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2 years ago

CDpedia is a CD cataloging application that retrieves all information about your CDs from the Internet via keywords or scanning. It lets you organize your entries into collections and integrates with iTunes to let you know which CDs or single songs y


2 years ago

From Pong to Halo 3, Atari to Kinect, Beginner Level to Master Chief - Gamepedia is a game cataloging application for everyone running Mac OS X. It lets you keep track of your game progress, where your games are and which ones you want to buy in the

DiskCatalogMaker is a simple disk management tool which catalogs disks and folders. - Simple, smart and fast. - Super fast search algorithm. - Optimized cataloging engine for multi-core/multiprocessor systems. - Trusted catalog database format for s


2 years ago

Translucent provides detailed real-time information about what is going on inside your Mac. At any given time Translucent displays how much each one of your processors is being utilized, detailed information about how your memory is being used, how m

Many Mac apps show what’s currently playing in your iTunes — often by rendering semi-transparent widgets over what you do. Those widgets distract you from work and never answer the question “What’s playing?” the moment y


2 years ago

PassDirector is an encrypted, password protected database for sensitive personal data: - bank accounts, credit cards - email accounts, web passwords - serial numbers - hardware passwords, Internet connection passwords - phone numbers - any other priv

$100,000,000 is at stake in this competition to discover a formula to predict tornado touchdowns. But when equipment starts failing and crew members are injured, you as Nancy Drew, must join the team to keep them in the competition. Is it just bad lu

Jake Rogers was murdered and his killer is on the loose. A secret died with him that night, and you, as Nancy Drew, must read between the lines to expose the culprit! Dare to Play

ExactScan Pro

2 years ago

¡ Most advanced scan suite and drivers for Mac ! ExactScan Pro is the professional scan solution for a paperless office on the Mac. Get organized and save time and money. ExactScan comes with over 400 drivers for professional document scanners

Tab Notes Free

2 years ago

Thank you for using Tab Notes Free. 30,000 users with average 4½ star rating! Tab Notes Free is a Menu Bar application which keeps your notes tidy and easy to access and your screen uncluttered. Click on your screen edge, then a note pops up

BoinxTV Home

2 years ago

Whether it is a video report of current affairs for your family and friends far away, a tutorial on how to tie your shoes really fast or a message of love, if you've got something to tell the world, want to look good and have fun doing it, BoinxTV Ho

Wunderlist is a simple to­do list and task manager app that helps you get stuff done. Whether you’re sharing a grocery list with a loved one, working on a project, or planning a vacation, Wunderlist makes it easy to capture, share, and comp


2 years ago

CopyFolderTrees can copy the entire folder tree inside of one or more folders without copying the files inside of the copied folder. This comes handy for example, if you have a complete folder tree that you need to use again for a new project, but yo

Wallpaper Wizard delivers to your desktop pictures you like. Surprise yourself with dozen of high-quality wallpapers which fit everyone's taste even for 27 inch monitor or new MacBook Pro with Retina display. Easy-to-use interface, incredible 'Next W

Pill Reminder

2 years ago

Pill Reminder is a quick and simple app to help you remember to take your medications or vitamins. Make Pill Reminder as simple as you want or as advanced as you need! KEY FEATURES: • Many types of alerts (Text, Email, System sounds, Custom so

There are many applications for macOS that allow scanning of images or text. Most of them are however complex, slow or not really suited for scanning documents or letters. PDFScanner has been created with one simple task in mind: Scanning and archi


2 years ago

¡ Most advanced scan suite and drivers for Mac ! ExactScan is the professional scan solution for a paperless office on the Mac. Get organized and save time and money. ExactScan comes with over 400 drivers for PC document scanners from Avision,


2 years ago

¡ Fasted OCR and highly compressed PDFs for Mac ! Convert any PDF or graphic file into searchable PDF, RTF, HTML and TXT with the fastest OCR for Mac! OCRKit is a simple and streamlined Mac application, that features advanced Optical Character

Diabetes Pilot

2 years ago

Diabetes Pilot is the premier tool for managing diabetes on your Mac. Developed by professionals, backed by an established company, and designed and supported by people with diabetes who use the software themselves - it's fast, flexible, complete, an

Disc Cover 3

2 years ago

Disc Cover is your one-stop application for designing and printing labels, multipage booklets, cover art, jewel case inserts, and much more for CDs, DVDs, and Blue-ray discs. Some ideas for using Disc Cover: ● Decorate a music CD with your f

MegaSeg DJ

2 years ago

Have a rock solid performance with this powerful yet streamlined system for live mixing! Build playlists with ease and visually sync waveforms with multitouch gestures. Play and preview tracks via AirPlay, Bluetooth headphones, or USB audio interface

Garmin BaseCamp

2 years ago

Garmin® BaseCamp® provides an interface for viewing Garmin map products and managing geographic data. With BaseCamp, you can perform the following tasks: • Transfer data to and from your Garmin device. • Plan multi-day trips using


2 years ago

Have you ever wasted time repositioning application windows so you can see two windows simultaneously? Do you struggle to move and resize windows so that they don’t overlap? DoublePane effortlessly repositions application windows to maximi


2 years ago

See what’s happening in the world right now. From breaking news and entertainment, sports and politics, to big events and everyday interests. If it’s happening anywhere, it’s happening on Twitter. Get the full story as it unfolds, w

SketchMee Pro

2 years ago

SketchMee Pro is the most advanced automatic pencil sketch generator in the world, but very easy to use and super fast. Sketches are actually drawn, stroke by stroke, on a blank paper. SketchMee (the basic version) was selected by Apple as a main fr

PhoneDirector is a tool for phonebook, SMS, gallery and calendar management of Nokia phones, (Series 40 phones are supported). Main features: - phonebook editing, deleting, backup, export and import (extended phonebook with more numbers and texts is


2 years ago

PhoneAgent is a tool for phonebook, SMS, MMS, themes and calendar management of Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Main features: - phonebook editing, deleting, backup, export and import (extended phonebook with more numbers and texts is supported) - SMS

Get Backup Lite

2 years ago

IMPORTANT: The App Store version of Get Backup Lite doesn't have a disc cloning feature or "Use administrator privileges" option. OS X 10.10 compatible. *** The Pro version of Get Backup is on sale for $9.99 (50% savings)! *** Get Backup Lite is a

*** NEWER VERSION AVAILABLE - PLEASE DOWNLOAD AUDIONOTE 2 INSTEAD *** Record notes and audio synced with the best note taking app in the App Store! AudioNote combines the functionality of a notepad and voice recorder to create a powerful tool that

Booxter Lite

2 years ago

Booxter Lite is a free app that helps you track your collections of books, music, movies and comics on your Mac. It is powerful, fun, and easy to use. Don't forget to download the free iPhone companion app that will scan barcodes into Booxter and al