Developer: Antonio Lore'

Current Version: 2.4.3

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Also known as Address Book to CSV Exporter, this Mac OS X utility allows the user to export his own Address Book in one or more CSV or VCF files.
Now available on Mac App Store in version 2.0, AB2CSV has been chosen by more than 70,000 users all over the world for five years.
This simple and quick utility exports all your contacts with just one click.

- All details exportation
- Group exportation
- Both CSV and VCF are supported
- Multilanguage (Italian, English, Spanish)

Mentioned by Macworld as "Excellent Add-On" in "Mighty messenger" article.


Release Notes:

- When a user denies the app to access contacts, the exporter returns "Export Denied". A message will popup with the instructions to follow to allow the app to access Contacts again.
- 64-bit support
- bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.4.1
Review by Roy, the Successful

It works. - I don't normally write reviews, but this application has been maligned terribly here. After reading through both the pros and the cons, I could see that the haters really didn't understand what a comma deliminated file is. It is simply a text file that has the data fields seperated by commas. OK? That means that as many have discovered, you can't just open the file with Excel and be happy. You have to import it. So how do you do that? In Excel, under the 'File' menu is an item called 'Import.' Select that. The menu box under that will lead you through the obvious. The most obvious being the first two steps. You are importing a CSV file. Click that radio button. Then you will be lead to another box that will ask you to select the data you want to import. There is a little more than that, but I already feel like I've given you enough to work on. Just remember that the program works. If it isn't doing what you want, you probably aren't IMPORTING the data properly into Excel. And from Excel, you can export the information into other formats. Have fun.

Found helpful by 21 out of 23 people
Version 2.4.2
Review by drburtSM

Simply Did Not Work - No Help Available - Bought v2.4.2 for Mac OS 10.9.5 Read all the directions in the guide and the online support site. Spent 20 minutes trying all possible settings. In all cases I got a “noting to export” error message - no further clues. I found a comment suggesting the destination for the converted file should be set to a folder in the User area, but you’d think the app would give an error message if that were the case. I tried setting different destination locations - nothing worked. The author tells users not to post useless reviews, but to contact him. I did. This review should be of use o anyone evaluating the liklihood that this app will work right out of the box, without waiting for help. I needed this to work right now. It should be simple. I am an experienced user - I doubt I missed anything that was documented about how to use it!

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.4.3
Review by Doebele58

Worked very well - Did the trick, created a CSV first time. Saved me hours of work. I imported the CSV into google sheets. Nice job.

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Version 2.4.3
Review by PinThe

Broken App - My problem is that it exports all the information into excel into one colum. Not helpful for sorting contacts. Useless app.

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Version 2.4.3
Review by DoubleCount

Couldn't be easier.. but didn't work (for me) - I wasn't able to get this to work for my purpose as my email app (Missive) requires CSV's in different formats. But it is super easy to use so giving it 4* even though it didn't work at all for me. Please can the developer consider making an update to add options to export as Google CSV and Outlook CSV?

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Version 2.4.3
Review by Ehrin

It did it, but incorreclty - The design of this app is backwards, and not intuitive at all. And then even when I figured out how to get just a selct group of contacts it left extra commas, different amounts for each person, seperated between each name. so I coulnd’t ever use the sheet it created it.

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Version 2.4.3
Review by jl22222222

Works perfectly - Doesn’t do much, but all I needed was to export my address book to csv, which it did perfectly

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