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Whether you are running, cycling or even soaring the sky, Track is a perfect match for you. Track allows you to read different log files with just one application. QUICK LOOK INTEGRATION You can now get a quick preview of the contents of your file b

Help your Dragons Battle through Weeds that Grow, Fire Balls, Stones, Ladybirds, Branches, Ice, Jelly, Walls and Blocks. Frozen Dragon Gems is a spell bounding addictive Match 3 type game, offering 450 levels of increasing difficulty making the game

Create ideas for music, melodies, lyrics & MIDI... or one-press make beautiful ambient generative music albums for sleep & relaxation. Users say of this powerful & unique creativity system: "hands down the best generative software that I have ever us

My Life and Ministry is a tool to help with the Midweek Meeting of Jehovah's Witnesses. This app has full scheduling capabilities for the meeting and timers to keep track of the meeting and individual part times. In addition to timing and scheduling,

FEATURED BY APPLE AS A NEW APP THEY LOVE: ** CURRENTLY $24,99 INSTEAD OF $49,99 ** Stockfolio is an investment app for macOS that will help improve your investment returns by allowing you to research and track interesting stocks and cryptocurrencies


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DrawMol, a powerful graphical interface to visualize and build molecular structures. To celebrate the Mac App Store launch, 30% off the full price until end of March. CITATION If you use DrawMol for your scientific work, please cite the DrawMol pr

Captor is an HTTP protocol analyzer. It capture and decode HTTP and HTTPS traffic, make it simple for developers to debug. Captor designed for macOS, Touch Bar support for the latest MacBook Pro. and ATS support for iOS. How it works: Captor captu

Montage Maker

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Are you making some poster for activities, designing shape montage for birthday party? WidsMob Montage Maker should be an excellent montage maker to turn everything into stunning mosaic photographs. It is a versatile photomontage maker, which can mak


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CotEditor is a light-weight, neat, yet powerful text editor designed for editing plain-text files such as web pages (HTML, CSS), program source codes (Python, Ruby, Perl, etc.), structured texts (Markdown, Textile, TeX, etc.), or any other kind of pl

**Special Sale, 40% off for a limited time** Introducing Radar Extreme, a powerful and easy to use Radar, Weather, Satellite, Lightning, Earthquake, and Hurricane Tracker. Radar Extreme features hundreds of NEXRAD Local Radars, dozens of Regional R

To thank the user's favorite, cut prices from $ 9.99 to $ 3.99. Currently offers 968 PowerPoint Templates. Can be used for your office. The format includes PPTX PPT for your convenience. Product Features •Picture editing • Broadcast Slid

ZoomNotes Desktop

24 hours ago

ZoomNotes Desktop is a note taking and sketching app for Mac OS. It is fully compatible with the iOS version (ZoomNotes, and ZoomNotes Lite) and shares a similar user interface for easy learning. It has many unique features including - Write over PD

Best Jurassic EXCITING MATCH 3 GAME Dinosaur power-ups, Flames, Explosions, DNA AI Opponent, Amber, Weeds, Dragonfly, Stones, Branches. Match and Switch your way through 600 levels that forward you along the path too dino mountain. New Duel Mode Le

Integrity Plus

24 hours ago

Easily find your website's broken links and more. The free app Integrity is a link-checker and no more. Integrity Plus performs the same fast and accurate link check and adds: - Manage multiple sites - Generate a sitemap in xml, dot and csv - ftp y

Applicable to a variety of retail purchase sales management, and support of all retail goods. And shoes cosmetics, building materials and hardware IT digital electronic food medicine and medical equipment, and other powerful, easy to operate. Suppor

Whether you’re remodeling, renovating, or designing your dream home, Planner 5D has you covered! Create detailed 2D & 3D floor plans, browse a 3000+ item catalog, and create photo-realistic images of your projects. With over 20 million download

The one and only app in Apple App Store that plays YouTube via Sonos. SoTubes plays YouTube video on your Mac, in the meantime, sends corresponding audio to your Sonos speakers. Main Features: • Search YouTube videos with filters • Suppo

Many people that used todo apps know this problem. You write everything down and forget it. Planny was created to intelligently plan your day and also remind you intelligently, when you tend to forget your daily tasks. It also was created to use all

The most comprehensive United States Map Tutor on the App Store. This app is the perfect app for learning about the US map and state facts. The app includes quizs on: -State Flag -State Capital -State Largest City -State Abreviation -State Flower -St


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Aquavias is a puzzle game, in which your task is to prevent drought in the city. Build aqueducts connecting reservoirs with the cities to fill grandiose buildings, such as the Amphitheater, Hanging Gardens, Temple of Claudius, Baths and many others.


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Re:Desktop allows you to hide all windows or show in one click. Use the dock icon or icon in the status menu. It's very easy click on the icon to hide all windows, and then click again to show all windows. You can also setup showing status icon and s

Create ideas for music, melodies, lyrics & MIDI... or one-press make beautiful ambient generative music albums for sleep & relaxation. Users say of this powerful & unique creativity system: "hands down the best generative software that I have ever us


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EZBurner burns audio, video and data to CD, DVD and Blu-ray media. It also duplicates discs, imports and exports ISO images, and formats rewritable media. EZBurner is an All-In-One writable media utility solution.

Internet Security & AntiVirus is designed to provide complete protection for your Mac online & offline. It is a next-gen security product to give you protection based on dynamic behavior based security. It comes with malware scan, adware scan & behav

Home Control

1 day ago

HomeControl is a HomeKit alternative for MacOS. It controls Philips Hue lights and Belkin Wemo switches. It offers great functionality for power users. Control many devices/groups/scenes quickly from your computer. A lot of work has gone into this

Lock Pro

1 day ago

Password protect any macOS application from unauthorised usage without modifying anything in your system settings and/or applications. It is save to use ! - Invisible For The Eyes : Lock Pro works as a background process and does not uses any CPU l

Phiewer PRO - Photo editor and image viewer for Mac. ----------------------------------------------------- Phiewer PRO is the easiest and fastest way to view and edit your images. It's folder based so you can just browse and edit your media in one wi


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CoinTicker is a Mac status bar app that provides the latest prices for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, Dash and many other altcoins/cryptocurrencies. Set it to pull prices and all currency pairs from your favorite coin exchange and get

Generate your app icons in milliseconds for iOS, watchOS, iMessage Apps, macOS and more with just a drag, a drop and a click! 1. Drag your app icon image into the drop zone. 2. Choose the devices that you would like to export for. 3. Click export.

Phiewer - The standard media viewer for Mac. ---------------------------------------------- Phiewer is the easiest and fastest way to view your images, videos and even audio files. It's folder based so you can just browse your media in one window wit