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* Grand Prize Winner of Tizen App Challenge in Role-Playing and Strategy Games category * "...provides you with everything a fan of the first stellar outing could have ever hoped for, and then some more." - iFanzine (5.0/5.0) "Sage Fusion 2 is an

Civil War: 1862

4 years ago

Civil War: 1862 is the prequel to the highly acclaimed Civil War: 1863, incorporating the detailed strategic gameplay of the original while adding major new features and improvements such as flank attacks and strategic movement. Melee combat has also

Power of Logic

4 years ago

==== FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ==== LOGIC FOR iPHONE and iPAD: Power of Logic is a rebirth of the classic board game with endless variations. Use your “power of logic” to break the power station’s secret c

No Escape

4 years ago

Control your ship, use fire and shield to destroy enemies.


4 years ago

“AirStor” is an application software for WiFi Storage. 1.Supports MAC platform 10.6 and above. 2.Automatically search the WiFi Storage. 3.Access the WiFi Storage data .


4 years ago

Waiting for sleeping disks to wake up can be a frustrating experience for DJs, video/audio editors, musicians, and motion graphics designers who frequently work with media files located on multiple disks. Disksomnia 4.0 periodically writes a file to

Print Window 5

4 years ago

Print Window 5 is the best tool for printing file listings in Mac OS X! Print Window allows you to create beautiful, professional-looking file listings right from the Mac OS X Finder. No more taking screenshots of windows or settling for text-only p

The Pomodoro Technique is a productivity methodology that helps you to stay focused on a task by breaking up your day into 25-minute work stints (called “pomodoros”) followed by five-minute breaks. When it’s time to stop working,


4 years ago

LCD Desk Clock User defined LCD color User defined background color User defined clock format: HH:HH HH:MM:SS Fully resizable! Max resolution will span 3 2560 x 1600 monitors! Simple and accurate! Hand-crafted, simple and elegant cl

Save your best friend and an entire 1950s town from a terrifying threat! Your dearest friend, the journalist Helen Hunter, traveled to the coastal town of Serpent Creek to report on the Serpent Festival. Now she’s missing, and the last phone c

OLM Exporter

4 years ago

***** New Version Launch Special Sale for a Limited Time!!! The OLM Exporter has the ability to quickly convert and export your Outlook for Mac data file (.olm) contents. The app will easily do its job not just flawless, but within minutes, taking

Learn the Notes

4 years ago

Learn the Notes is a fun, interactive game that teaches you to read music no matter what instrument or clef you would like to learn. Learn the Notes includes all the clefs: Treble Clef (G Clef), Bass Clef (F Clef), Alto Clef (C Clef) and Tenor Clef (

OOTP Baseball 15

4 years ago

*** Offseason Special - Save 50%! *** "The only baseball sim I've ever gotten addicted to..." - Curt Schilling "The best got better!" 98 / 100 (A+) - "OOTP is as close to the front office experience you can get without having to actu

Chat with friends anytime, anywhere with Tictoc. Join 17million+ people who text and share on Tictoc, for free! Tictoc is available on your Mac and mobile for your seamless experience, so you never miss a thing. Unlock the power of being connected on

Infographics Word Edition makes it easy to create graphic visual representations of information, data and knowledge, with over 20 infographic templates—fully editable and customizable using Microsoft Word. Choose a design from the creative te

Floppy Bird

4 years ago

Floppy Bird is an addictive arcade game. How to Play: Tap to flap your wings to fly and avoid the obstacles.

Multiply Datalink

4 years ago

The Multiply Datalink uploads your pedometer step data to Multiply. The pedometer software must be installed on your Mac computer and you must have internet connectivity in order to upload your steps. A pedometer is an easy-to-use, slightly bigger t


4 years ago

Slides is an elegant image browser and manager. Key features: • Rotate, flip, resize and crop images. Multiple selections supported. • Choose between a list or column view to browse folders. • Slides view: displays thumbnails o


4 years ago

ColorDigital is a software for digital color design in architecture, design, fashion, textiles and interior. This software supports the DMIx workflow and therefore gives you the best result in color accuracy available at any point between design and


4 years ago

This is a Excellent Application on Learning Google Adsense Advertising, Includes Video Training and Practice Exam, Google Adsense is a Must for any Business in the Technology World. AdSense lets you generate income with ad placement on blogs and We

When Sarah Black, curator at the Caribbean Naval Museum, receives a mysterious package, she is unwittingly drawn into an ancient conflict. As she begins to remove an artifact from the package, assailants instantly descend on the museum and snatch it.

DVR Port Forwarder

4 years ago

It is a very powerful online port forwarding solution for your DVR or Camera. For scenario that you can not config router to add port forwarding rule for your DVR or Camera, or your ISP block the port of your DVR or Camera(for example, double NAT pr

Sitemap Plus

4 years ago

Sitemap Plus is a tool for web developers that crawls a website to build a list of pages and their server status at the time of the crawl. Sitemap Plus also checks for broken links and missing media files. After a crawl is complete an XML Sitemap c

This world is a Machine. A Machine for Pigs. Fit only for the slaughtering of Pigs. From the creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Dear Esther comes a new first-person horrorgame that will drag you to the depths of greed, power and madness. It w

Color Cube

4 years ago

Color Cube provides easy access to millions of colors from three color models, RGB, HSV and CMY. Take your MacBook to the job site to view colors in the design environment. Master the features of Color Cube in a few minutes. Ease of use and function

Vector Code

4 years ago

Vector code allows you to generate executable code from your drawings and designs. It uses scalable vector graphic (svg) format as input that is the standard of all vector drawing applications. *Svg load and save *Sketch, draw, paint using built in

Convert and encode audio to MP3 Convert wma, wav, cds, aiff, mpeg, avi and more to MP3 files. Main Features 1.Convert or compress MP3 files quickly and easily 2.Universal audio converter supporting all popular formats 3.Change bitrate, format or si

9 Elefants

4 years ago

A quest crammed with puzzles in the heart of Paris Professor Weismann has disappeared. After arriving in Paris to present his latest invention, the Time Camera, at the Universal Science Congress, Professor Weissmann disappears without a trace. Hi

Match 3 or more similar dragon eggs to unlock powerful spells and other power-ups. Move rows and columns to make combos of matches and fill up your magic meter to clear the level. Each egg has unique magical abilities that can help or hinder you. Lea


4 years ago

A blend of Synthesizer and Theremin, designed for use with the Leap Motion Controller. The Syntheremin is the fusion of Leon Theremin's landmark instrument with innovative sensors, modern software synthesis techniques, and old-school Moog sound. Ex