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Abacus Accounts

4 years ago

Abacus Accounts is a double-entry bookkeeping application, suitable for any business or company accounts. The latest version supports accounts for up to 10 separate businesses. Various types of accounts can be set up, to suit your business. Selection

Invisor displays technical information about your video, audio and photo files with ability to compare collected data. Supports most of video and audio file formats including MPEG-1/2/4, Matroska, WMV, XVID, AVI, MXF, MOV, MJPEG, MP3, AAC, Vorbis, A


4 years ago

CSV files — comma separated values — are a widely used file type for the transfer of simple information. It's a format used by Excel and a host of other applications in finance and other industries. CSVEdit will open these files support

SnapNDrag Pro

4 years ago

SnapNDrag Pro is screen capture made ridiculously easy. Here is an app you didn't know you need until you try it. -- WHO IS IT FOR? As the old saying goes, "A screenshot is worth a thousand words." There are myriad reasons to take a screenshot: no

Reference Miner

4 years ago

Reference Miner searches the following Internet sites to find and display reference information: PubMed, the Library of Congress, Google Scholar, JSTOR (requires access privileges and ip authentication), and Amazon (US, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Ca

Eon Timer

4 years ago

Easy to use Time Tracking for the Mac featuring a clean intuitive interface. Keep track of time for all your project in one place and then post it to your online service, if you wish so. We support your favorite online services via in-app purchases

Solve Crossword Puzzles With Style: Everything you need to download, solve, and print puzzles. Black Ink is a solving app for "Across Lite" format puzzle files. Black Ink does not come with any puzzles per se, but can be used to download and open pu


4 years ago

Monochrome converts batches of images to grayscale, giving you control over the conversion and post-processing effects, to create a consistent set of output images that can be shared and printed in a variety of ways. Monochrome is an essential tool f

Clean up your disk in 5 minutes! ClearDisk is a Mac OS X utility designed to clean the hard disk of unnecessary files which clog up the disk space. The purpose of ClearDisk is just to find unused files on your computer and remove them in several

Nozbe - Communicate through tasks effectively and get everything done! More than 10 years helping more than 400,000 happy users and their teams get projects done thanks to Nozbe system and apps for all major software platforms. HELPS YOU GET MORE D

DiskCatalogMaker is a simple disk management tool which catalogs disks and folders. - Simple, smart and fast. - Super fast search algorithm. - Optimized cataloging engine for multi-core/multiprocessor systems. - Trusted catalog database format for s

Drawing manually using Xcode is tedious, if not hard. BezierCode is a full vector drawing application that will automatically translate your drawing into Objective C code. Its user friendly intuitive interface can help almost anyone to design beautif


4 years ago

Managing a large collection of podcasts is easy with Instacast. Browse the online directory, import your subscriptions, customize settings for individual podcasts, sort episodes into different playlists and find exactly what you're looking for in jus


4 years ago

You are a sole proprietor and you do have to do most of the work by yourself? Bookkeeping only takes your valuable time? Then we suggest you use book’n’keep instead of creating difficult files and massive paper work. book’n’ke


4 years ago

◆◇ Ranked #1 top-grossing Reference category app on 15 Mac App Stores in 2012. (Austria, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland) Simple, s


4 years ago

Embrace is a music player for social partner dance DJs, designed to be used in combination with iTunes. Create a set list in Embrace, fine-tune it without worrying about interrupting playback, and play it to an external audio device. Embrace focuses


4 years ago

RiceCNC is an integrated hardware/software system primarily for controlling Computer Numeric Control (CNC) milling machines but with additional capabilities for controlling LED lighting arrays. The app is now vector transform based supporting nine i


4 years ago

With "MIDI-Connections" You can Create, Edit, Manage MIDI play-through connections between the MIDI sources and destinations (MIDI-IN & MIDI-OUT). You can Transform , Re-Map, Scale MIDI Events and data, routing in & out etc. without affecting your ma

iConvert Icons

4 years ago

Creating your own custom icons for your desktop and mobile apps just got easier! iConvert Icons is now the easiest way to create and convert icons from almost any format. With it's unique auto-detection feature, you can simply drop images, apps, fo

Card Shark combines crisp high resolution graphics, 3d presentation, and tasteful animation and sounds. Piles are automatically split following completed gestures. Touch foundation piles to automatically complete a game. Features include: - layout

• NEW: EXR output • Completely linear floating point image processing • Raw image conversion optimized to maximize resolution • Demosaicing algorithm and image adjustments specifically tailored for monochrome • Touch Bar supp

vCard Editor

4 years ago

vCard Editor is an application to create and edit vCards directly. vCard is a file has an extension vcf and used to exchange contact information between various contact applications. Not only Apple Contacts but also such applications can import/expo

+++++Special offer, 30% price off+++++ SafeBox Pro is a tool which help you to save and manage your passwords, accounts, bank cards, private files and keep them secure. With this app, you can manage and remember all your confidential information and

Direct Mail

4 years ago

Create, manage, and deliver powerful email marketing campaigns right from your Mac! • Compose attractive, personalized emails using our built-in template gallery and easy-to-use editor (or import your own design)! • No-hassle sending usi

Super SafeBox is a tool which help you to save and manage your passwords, accounts, private files and keep them secure. With this app, you can manage and remember all your confidential information and secure files with one password very easily. Besid

The simplest app for using Pomodoro Technique®. ## Ranked Top 1 Productivity in 4 countries! ## Ranked Top 5 Productivity in 32 countries! ## Ranked Top 100 Overall in 73 countries! FEATURES HIGHLIGHT: - Optimize for El-Capitan - Show/Hide Win

AccuRaw EXR

4 years ago

• Raw image conversion optimized to maximize resolution • Completely linear floating point image processing • True EXR support - Non-clipping workflow to EXR - full highlight recovery is available in post! • Touch Bar support &bul


4 years ago

TownCraft is a surreal crafting and city-building game in which no two games are ever the same! You are alone in the wilderness back in medieval times, and must start a new town to be the celebration of all the kingdoms! To the West lies King Oliga

Place pins on a worldwide map for each location you want to visit, then see your route. Enter trip details for each location and create a complete trip itinerary. You can DEMO this app with Road Trip Planner LITE also available at the Mac App Store.

Xolitaire Xtreme

4 years ago

Solitaire evolved... welcome to Xolitaire Xtreme. - Choose from 24 languages, changing the language at any time. - Enjoy over 200 unique games. - Choose from 4 different layouts for each game. - Customize the look from a wide variety of themes, or de