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45 Langenscheidt dictionaries for 13 languages available for in-app purchase Full wordlist and 100 sample translations of each dictionary to preview before buying _____ The app allows a quick and easy navigation and for you to try out any of the 45

یک روزنمای ساده نمایش تاریخ روز: هجری شمسی

Flix Mate is the best Netflix app for Mac. We can use iOS and Android App to watch movies in Netflix, but how can I watch Netflix on my Mac? How to install Netflix on a MacBook Pro? Flix Mate is the Netflix APP for Mac. A lot of people asked how to

* Polaris Office Sync is a desktop synchronization program for efficient document management. Polaris Office Sync is a part of Polaris Office service. Polaris Office allow users to access and edit documents from anywhere, anytime on all devices for


2 years ago

iMathGeo is like a mathematic note book and it makes it possible to do symbolic computation, draw 2D curves or 3D surfaces, dynamic geometry representations, export your documents to other apps and produce mathematical typographical outputs for other


2 years ago

Squeed is a straightforward, efficient MP3, FLAC, AIFF and M4A metadata (tag) editor with online database support. Features: • Outputs clean tags: metadata that doesn't appear in the sidebar is not written to or kept in the file. • Search

Weather Guru is a beautiful and highly accurate weather app for your Mac. With its gorgeous and easy to use interface, the app provides live weather forecasts, helpful notifications and always keeps you updated with hourly data for 7 days ahead. KEY


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Wise Rulers know their kingdom will fall, Brave Rulers do not despair. Great Rulers know their riches can rule, And spend every coin with great care. In Kingdom, each coin spent can tip the balance between prosperity and decay. Attend to your domain

With the always growing list of iOS devices, creating an icon asset catalog is a pain. No longer. Just use this simple tool to export all required icon images for all the devices your project supports. You will have your asset catalog ready within t

The Japanese language has three types of characters: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Hiragana and Katakana are phonetic symbols, each representing one syllable. Learn the Gojuon as the first step for reading and writing. + Gojuon : Includes Seion, Dak

MixPad Masters

2 years ago

MixPad Master's Edition for Mac OS X MixPad Master's Edition for OS X is an intuitive and easy-to-use professional multi-track recording and mixing application. Simply, add music and audio or record your own tracks, instruments, beats, and vocals. R

GPX Viewer

2 years ago

View GPS eXchange format (GPX) files on your Mac. GPX Viewer can view GPX files exported from many GPS devices and other apps such as our Road Trip Planner app. Note: you can edit GPX files, but you can’t save your edits. To edit and save G

GPX Editor

2 years ago

Edit GPS eXchange format (GPX) files on your Mac. GPX Editor can edit GPX files exported from many GPS devices and other apps. - Open, edit and save multiple GPX files. - View with Apple Maps or Open Street Maps. - View and edit waypoints, routes,

PUB Viewer Pro - View, Convert Microsoft Publisher(.pub) to Adobe PDF and Image formats PUB Viewer Pro is a must-have app for anyone who reads, edits, or converts Microsoft Office Publisher document on Mac. It allows you to edit publisher documents

PUB Editor Pro - View, Edit, Convert Microsoft Office Publisher(.pub) to Adobe PDF, Image, iWork Pages, Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint formats PUB Editor Pro is a must-have app for anyone who reads, edits, or converts Microsoft Office Publish

Disclaimer Maker

2 years ago

Creates an imprint Text with all necessary data for § 5 TMG (German Telemedia Act). All personal information in HTML string is is coded that, search engines or web crawlers can not be read this informations. Thus, you will not receive additiona


2 years ago

GeoKalk is a calculator for vectors (lines, planes and drillholes), and tensors (strain and stress). Multiple calculators can be opened, edited and saved. Entries and results are presented in tables, as well as in a stereonet and a Mohr circle. In ad


2 years ago

Stereonet3D plots lines, planes and small circles on equal area or equal angle stereonets. The program can also plot the data in 3D, and if the data have lat-long info, on a map/satellite view. Stereonet3D can perform various operations on the data i

Equil Note

2 years ago

Equil Note is the ultimate note-taking app for everyone who wants to capture, enhance, stream, share, and organize their paper and whiteboard notes: business professionals, educators and students, parents and homemakers, designers and project manager

Disk Map makes it easy to visualize the files and folders that are cluttering up all your internal and external storage drives. It enables you to quickly locate, delete or compress large files and folders and reclaim tons of valuable space. The app


2 years ago

2V-P is a simple but effective two-channel video mixer. It is designed by Ali M. Demirel for his live performances and engineered by Pascal Lesport. Features: • Full playback and real-time control over AVFoundation supported movie files (mov, a


2 years ago

Copies the address of a contact in the address book to the clipboard. Aç[email protected] has this features: • Copies the address of one or all contacts to the clipboard • Address with either company/department • Copies the the title

[Free] New Release, Free for 10 days! Download it right now! The only Game Hall for Gomoku on App Store ! Also the most powerful gomoku on App Store! Support Online challenge with other players. $$$ Online battle vs. Mode - Seamless integration wi


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TabView makes it possible to view and print PowerTab and Guitar Pro tablatures with your Mac. PowerTab and Guitar Pro are well-known and widely adopted file formats for tablatures and thousands of transcriptions in these formats are available on the

Hacker News YC

2 years ago

Read Hacker News ( articles and comments with this clean, simple, modern looking and fast performing universal app. • Upvote stories • Reply • Upvote or downvote comments • One touch saving to Pocket

30 ibook author template Use it to express your mind right. I want you! I love you! I want to share with you I use the most beautiful form of expression. Let you never forget the impression. Like a poem like to do a template, so you feel good. You s

Winmail DAT File Viewer is the easiest, fastest, most reliable way to extract, view, and save the contents of winmail.dat, msg, xps files. You may receive winmail.dat files from the senders who are using Microsoft Outlook (1997, 2000, 2003, 2007, 20

Work Schedule is an application for all managers to plan their working process and to control their finances. EASY TO USE - Enter the information in your profile; - Make a list of active and inactive workers; - Choose your working days and days off;

Chat with your Facebook friends Via Messenger on your Mac. Snappy Messenger for Facebook lets you have the experience of Messenger on your Mac and helps you chat with your Facebook friends right away. It provides a minimal interface from where you ge

Diana is a widget that graphically displays the waxing and waning of the Moon. # Functions: * Displays the waxing and waning of the Moon * Displays the dates of the Moon's new, first-quarter, full, and third-quarter phases * Displays the times of th