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4 years ago

*** NEW VERSION! *** We're proud to announce the release of PeakHour 3! Redesigned for Yosemite, PeakHour contains a bunch of great new features including History, scrollable real-time view, easier setup and lots more. Visit or click


4 years ago

Easily add frames, mats, and borders to your photos! ImageFramer is used by artists, professional and amateur photographers, scrapbookers, framers, and people who simply want their family photos to look better. ImageFramer helps you to: * Present


4 years ago

deepClock are a magnificent analogue watch which will decorate any desktop. deepClock isn’t just an ordinary clock. It’s a magnificent decoration for any desktop. deepClock doesn’t burden the desktop with unnecessary information.


4 years ago

KidsPainter is a drawing software for children ages 3 to 12. Kids will love it not only because it has a cool and attractive UI but also it is very easy to use and you can not imagine how creative the kids are going to be. It combines an easy-to-us


4 years ago

mColorMeter is a screen color picker which displays color values in MUNSELL, RGB, HEX, HSB(HSV), HSL, XYZ, xyY, Lab, LCHab, Luv, LCHuv and CMYK formats. Handy hot keys are provided to easily copy color values to clipboard. Special features: 1. To "S


4 years ago

Todo® empowers millions of people around the world to get things done. Todo’s beautiful and intuitive interface enables you to easily create and share tasks, checklists and projects. Whether you are managing a complex work project with a te


4 years ago

Manipulate, transform, and convert 3D and 1D LUTs. Supports many popular LUT formats, and can seamlessly convert between any of them. A simple and powerful interface that is right at home on Mac. Use visualization tools to see how your LUT modifies

Tank Battle: East Front Lite is an exhilarating turn based strategy game from the creators of Tank Battle: 1944 and Ancient Battle: Rome. Use hex based tactical combat to dominate foes on the Russian front of the Second World War. Fight as the German

Firehose Chat

4 years ago

Chat with visitors on your website. When you open this app, we give you a code snippet to paste into the HTML of your website and that's it! You'll see a list of everyone who is on your website in this app. They'll see a chat box in the bottom right


4 years ago

Are you using a DLNA client on a TV or a set top box with media that has missing cover art or poster images? Then try Thumbpics, a fast movie and music thumb image and cover art image manager for use with DLNA servers and TVs. Thumbpics can help you


4 years ago

AmmoBaseX for OS X is an awesome database program for keeping track of your Ammunition inventory and purchase history. Like its cousin AmmoBase for iOS, use AmmoBaseX to: ▪Track ammo purchases by caliber, manufacturer, etc. ▪Organize yo


4 years ago

Crop and trim audio, paste in or join files, or just rapidly split one long file into many. Fission is streamlined for fast editing. Plus, it works without the quality loss caused by other editors, so you can get perfect quality audio even when editi

Professionals use strobe tuners for the most precise and responsive tuning of musical instruments. See the pitch of difficult to tune instruments bend slightly sharp or flat in real-time as you tune. The display of responsive high-contrast rotating

## GET THE BEST GMAIL APP FOR FREE! ## MailTab for Gmail is the ideal app for instantly accessing your Gmail account without having to open your web browser. Download it for free and benefit from visual and audio mail notifications, quick access to

Lexica™ Word Finder is a word search utility, with intuitive, simple ways to search for words allowed in Zynga's Words with Friends® game. Search for words based on the letters in the beginning, end, or anywhere within the words; or use the


4 years ago

Do you have lots of images and want ultra fast and ultra small application to browse them with? I have created application HakView for exactly this purpose. You can open images one by one from desktop or open folder and browse all images using arrow

Quick View

4 years ago

Quick View is an image viewer. You can browse the entire images of folders and archives unlike [Supported Image Types] JPG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, MacPaint, Icon, QuickTime, QuickDRAW, EPS, TGA, OpenEXR, Radiance, X bitma

PDF Shrink Pro

4 years ago

If you have any questions regarding the usage or bug report of my app please e-mail me at: [email protected] PDF Shrink Pro comes to help you when you want to reduce the size of any PDF document. Simply just drag and drop the PDF documen

Fuel for Pages

4 years ago - All the templates in the app and even more! *** All future updates are free *** FUEL FOR PAGES Fuel for Pages is an amazing add-on for Apple’s Pages app. It provides 600 templates in 11 categories. - Brochures - B

If you have any questions regarding the usage or bug report of my app please e-mail me at: [email protected] XML Browser Ultimate is used to examine the contents of an XML file from web site in an easy-to-use environment. In addition you

THE ULTIMATE GMAIL APP FOR YOUR MAC - PRO VERSION This is the Pro version of the best Mac app for Gmail with these amazing extra features: Unread mail count in menubar, Desktop mode with attachments, Google chat, Popup notifications, Stealth mode, F

THE ULTIMATE FACEBOOK APP FOR YOUR MAC - PRO VERSION This is the Pro version of the best Mac app for Facebook with these amazing extra features: Color-coded menubar alerts, Desktop mode with chat, Popup notifications, Stealth mode, Full screen suppo

Rock this party with “DJ Party Mixer 3D” - a realistic simulator of a full-scale DJ-Deck. Bust some awesome mixes – the club is where you and your device are! ROCK THE DANCE FLOOR WITH: ○ Two awesome realistic TURNTABLES;

Export your Aperture libraries to Lightroom or whatever your heart desires There are plenty of guides on the internet detailing how to get your images out of Aperture and into another photo manager such as Adobe Lightroom. It's a multistep and compl

Quick Play

4 years ago

Quick Play is a music player. [Supported File Types] (HE-AAC is not supported) MP3, M4A, FLAC, OGG, WAVE AC3, AIFF, AAC, Apple Core Audio Format, NeXT/Sun Audio, Sound Designer II, WavPack, Musepack, Monkey's Audio, True Audio [Features] - 3Paned


4 years ago

Jisui is a Mac app that quickly converts large numbers of JPEG files into a PDF document. It is particularly well suited to creating a PDF document containing several hundred pages of scanned images. You can improve the browsability and portability o

Bronson Watermarker PDF makes it easy to create personalized watermarked PDFs. Whether you're sending out one document or 100, each will be labelled with the reader's name. "For screenwriters, publishers, and anyone who needs to keep their images o


4 years ago

Leafnote is a minimal text editor with a twist: the ability to keep multiple documents together as a single project (as seen in popular writing app Scrivener), organized in an easy-to-rearrange tree. It's a simple system that turns out to be extrem

Mia for Gmail

4 years ago

A desktop Gmail email client for your Mac, without a browser ! "Mia for Gmail is a fine replacement for Google’s dearly departed original" - Andrew Hayward ( "The Gmail app I was waiting for !" - Eric ( * Read and co

If you have any questions regarding the usage or bug report of my app please e-mail me at: [email protected] 3D Photo or Video Gallery is a fancy and new concept of gallery app. You can view any photo in a new way: a 3D way look. Just dra