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XCOM, the Extraterrestrial Combat Unit - humanity’s last hope. Before you buy, expand this description to check the system requirements below. An electrifying combination of turn-based tactics, global strategy and sophisticated role-playing,


45 Langenscheidt dictionaries for 13 languages available for in-app purchase Full wordlist and 100 sample translations of each dictionary to preview before buying _____ The app allows a quick and easy navigation and for you to try out any of the 45

Simple and powerful, this mandolin tuner is both in one! You can listen the sound of each tuning string as well check & fine-tune the strings with the help of the chromatic tuner, placed in the middle of the app window! App-features: * Chromatic tune


Password Repository 3 is the OS X native app to manage all your passwords and all the related data in a safe way on your Mac. It's a document based app and allows you to manage an unlimited numbers of documents, any containing how many password reco


AddressBook Aid

2 years ago

This software is for editing the address book database which is created by Apple Contacts. The Table View Style, Find & Replace, and Sort function make it easy to edit your address book database. Importing/exporting as vCard or CSV and showing QRCod

F1 2012™

2 years ago

The FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP™ is back on the Mac! Before you buy, expand this description to check the system requirements below. Drive yourself to the limit in this thrilling simulation of the world’s most exciting motorsport


Precise Screenshot is the new generation tool to take screenshots from the screen. Precise Screenshot can select a resizable portion of the screen with the usual drag method or it can use pre-fixed size area from a customizable popup menu (with the


#1 DICTIONARY TECHNOLOGY IN THE WORLD 260+ dictionaries for 35+ world's languages available for in-app purchase 40+ branded dictionaries, including English Chambers, Spanish VOX, Arabic Malayin, Irish Focalbeo, Turkish Redhouse, Collins and Enciclo

Wizard is a new Mac app that makes data analysis easier than ever. No programming, no typing — just click and explore. Wizard makes statistics accessible to beginners, but beneath the surface lies a full set of tools for doing professional rese


2 years ago

*** HOLIDAY SALE!!! JUST $40 US!! *** Silo 2 Professional is a focused 3D modeling application with the ability to effortlessly switch between organically sculpting high-polygon models and precisely controlling hard-edged surfaces. It can be used fo

"A wonderful combination of LOLO, Chip's Challenge and BOMBERMAN" Use your best-laid plans to puzzle your way through clever traps, hidden dangers and sneaky foes to collect all the cheese and move on to the next level. Push Balls to block stinger


Money by Jumsoft presents a powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive system designed to help you keep control of your financial life. Oversee your account balances, track your income and spending, keep budgets, and have your data synced among your Mac,



2 years ago

iSmartPhoto is a fast image browser and powerful image organizer. Work with retina displays, Compatible with OS X El Capitan! Unlike iPhoto that require user to import photos into the software, iSmartPhoto pulls your photos from any folder or drive.

Your photo. Your look. Each photo you take holds a personal connection, whether a hobbyist, advanced amateur, or pro. Discover what you can do with any photo with Perfect Photo Suite 9—designed just for you. Perfect Photo Suite 9 is a complete

Perfect Enhance 9

2 years ago

Take your photos from good to great using the best enhancements available. You'll find tools to improve color, tone, and detail, and brushes for spot healing, cloning, and removing objects with content-aware fill technology. Whether you’re a ho

FULL VERSION, WITHOUT ADS! Exclusive dub music genre pads! You've never seen something like this before. Ultimate beat pads, powerful mixer and filters, great sound effects – this is Dub Pad Machine Plus application for MAC. Leave all these pop

Can you ever thought you are emperor of the great empire? If you are tired of fast paced lifestyle, interdependencies with millions of people, remote natural environments and modern life, you should definitely try out our new economic strategy World

MiniPlayer adds to your notification center a powerful widget that permits you to control iTunes everywhere without open it! ADVANTAGES OVER THE ITUNES WIDGET: + Same functionalities in less space + Start playing even if iTunes is closed + Artwork

Horse Park Tycoon

2 years ago

You love horses and you dream about collecting some in your own Park? With Horse Park Tycoon, you can arrange and decorate your Park the way you like it, and you can fill it with fabulous horses! Keep them healthy, discover all the different races, a

Get the most out of the essential Apps built into iOS 8 with this video training course! Great for anyone new to iOS or those wanting to become more familiar and efficient with iOS 8 Apps like Safari, Mail, Calendars, Music, Reminders and more!! &bu

Lightbot, the popular iOS game, is now available on OS X! Get kids hooked on coding within minutes! Lightbot is a programming puzzle game, meaning that its game mechanics require the use of programming logic to solve levels. By simply guiding a rob

Truth Table Builder

2 years ago

Truth Table Builder is an easy, quick and reliable app that builds truth tables from Boolean/propositional formulae that you enter. Features: -Build truth table of up to 12 variables -Shows subexpressions of the formula -Splits formula based on ope

**This tutorial is also now available within our "TMU Tutorials" App for both Mac and iOS (iPad/iPhone). With these Apps you can view tutorials on your Mac, iPad or iPhone! Just search "TMU" in the Mac or iOS App Store to download the TMU Tutorials A

1 Second

2 years ago

1 Second is an addictive game that test the limits of your brain. Your ability to make quick decisions and to focus may come in handy. In each level you get only 1 second to select the matching color to the main color, out of 3 colors. Although it

Screen Recorder is a smart screen recording app that can record high quality video and audio. with this screen recording tool you can capture games screen, online videos, PPT, application tutorial, iPhone simulator, your image's slideshow etc, Scree

Pixel Boat Rush

2 years ago

Pixel Boat Rush is a frantic pixel art arcade combat boat racing game! The gameplay mixes a one-button racing mechanic with 2 weapon/defensive buttons. The progression features an in-depth career mode,a endless mode, a boat crafting editor and RPG-

Screen bricks

2 years ago

Arrow Left/Right = Move Left/Right Arrow Down = Speed Down Arrow Up = Rotate Right Spacebar to Pause

=== Support Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan and iOS 9.2 === Air Printer can turn your Mac to an virtual printer, Run Air Printer on your Macbook, iMac to share its printer to your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac, Then whether you’re on the other si

Rule the sky and live life as a legendary Dragon! Explore a vast world of floating islands, dangerous monsters, and mythical creatures! Start your own dragon family, destroy medieval castles, and battle for your life against deadly enemies like gobli

This App is the macOS equivalent of Microsoft Bing Desktop for Windows. The App automates downloading the daily image and setting it as wallpaper without any user intervention. But it is not a mere macOS clone - it has more features than Bing Deskto