ad filter updates


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 7.4
Review by Twoslick

Works very well but can be improved (May 10th). Update - Blocks every ad on every site I go to 6/28 - I had adblock plus as my safari adblocker and i was just tired of seeing it not block any twitch ads, and on some websites it wouldnt eliminate the ad box where the ads would have been if it werent for the blocker. This adblocker is working great on all site that i ahve visited, by getting rid of the ads and the ad boxes where the ads once were. However im still getting hit with some twitch ads (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesnt; it is a hit or a miss). So this adblocker definitely isnt ublock origin (which is my adblocker on chrome & firefox), but it does get the job done for what it is worth if you are still trying to use safari for battery life on macbooks. if this app can block all twitch ads like ublock origin i will give this a 5 star review instead of a 4 star review. Keep up the great work devs! Oh, and once last thing, safari does feel a lot snappier since installing this adblocker (defintely faster than adblock plus). Update 6/28/2020 - It seems that this adblocker now blocks Twitch ads and I couldn't be happier. Just increased my score from a 4 to a 5. This is the must have adblocker for Safari hands down!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 7.1
Review by Jess_Brat

Clicking contact us link takes you to write a review - This appears to be the only way to get app support. Clicking the Support button on the app website will open your Music app on your Mac. Clicking the Contact Us link on the app website is a link to write a review. Installed the Safari extension on my Mac, and the app opened a window with a short video tutorial. After enabling the extension, it says to return to the tutorial window to continue. I've quit and reopened Safari, I've logged out, I've restarted the Mac, nothing changes. Clicking the tabs at the top of the tutorial window does nothing. All you get is the video tutorial of how to check the boxes in Safari extensions to turn it on. Right-clicking the Safari share button does not show any way to manage settings, and there is no way to customize the rules for number 6 checkbox of the extension. It does block ads, but there is nothing else you can do, and no way to contact them for support other than with an app store review.

Found helpful by 4 out of 6 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 8.0.3
Review by Clark Blanton

Sadly - I’m saying just as many ads for some reason. And no other filters work. It doesn’t even require a VPN to turn things on. So why doesn’t it work?

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 8.0.3
Review by yeetus the epic feetus

Works - This is a solid must buy app. For me it works perfectly and I love it.

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Version 8.0.3
Review by CarlosXitro

Finally something that actually works - Tested on a website that I know for a fact will have you go through 100 pop ups and advertising before getting to the actual content. This works flawlessly

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Version 8.0.3
Review by Master Lord. #1

THIS APP WORK REALLY WELL - I LITERALLY JUST DOWNLOADED THIS APP BECAUSE I WAS WATCHING ANIME AND I COULD NOT WATCH IT BECAUSE ALL OF THOSE ANNOYING ADS POP UP AND U HAVE TO CLICK ON THEM FOR THEM TO GO AWAY. BUT THIS APP IS THE $hît man. I WAS SO HAPPY I CAME 4 after i realized it blocked dam ads. I SWEAR BEFORE I GOT THIS APP (36 secs ago) i had to dodge ads all day long. nobody wants a interesting ad to show up because instead of catching up on anime they in the bathroom beating they 🥩🥩🥩. That was a joke chillllllll. anyways download this app.

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Version 8.0.3
Review by HaydenD8

This is the BEST!! - I love this app! Not only does it block ads GREAT, but it also blocks other things like tracking, and malware known websites. I 100% RECCOMEND this. ITS FREE SO THERE IS NOTHING TO LOOSE! Thanks to the devs for this!

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