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EdgeView 2

1 day ago

EdgeView 2 is a cutting-edge image viewer for MacOS X. You can open various image files, can also open archive files like as ZIP, rar without extraction. You can check and open files on built-in file browser. And can connect to FTP and open the file

Family Tree Builder® is a powerful app that let's you organize your family tree research and discoveries within the shortest time possible. The Ability to render fullscreen charts allows you to turn your Mac or Macbook into a powerful visualizat

*Requires Microsoft Office 2008 or later, which has to be purchased separately. Templates for MS Office by GN is an impressive collection of thousands of original designs for MS Office. Almost 3000 designs for Word documents, 40 professional templa

Browser Care

1 day ago

Thanks to all! Hundreds of users have chosen the Pro Version! The perfect app to take care your browsers and free up space. Browser Care keeps your browsers clean and under control since navigating accumulates files on your Mac. Browser Care provid

Seasons Pairs

1 day ago

Seasons Pairs is a gorgeous and fun matching pairs memory game, featuring Christmas, Halloween, St. Valentine, Easter & Summer themes!, a perfect game for kids and great for all ages! Features - Easy and Fun game to play. - Beautiful Graphics. - Lov

*Huge 3.0 update just released, check it out!* Hurricane Track 3.0 is the most advanced, modern, and easiest to use Hurricane Tracking, Radar, and Local Weather application. Hurricane Track 3.0 features incredible new features such as 14 World Rada

Scouting System Pro This is the ultimate scouting system for football teams. The best way to evaluate football players and matches. Create your player and match reports, and have your information always available when you need it. Scouting System P

Balloon Pop

2 days ago

"Balloon Pop" is a challenging puzzle where you have to blow up all the balloons of the screen. You win when you have exploded everything ! This is a free game.

Explode Bricks

2 days ago

Old fashioned game where to have to break all the bricks of the screen. (sometimes, also named Ping Pong)

Bubble Pop

2 days ago

This is a FREE Bubble Popper Game, with quite hard difficulty. Try to explode all the bubbles to win !


2 days ago

This game is also called Othello. Players take turns placing discs of their assigned color. During a play, any discs of the opponent's color that are in a straight line and bounded by the disc just placed and another disc of the current player's col

Sudoku 9x9

2 days ago

Sudoku is played with 9x9 grid, divided into 3x3 subgrids called "regions". The object is to fill empty cells with numbers between 1 and 9, so that number should appear only once on each row, column and region. Many settings: - autosave - statist


2 days ago

Tic-Tac-Toe game. basic and free. XOks, Nuller og Krydser, Nullen und Kreuze, Tic-Tac-Toe, Bondesjakk, Ristinolla, Luffarschack, Kolko i krzyzyk, Morpion.

FreeCell !

2 days ago

This card game is a FreeCell Solitaire. See the rules for more details: FreeCell is played with a deck of 52 cards, which are placed on eight columns in the middle. On the left, there are 4 free cells you can use to place a card temporarly. The goa

Mahjong !!

2 days ago

This is a Mahjong game, a one-player game. The goal is to clear the board by removing all the matching identical pairs from the layout. A valid pair consists of two tiles which are both "free" and "identical" (or of the same type). In more details,

This card game is a Spider Solitaire. It is a popular patience game that is played with two decks of cards. The main purpose is to remove all cards from the table. See the rules for more details: You can move a card to an empty column, or on a gr

4 in a Line

2 days ago

"4 in a Line/Row" game. Basic and Free. (Connect4)

Solitaire !!

2 days ago

This is the usual Solitaire card game. Also known as Patience Klondike or Windows Solitaire. Taking a shuffled standard 52-card deck of playing cards (without Jokers), one upturned card is dealt on the left of the playing area, then six downturned c

PUB Expert - The Full Compatible Publisher App for Microsoft Office Publisher(.pub) PUB Expert - Read, edit, create and convert Microsoft Publisher document like never before on your Mac ! PUB Expert is an advanced yet easy-to-use design and publis


2 days ago

piQtility, a comprehensive picture utility that makes it easy for you to manage, watermark, preview, resize, sort, apply photo filters, apply rounded corners, apply frames, convert or rename your pictures from within a user-oriented interface. Apply


2 days ago

Pure instant messaging — simple, fast, secure, and synced across all your devices. Over 100 million active users in two and a half years. FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed ne

Cake Match

2 days ago

Cake Match is a beautiful & fun match 3 game, it is very easy to play: just swipe the cakes to connect 3 or more of the same type before time runs out. Features: - Fun Challenging Match 3 gameplay - Beautiful Graphics - Great Music and Sound Eff

SpokeLengthCalculator is a Mac OS X app that calculates spoke lengths for wire spoked wheels. Preset is Campagnolo Record front hub and Mavic Open Pro rim. All measures are in mm (millimeters). What info do you need for calculate spoke lengths ? Num

PrintLab Studio

2 days ago

Pro Version of CorelDRAW Converter is now available. - Convert CorelDRAW files into PDF documents; - Converts CDR to quality PDF files; - Doesn't need for CorelDRAW, PrintLab Studio creates high quality vector PDF files from CorelDRAW files. PrintL

Backgammon Masters is an aesthetically pleasing game for online and single player backgammon. Enjoy the ancient board game in crisp, modern graphics on your smartphone or tablet! All board game fans will appreciate the easy to use interface, detaile

Backgammon Masters is an aesthetically pleasing game for online and single player backgammon. Enjoy the ancient board game in crisp, modern graphics on your smartphone or tablet! All board game fans will appreciate the easy to use interface, detaile

NamelySoft PDF Password Remove can unlock restricted PDF documents by removing printing, editing and copying restrictions! Advanced PDF Password Recovery recovers or instantly removes passwords protecting or locking PDF documents created with all ver


2 days ago

Write-Pro is an easy-to-use word processor with a state-of-the-art interface which exactly matches the printout. The clean design allows you to focus 100% on the writing instead of being distracted by many rows of icons and buttons. Write-Pro always

Pyká is a revolutionary new project library app and the world’s first Work Hub. Designed for people who work in project-based environments, Pyká takes your project library to a whole new level. There are many challenges and proble

Support : RECORDING LIVE TV Support: EPG TIMELINE Support: XTREAM-CODES API Support: Parental control Support: Automatic live stream reconnection Support: Dynamic language switching Support : EPG on favourite channels Support : Embedded subtitle sup