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Cose di Casa

4 years ago

Cose di Casa è una applicazione interamente in Italiano per il tuo Mac. Basta con un gestionale per le medicine, un altro per i libri, un altro per i mobili, ecc. Ti basta solo questa applicazione, 100% italiana, per sfatare il tabù d


4 years ago

This is a Gaming Utility to connect to and play (Pre-Populated list of) Multi User Dimensions (AKA: MUDS/MUSHs/MOOs)! MUDS are a Social Game you have to READ to play and enjoy. Some have special ports that support assistive technologies such as:

Unlock the Book of Learning with Magic Keyhole, a new series of interactive teaching books by Glass Puppy Inc. Magic Keyhole – WORLD is the first in a new software series introducing young learners to a variety of places, animals and peop

Mixed In Key Mashup

4 years ago

MASHUP is part of the "Explore Your Creativity" apps recommended by Apple. It's also the ***** App Store Editors' Choice March 2014 ***** This is a professional-grade remixing app: Create your own mashups and remixes. Experiment with your favorite

Treasure Defense

4 years ago

Horde of treasure hunters gonna steal your magic crystals. Stop them before they escape! Crush them with bombs and dynamite, shoot them with arrows and shurikens, roast them with meteors and lightning! Game features: • 3 unique kinds of towe

After narrowly saving and escaping an earthquake struck Museum with her daughter, Susan Anderson is presented with an extremely rare opportunity. One to travel the world, to explore never before seen landscapes, to find some of the greatest unsolved

CheckOff is a task management application that runs as a stand alone application or a menu bar app. Features: • Your choice: runs in a menu bar mode so that your dock doesn't get cluttered up, or as a normal application. • Tasks can be

Examine planets of our Solar System (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) and Interesting Moons - Viewing Modes (Far, Near, Surface) - 4k & 8k Actual Surface Maps - Great for Classrooms / Slideshow Controls - Click to Chan

Siege Hero HD

4 years ago

"Physics puzzle games have always had a safe home with casual gamers, and Siege Hero is easily one of the best on the entire iTunes App Store!" "As things stand, Siege Hero already represents a genuinely genre-expanding twist on pr


4 years ago

This application REQUIRES the Apple Inc. FaceTime Application!!! Chatisfaction® is committed to a safe video chat environment! So you have your brand new Mac with FaceTime and want to try out FaceTime

Temple Trouble

4 years ago

Captain LeFop got lost in the jungle in his search for booty. A Mind-Boggling adventure through an undiscovered temple complex is his only way out. Can you solve all the secrets the temples hold? Temple Trouble is best described as a "topdown advent

Bubble Trolls +

4 years ago

Bubble Trolls is a physics based arcade game where you use ripples to help Grunget the Troll ride a bubble downstream to his home under the bridge. Along the way you must avoid obstacles (including rocks, logs, turtles, fish, rapids, and more) that c

About the game Anna awakens on a mysterious tiny island after escaping the destruction of her underwater kingdom and must find a way up to the floating Temple of the Clouds. With the help of her mystic animal guides she must find and save the Childre

Lillian is a remarkable girl with a strange talent. She can speak to ghosts. Apprenticed to one of the most powerful voodoo priestesses in the world, she is learning to use her abilities. But a dark force has settled over New Orleans and Marie Laveau

DAQ Plot

4 years ago

DAQ Plot is a strip chart application for real-time viewing and analysis of signals. Use simulated signals to understand data logging concepts without additional hardware, the microphone built into the Mac to acquire acoustic signals and the inexpens


4 years ago

**One of the first and still the best Hypnotic visuals for the iPhone, iPad and now optimized for desktop & laptop computers** 7 animated hypnotic styles including; The Psychiatrists Office Featuring the classic black and white hypnotist wheel,


4 years ago

Promotion!!! A lot of games in one app. - Hangman - Mastermind - Memory Match - Peg Solitaire - Tic Tac Toe - Unblock We will keep updating the app to add more games! Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to get our news and updates! Fa


4 years ago

Tweetanium is a desktop Twitter client that supports timeline browsing, tweeting, replying, retweeting, direct messaging, following/unfollowing users and simple search.

"an engaging game with an interesting storyline" - "production values are quite high, including cinematic cutscenes and graphics that are better than average" - The Brooks family boarded The Neptune hoping for a relaxin


4 years ago

For a limited time, in-app purchases are 50% off! Intaglio is a full featured, easy to use vector* graphics editor for the Mac. Introduced in 2003 and refined continuously, It’s a mature, reliable tool taking full advantage of the powerful gra

The best 3D backgammon game on the AppStore. ArtDeco Backgammon 3D brings you Backgammon in visually stunning 3D. Enjoy an intuitive game with a tactile experience that makes you feel like you are playing on a real art deco themed board. The ArtDec

Empress of the Deep

4 years ago

"The graphics, sound and attention to detail in this game absolutely shines" - "carries with it the awe-inspiring sense of being in a gorgeously rendered realistic-yet-unearthly place." - Anna awakens in a massive and my

"It looks great... and the occasionally Myst-like effect is reinforced by a subtle, moody soundtrack." - "the story is a goofy romp, from its candy cane toting villain, to a shrunken winged man in a bird cage... However, the beautiful a

Sette e Mezzo

4 years ago

Sette e Mezzo is the Italian game more interesting and exciting, who does not know? The nice thing is that it does not require any special skills or abilities, but a bit of cunning. Special features: *** Languages: Italian, English *** Nice game s


4 years ago

********** Hello guys, some people are complaining it's too difficult. Yes, it is. That's the goal of this game. Only 1% of the population can solve it! If you give up, you can get the solution here:

Valdo, an ambitious young apprentice working for Leonardo Da Vinci's disciple, Francesco, is least happy when the scholar suddenly dismisses him. However, shortly afterwards, he receives a letter from a mysterious patron, asking him to locate one of

Alexandria in Egypt 48BC. The country is divided by civil war pitting Cleopatra's supporters against those of her brother and husband, Ptolemy, who is ravaging the country. In this climate of terror, Thomas, a young apprentice to Akkod, Cleopatra's

Four years have passed since the end of the adventure recounted in Robert Louis Stevenson's novel. Jim Hawkins has become an upstanding adventurous young man, attentive to those around him. Imagine his surprise when, one morning, he sees a parrot en

Flight Control HD

4 years ago

The Classic iPhone Hit is Now Available on Your Mac! In Flight Control HD, you’re an air traffic controller at an increasingly busy airport. Just point and drag aircraft to their landing zones with your mouse or trackpad, but don’t let t

And Yet It Moves

4 years ago

Imagine the press of a button would tilt the world, turning walls into floors, slides into platforms, and stacks of rocks into dangerous hazards. And Yet It Moves is an award-winning physics-based platform game in which you rotate the game world at