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Ace your FAA Flight Engineer (FEX/FEJ/FET) written (knowledge) test. While few of us will work as Flight Engineers these days, potential employers at airlines and corporate operators love to see evidence that you've mastered advanced aircraft system

Ace your FAA Sport Pilot (Light Sport Pilot) written (knowledge) test. Spend less time studying and more time flying. GroundSchool is the smart pilot's secret for passing FAA knowledge (written) tests. A Light Sport Pilot certificate is the FAA's

Ace your FAA Sport Pilot (Light Sport Pilot) INSTRUCTOR AND EXAMINER written (knowledge) tests. Spend less time studying and more time flying. GroundSchool is the smart pilot's secret for passing FAA knowledge (written) tests. Yes, this also inclu

Listen to your favorite radio stations, or discover new ones. Instaradio could be the radio player you have been waiting for. Try the app thousands of people rely on for listening to radio! - Listen to radio from all around the world - View info abo


2 days ago

SendToX (previously called 7toX) brings your Final Cut Pro 7 or 6 or Premiere Pro XML into Final Cut Pro X so you can use Apple’s powerful new professional editing tools to update or finish your older projects. The lightweight application is si

PhoneLog Pro

2 days ago

PhoneLog Pro allows you to quickly store notes about phone calls you have made or received. Whether you spend all day on the phone or just make the occasional call to your bank, enter the details straight into this app and you'll never forget a call

Final Cut Pro

2 days ago

Redesigned from the ground up, Final Cut Pro combines revolutionary video editing with powerful media organization and incredible performance to let you create at the speed of thought. Revolutionary Video Editing • The Magnetic Timeline 2 with

Change your awareness indicator on the avatar to gently play with changes to your own awareness. You can change the size, speed, location, and attitude of your awareness. Explore how you feel and think with your awareness in different places and spe

Color Code Copy

2 days ago

Color Code Copy Ease of use Hex and RGB colors The copy clipboard color codes in various formats (#Hex, Objective-C UIColor, Swift UIColor, Objective-C NSColor, Swift NSColor). Dark and Light mode. Color and showing copy in the magnifier

Protrader 3

2 days ago

Protrader Mac is a native macOS trading terminal designed to enable certain basic and advanced trading functions standing in line with user experience known from Apple products. Trading terminal contains all the functionality needed for trading many


2 days ago

TweetStream is a client app which allows you to view Twitter as a news ticker style on your Mac! · Since TweetStream occupies a small area on the screen, it can secure a large work area. · So as not to disturb the work when you move th

The camera(s) will be activated with two monitor mode: Monitor Activity Mode -- The event will be triggered when there is an abnormal movement occurs in a user-specified area. For example,using this app to monitor whether the thief is broken into

Contour 2

2 days ago

Newly redesigned, Contour 2.0 for Mac, brings beauty and intuitiveness to a whole different level. With a focus on features customers have been requesting, Contour 2 implements functionality and improvements that helps every kind of writer. No one li

Resonant Element uses sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to generate high quality music in a variety of genres endlessly. Its compact, intuitive user interface makes it convenient for playing in the background while you do other things.


2 days ago

Router makes viewing & editing .GPX, .TCX, .KML, .FIT, and Pioneer .DB route files on your Mac a snap.

PlayMaker Pro is used by thousands of football teams worldwide to produce playbooks, handouts and presentations at all levels from the Pros down to youth leagues. PlayMaker Pro users create precise drawings on scale size fields that look more profe

Zarya - 1 is a survival text based quest with elements of science fiction, horror, and occasional humor. In this game you will be able to alter the story by making choices, creating your very own adventure. If you liked Alien, Dead Space and Lifelin


2 days ago

Rejex is a ultra-light-weight tool to learn, practice and test Regular Expressions. It offers immediate visual match result for each regex pattern you entered. And you can also customize sample text for more accurate match test.


2 days ago

It is a resident type "Alarm & Timer" application. It can be used immediately with simple operation. There are three kinds of notification sounds that can be set! Gentle music that you will not be surprised is also available.

Communication Difficulties, Elimination and Throw-in, Percentage Play, The dangerous hand etc should be basic techniques. Play the deals in this program (103) and your level of declaring trump and no-trump contracts will go up considerably! All the

Second hand low, third hand high. A basic technique. Yet this is not always good. Play the deals in this program (97) and your level of defense will go up considerably! Topics such as attitude, count, trump promotion and uppercut, Suit Preference Sig

Support Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and other 26 languages Copy the text, translation text will be displayed in status bar


2 days ago

Proxy Utility For Network. Use Network Extension Technology. Feature Support SSR (origin, plain) And SS Support Method AES-128-CFB ,AES-192-CFB, AES-256-CFB,AES-128-CTR,AES-192-CTR,AES-256-CTR,chacha20,chacha20-ietf,salsa20,rc4-md5,des-cfb,rc2-cfb,

Androfin Uploader pour OSX est un utilitaire d'importation des mouvements bancaires. Il est complémentaire à l'application Androfin sur iOS pour la gestion du patrimoine financier pour les particuliers Androfin Uploader importe dans l'

TimeTable 3

2 days ago

Why not use the macOS Calendar app for more than just scheduling? You already plan your life with the macOS Calendar app. TimeTable is the easy way to get that information out of your calendars so you can use it with other applications. TimeTable


2 days ago

VisualDesigner is a multi-purpose design application. The application help you make diagrams. flow-charts, UML design, floor plan quickly. (* Free 14 days trial, Update to full version by In-App purchase *) Functions: - Import/Export VSDX, VSDM (M

Real time average colour synchronisation of your selected screen and your Philips Hue light. Custom build algorithm analyses your screen and sends current colour to one of the selected lamps up to 10 times per second! You can connect your TV to your

Get your finances on track with the gorgeous new Money! Your day-to-day finance management will no longer be a chore with the beautiful and comprehensive suite of powerful features that is Money! Oversee and control your accounts, plan budgets, easi


2 days ago

The Filemail App allows you to send large files up to 200 GB to any email address. You can also share files to a private URL. Tranfers are accelerated using the Filemail CORE protocol - making it the fastest and most robust way to send large files on

Journal and diary app to keep a record of valuable days of your life, events, and feelings: - Record events and feelings for any day, week month or year - Start every day by looking at the list of entries for the same day over the years - Describ