Dynamic scenes for your Philips Hue, LIFX and HomeKit lights: - 20 beautiful lighting scenes with dynamic light effects and ambient music - Free to try with two lights FEATURES: - Supports Philips Hue bridge (v1 and v2) - Supports HomeKit devices -

GoodNotes 5

1 month ago

Transform your iPad into smart digital paper. Take handwritten notes in digital notebooks, on imported PDF, PowerPoint, and Word documents, or on images and photos. All notes are searchable and you'll never have to worry about losing or misplacing th

MineSweep HD

1 month ago

Challenge yourself with MineSweep HD! The Classic Game Brought Right To Your iDevice! MineSweep HD allows you to custom your playing experience by allowing you to determine the difficulty by letting you choose the number of mines on the board. Also

Bitcoin ticker, news, alerts, and portfolio with support for all traded cryptocurrencies and tokens. Today widget: • displays 2-10 favorite cryptocurrencies • updates every time you view the widget • can also display portfolio overvie

References On Tap

1 month ago

••• Check out Bookends - References On Tap's big brother ••• References On Tap searches PubMed, PubMed Central, Google Scholar, JSTOR, LOC, arXiv and Web Of Science to find, display, and import reference information an

WingMate Companion

1 month ago

WingMate is an unofficial companion app for the award winning board game Wingspan, designed by Elizabeth Hargrave and published by Stonemaier Games. The app lets you: * assign a name and action cube color for each player, and order the players based

A lot of people dreams of flying through the clouds! Buckle up, sit down and let's go. Choose which way you will conquer the blue sky: a multi-coloured hot-air balloon, a comfortable airplane or a light kite dancing in the wind. Are you ready to be

Ships and boats

1 month ago

Are you ready to begin a big adventure? Little captain get on board and sail on a big sailboat, a canoe or a sailboat! Intuitiveness and ease of use are the features of this app suitable for children, who can use it to have fun alone or with mom and

Calculator RPN

1 month ago

On this calculator you will be able to benefit from all the functions of a scientific calculator and RPN with the new iOS calculator. Thanks to the RPN mode you will be able to calculate sums at great speed which greatly reduces the typing. With a si

Minimalist life counter for 2 to 4 players. Great for use with Collectible Trading Card games!


1 month ago

En algunas ocasiones calculadoras científicas no están permitidas, algunas instituciones requieren que se usen calculadoras sin funcionalidades avanzadas para que el alumno se enfoque en la tarea y adquiera habilidades en matemát

EncounterPlus VTT is a powerful virtual tabletop tool designed to help Dungeon Masters to run D&D 5E combat encounters more easily. You can track initiative, health, statistics, and conditions for various monsters and players. Now even with animated

Flame is a browser for Bonjour (also known as ZeroConf) network services. It lists the services advertised on your wireless network and you can browse them by server. When selecting a service, its advertised details are displayed. You can copy any of

Seek Ye First

1 month ago

Seek Ye First Bible Adventure is a family friendly Christian Bible game for kids! Meet 12 heroes from the Bible and help find their missing items. Each Bible Hero will tell you a little bit about themselves when you find their lost item! You may


1 month ago

uContact is a user-friendly tool to keep track of all your university professors' information. Enter their information just once during set up and you'll have on-going access to their contact info, office hours and any other important info you would

Sometimes you just need a place to jot down a quick note or draft an email or text on the fly. Write your draft and immediately copy or share to another app. When you come back, keep working or delete the note and start over. # Markdown support Quic

An easy to use develop arc flash label calculator and label generator. Input the necessary information into the app and it will generate a PDF label using NFPA 70E Annex D.4 (VAC) arc flash label calculations & methodology. Support for circuit bre


1 month ago

It's as simple as it gets! Just add your friends which you always contest when teaming up in Basketball, Football, etc., and TeamApp+ will team up players with each other based on the ratings. The app works completely offline but if you insist, iClo

forScore Cue

1 month ago

Remotely control forScore with Cue! Connect wirelessly to one or more nearby devices using forScore and you’ll be able to turn pages, go to a specific page, scroll up and down or toggle half-page turns (depending on each device’s orientat

"... an app that students, academics, and anyone who does substantial amounts of PDF-based research should try" - Macstories.net USE HIGHLIGHTS FOR FREE Highlights is a fast and lightweight PDF reader (<10MB) packed with features to help with your r


1 month ago

TouchAppCreator enables everyone to create touch-optimized, and content-centric mobile web apps for both iPhone and iPad in a few minutes on the go. No sign up is required. You can edit your app ONCE and generated app supports both iPhone and iPad au

House Arena

1 month ago

Choose your favourite appliance and start fighting against the other opponents with friendly weapons and unique attacks! Choose carefully your character and have fun with it! The game supports up to 8 players online, but you can also challenge yours


1 month ago

Calculates the magnetic variation based on the World Magnetic Model (WMM) for any location and year between 2020 and 2024 or the current date. You can either browse the map, select an airport, or enter coordinates directly.


1 month ago

Attention: this App is only for Tsinghua University students Basics: - Get a glance of the newest notices published by teachers - Preview or download uploaded files of each course - See any assignment detail while keeping track of deadlines You can

Richard Nixon

1 month ago

iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch ––––––––––––––––––––––– Richard Nixon was the 37th president of the United States of


1 month ago

With AirWeather for iOS, you can seamlessly view current METARs, TAFs, and NOTAMs for your favourite airports.

Indulge your 90s and 2000s nostalgia with Freecell, the classic variant of Solitaire! This version of Freecell combines classic gameplay with a clean and modern look. Using only basic stacking, empty free cells or empty column spaces, how quickly can


1 month ago

Allplay - информационное приложение позволяюще


1 month ago

INTRODUCTION Pomodoro² is a pomodoro timer with one purpose: to help you stay focused on your work. With no ads and no distracting graphics, this gorgeous timer is a great way for you to concentrate on your work. HOW DOES IT WORK Pomodoro²


1 month ago

A driving and charging journal for your Tesla. How to set up: 1. Sign up to Volante using Sign in With Apple (No need to keep track of yet another account) 2. Subscribe to Volante Pro. First month is free and then it's $10 / month. 3. Connect to you