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AIR BATTLES 3D ONLINE! Feel the power of a combat plane in action! Jump into the cockpit of your plane and keep your finger on the firing button until the skies are clear of enemies! Dominate the sky and improve your battle plane! Features: > Pla

‘The Acupuncture of Extra Point’ was created by integrating Extra Point from the past, and the newly discovered New Point together as one product. It allows for easy comparison because it expresses 14 Main Acupuncture Point Meridian and t

Atthis is a all in one mobile development toolbox. FEATURES AppIcon Builder • Create a full set of icons for iOS, OSX or Watch . • Auto generate AppIcon.appiconset catalog. Photos Resizer • Resize any image to any size. • Batc

Shift Lens App 2.0

18 days ago

Shift Lens App 2.0 Shift Lens App 2.0 has been developed to do perspective correction on images. To solve this problem, photographers use special Tilt-Shift lenses for SLR cameras whose role are to correct trapezoidal effect. Tilt-Shift lenses are h

Aiming for a 5 on your AP Art History exam? Look no further! Dynamic Path’s AP Art History exam prep app is the perfect tool to help students to ace this competitive test. Our module presents 150+ realistic questions covering architecture,


18 days ago

Noto is a simple, pretty, and straightforward plain text editor for macOS. With few but focused features, Noto is the ideal tool to maintain short notes, lists, and source code files without clutter. Customize the appearance of the editor with your

ICNSCreator creates a ICNS file that you can add to your XCode Project which includes support for Regular and Retina images. ICNSCreator also supports extracting images from existing ICNS files. Please review the Help Documentation for ICNSCreator

The Last Dream

19 days ago

The Last Dream: Developers Edition is a fantastic casual puzzle adventure game which, despite having some classic casual elements, will also offer a greater challenge for more experienced gamers. This is an excellent love story with a paranormal twis

Get Last memory cleaner App for your life time. The application monitors RAM usage on your computer and frees up unused memory with one click. With Memory Cleaner, you can easily manage your memory usage. An animated status icon in the menu bar sho


19 days ago

With CL!ng, getting all the information and specs about your OpenCL enabled device just got a lot easier. Browse device compute capabilities, memory specifications and even get some idea about the OpenCL performance of your device with build-in test


20 days ago

Features - Audio Unit version 3 and standalone application - Comb filter and ring modulator with automated parameters - Build flangers, tremolos, and much more - Host application can load and playback audio files for easy prototyping - Host applicati

Copy Paste Manager

20 days ago

Copy Paste Manager is a clipboard manager for your Mac. This app will remember all the text you have copied and will show in the status bar list. You just have to select the text you want and it will be copied in the clipboard, you can paste where ev

BPM Tapper (BPMT)

20 days ago

Easily know the tempo in Beats Per Minute (BPM) of a piece of music by tapping on the Keyboard along with the song. Just Wait a few seconds to reset and start tapping again. BPM Tapper (BPMT) by BusFactor1 Inc. - 2017

Window Grabber

20 days ago

Capture screenshots of any window on your Mac with a click. Even if they're behind other windows. Even if they're in a different space. Save and share without any fuss. Simple.



20 days ago

FetchMap allows you to view and print maps from a wide range of website. This means dozens of styles of maps are available to you. You can create and print maps up to 16 times wider then your screen, with 16 times the detail. You can also overlay in

Jelly Juice

20 days ago

Jelly Juice is a brand new match-three game that will "wonderwow" you with its luscious jellies, glittering game play, and sugar-coated challenges all filled to the brim with fruit juice! Strategically match gummy candies to collect stars and level-u

Jira Time Tracker

20 days ago

Jira Time Tracker allow you to log your time spent on the JIRA tasks. This app allows you to: - Filter all tasks with custom JIRA filters - Select current active task; - Start or pause progress for active task; - Log all your work; - Open task link

La guía de televisión definitiva. Nuestra experiencia en Broadcasting, nos permite ofrecer una guía completa, rápida y fácil de usar con actualizaciones diarias de la información. CARACTERÍSTICAS -

Porn Block Plus

21 days ago

Worried that your Internet surfing children could accidentally expose themselves to mature and inappropriate content such as porn? Now, become free from worries by simply installing Porn Block Plus for Mac. It is a simple extension for Safari web b

Separation Studio is color separation tool with CMYK color separation type. You don't need any other software to separate your graphics colors. Just Open your image file with Separation Studio, and it will do the rest. Separation Studio can Open Sav

Caboodle 2

21 days ago

** Upgrade Pricing for a limited time ** Everyone comes across information that they want to refer to later. Maybe gifts you've received or sent, product serial numbers, recipes, directions to someone's house, a photo of your pet, or anything else.

pdf Reverse

21 days ago

A simple app. All that it will do is reverse the order of all of the pages in a pdf document. You open pdf Reverse, use the button to find the file that you want to reverse and then use the other button to reverse the pdf. You can set the file nam

Tagsom Edutainment

21 days ago

Our edutainment platform helps build children’s reading and writing skills through fun, educational and accessible digital stories and games, providing them with the possibility to grow with the help of technology. The interactive platform allo

Our PPT Templates are the highest quality and the best looking PPT Templates anywhere. And you can build a modern & attractive to your customers or audience PPT, effortlessly through our PPT Templates. Creating a PPT with our templates will not take


22 days ago

Introducing UXWeb – the ultimate website creating, editing and publishing suite, all-in-one. No coding knowledge required. UXWeb has changed how users build websites on their mobile and tablet devices. Creating a website builder for touch devi

Playing online videos from Youtube, Facebook... on Chromecast device is an easy task but playing local videos such as MKV, AVI, WMV... on Chromecast seems to be impossible. AirStreamer enables playing MKV, AVI, WMV... videos on Chromecast device. N

Thanks to our unique learning method, you will soon achieve great results on the path to mastering French. Vocabulary Builder is ideal for anyone wishing to learn some words and phrases for use on holiday, as well as those looking to brush up their l

A remote file manager with the powerful rsync engine to haul data at high speed. It looks like an FTP app but goes like rsync. Features: - Upload and download via rsync by simply pointing-and-clicking, dragging-and-dropping. - Works over a securely

Block those annoying popup ads that open without your consent while surfing the net! Easy to use... this app will do everything for you by checking and blocking all unwanted popup ads. You can’t do without it. Designed to be fast, high-performi