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4 years ago

InstaCalc is the fast, friendly, and shareable calculator you wish you always had. When Excel is too much and a 1-line calculator is too little, InstaCalc fits the bill. Key benefits: * Save time. Results appear as you type, make corrections in rea

Text Hasher

4 years ago

Developers from around the world 。。。generate your hashes now while you are typing with this awesome app. Text Hasher supports MD5, MD4 and SHA-1 hashing algorithms with more to come in the near future .It can copies the hash to y


4 years ago

Eyestrain is a biometric application helping you find and preserve the right position while working with your Mac. Using computers for extended periods can cause visual discomfort, headaches and vision challenges: that's why we created this


4 years ago

HashMyFile ,The Best Hash Tool ! Brief Introduction HashMyFile is a convenient tool to calculate Hashcode, e.g. SHA1、MD5、MD4. It can be used to examine downloaded files, compare the changes and similarity of files, check unique attribu

In the previous two chapters, you made it through some strange adventures. First, you were a temple explorer, and then you were a secret agent in a cold building. Each time you woke up in a new place on a mission that was unrelated to the previous o

But what happens? You were previously stuck in an old temple, trying to recover your memory. After facing several challenges, you were close to rejoin your family but you fall again! You wake up this time in a skyscraper and a strange contact guides

Scarlett Frost, specialist in the dark arts, has been summoned to a luxurious and remote theatre in the snowy Italian Alps. Could it be that the infamous and diabolical Hapsburg Cube has been found and purchased by the sinister theatre proprietor, Dr

Hall is a secure messaging app for business that helps teams and companies collaborate by eliminating email and getting things done in real time. Messages and files are stored securely in the Cloud and synced across all your devices. Easily message c

"Ocean Drive Challenge, in its own way, slowly advance the genre a little further. And boy, does it look good doing it." "It’s a move away from realism, and a move towards awesome-ism!" "[...] the music is outstanding." Classic arcade racing

A new breed of virus has spread throughout the City of Oxford forcing the area to be quarantined and on high alert. The first reported case of the virus was found in 6 year old twin sisters Tiffany & Theresa Morrisey. Tiffany never survived the infec

One year later everyone thought they had seen the last of the witch ... but she's back. This time she's captured Princess Isabella's child and cast a spell over the whole kingdom in the process. Save the kingdom and follow the witch's evil path back

After waking up in a mysterious temple, you realize you have lost your memory, and must find a way out! Use your Adventure game skills to piece together your past and solve a variety of challenges and minigames. Dive deep into the world of The Fall t


4 years ago

funPoint will make your time a bit funny. Current release implements Mouse Halo. It is an image permanently shown around or aside of the mouse cursor. Activate and change halos without leaving the active application - via hotkeys or from a menu in m

My Bookshelf

4 years ago

My Bookshelf is a Mac Application helping you organize your bookshelf. This application is a unique database for your books collection. It is integrated with iCal (for books to return and to be returned), has a powerful internal search engine, can

First Assistant

4 years ago

First Assistant is a multi-purpose data management utility for film and video professionals, designed to aid offline editors and assistant editors in the production and post-production workflow. ➤ Manage timecode-based editorial notes for cr

Drag and Share

4 years ago

Drag and Share is a Mac application which helps you share your pictures with a simple Drag and Drop. Drag a picture from the Finder and drop it into the Drop Area. You can: upload it to your Twitter Account; upload it to your Facebook Account; uploa


4 years ago

In response to some recent reviews: this app is not locked. As you can create as many CV/Resumes as you like, you have to start by creating a new CV/Resumes and not typing directly in the text fields, which, otherwise, are locked! ******************

Home Stuff

4 years ago

Please, use the Twitter account @fabiensen or to receive support from the developers rather than to ask for it in the review! Thank you! ****************************************** Home Stuff helps you organize things you have at ho

Files Integrity

4 years ago

Sooner or later you or your company will have to send, share, sell or publish a digital file. Then, you will have to be sure that file will maintain its integrity once it's received or downloaded by a customer, a collaborator, a company, a friend, et

Safer Browser

4 years ago

Recently we got the following review: "This app is total garbage. It blocks way too much. I can't even access my church website or common hobby shops online. I wish I could get my .99 back, but at least it wasn't more than that. Skip this app and loo

Secret Photos

4 years ago

****** Time Limited Special Offer (reg. $9.99 USD) ****** Secret Photos help you hide your private photos. Secret Photos help you build a list of folders, which you can check photos separately with a simple click. Secret Photos can be password-pro


4 years ago

Please, use the Twitter account @fabiensen or to receive support from the developers rather than to ask for it in the review! Thank you! ****************************************** Project management is the discipline of planning, o


4 years ago

devCompanion is a Mac App helping you develop iOS applications. This app provides you with 13 fresh templates to start from! Simply choose a template, give the project a name and xCode will open with the new project ready to be edited. Obviously, yo

Voice Browser

4 years ago

Please, use the Twitter account @fabiensen or to receive support from the developers rather than to ask for it in the review! Thank you! ****************************************** Voice Browser is a web browser you can command with


4 years ago

GoodPainter is a lightweight image edit tool to edit and paint your image. when you need some comments,crop, text for a image,GoodPainter is what you are look for. ***GoodPainter is also a good app to tech kids paint.*** Simply load an image from lo

#1 iPhone App in Brazil, Japan, South Korea, Belgium, France, Spain, Hungary, Lithuania , and Taiwan #2 iPhone App in France, Germany, Italy, Czech, Belgium and Uganda #5 iPhone App in Spain, Poland, Austria, Greece, Brazil, Russia, Luxembourg, Ni

Package Tracker by makes it easy to keep track of all of your shipments from one simple to use application. FEATURES • Swipe to refresh • Rename Package • Archive Packages • View tracking details on shippi

For Dexter Mitchell, college is about getting that perfect score: on the field, in the classroom and everywhere else. Join Dexter on his quest to become the big man on campus! Main Game Features: *Gain respect points from your frat bros *Unlock excl


4 years ago

The drum sequencer for your Mac! Doggiebox is a versatile and easy-to-use percussion sequencer for hobbyists and pro musicians alike. Create realistic drum tracks in minutes for recording, rehearsal, or even live performance. • Edit songs of


4 years ago

Gunraizzer™ is a non stop shooting game. How far can you make it? Help Gunraizzer use his fire skills and sword to keep the ice invaders away. How many can you take down! Aim with the mouse and click to shoot. Space bar pauses the game. Can