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Your spaceship is trapped in the black star space that is full of enemies. It is besieged and under attacked. Your duty is to destroy all of the enemies. Can you win and survive? Features: - Addictive challenging levels. - Different enemies and weap

Panorama 360

4 years ago

Panorama 360 is the highest-quality panorama app for you, generating beautiful wide-angle panoramas of up to 8000x6000 pixels, with no visible seams.

Panorama360 is the only panorama app that can stitch photos in any order or arrangement

Icon Scaler

4 years ago

Icon Scaler resizes your icon image to all common sizes for iOS, OSX, Windows and Android. If you have finished programming your mobile app or desktop application, you realize, that thousands of different sizes for your app icon are needed. Without

KidsHero Quiz II

4 years ago

KidsHero is proud to present you KidsHero Quiz II for Kids. If you are looking for a unique way to teach your little ones about Numbers in an engaging user friendly interface, KidsHero Quiz II is the app for your child. This is where enjoyment and

Advanced Memory & Disk Cleaner Optimize the clean algorithm, became the fastest memory cleaner in the App Store Repair all the bugs mentioned by the user in old versions The most competent memory cleaner on the market, not only clean the inactive m

Geo File Manager

4 years ago

LAUNCH OFFER! Geo File Manager is a useful yet easy to use Mac OSX 10.9+ Application helping you organize your files, by letting you associate them with your favorite places, on a map. The main screen of the app consists of a map, to which you ca


4 years ago

Simul'Impôt permet d'estimer votre impôt sur les revenus perçus l'année dernière et que vous devez déclarer cette année : - Traitements et salaires (pensions et rentes), - Revenus des travailleurs ind

Jpeg Optimizer

4 years ago

Best tool for compressing images. Function: - Convert images to jpeg format - Can set the compression level - Support multi-pic - Easy to use, only drag & drop Supported formats: All image files, folders

Wherever you are Thermox gives you the local outside temperature, directly on your Mac. Never leave home unprepared. Thermox tells you how many degrees are outside and the climatic conditions. You can also see the temperature of the day before. Temp

Forklift Simulator 3D Pro is one of amazing and addictive game for everyone who are looking for unusual games with special vehicles. You are machinist of Forklift and you will have to move some boxes to complete the level. Use your attention and accu

Neo Shooter Pro

4 years ago

Neo Shooter Pro is one of the best first-person view shooter for everyone who are looking for endless shooter with horrible monsters and powerful weapons. The playground is not so large, but you have to be skillful if you want to survive. Use your w

Classic Klondike Pro is a wonderful app that will bring back your memories of the times when you spent you times playing this simple but interesting and entertaining game! It's a perfect way to get some rest on your hard work day or may be just kill


4 years ago

The Claymore-Shredder is the most effective hard-disk, flash drive, media card, SSD* and single file shredder software, available on the Mac App store ! 100 % Security !! NO DATA RECOVERABLE !!! In contrast to conventional other shredder software pr

Another great retro action game from the 80's. This time you are a Reginald and you have to rescue your loved Princess imprisoned in the last part of the castle. Nice graphics and very easy to play. Kids will love it! How to play: - Use left/ri


4 years ago

This application for Qt Developers which uses the official Qt Forums and want to use it on Mac. This application give to you: 1. Read all topic of forums. 2. Post a new topic or reply to exists.


4 years ago

Mancala (also known as Kalah) is an ancient board game. Pick up marbles from any of bottom holes and move them counter-clockwise. If your move ends at your home hole (right one) you can move again. The game ends when all six holes on either side ar


4 years ago

RegIP is a auto DDNS (Dynamic Updates in the Domain Name System) update program. It can update your dynamic IP to your domain automatically. Now support those DNS/CDN service providers: Oray* NameCheap CloudFlare More service providers are preparin

XLS2csv a simple and intuitive XLS/XLSX to CSV Converter for Mac. It handles .xls/.xlsx files from Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Open Offices Excel and converts them to .csv text file format on Mac platform. This Mac XLS2csv converter app can inte

Toodledo is a powerful productivity tool for organizing your to-do list and notes. Toodledo is flexible enough to work with many different productivity styles. You can use the popular GTD methodology, or you can use your own system. You can keep th

Quick Port Test

4 years ago

A little tool for testing specific ports on a destination host - if you're a firewall admin you probably have had need to make sure certain rules have sealed off the ports you intended them to. This app is small and simply tells you if it can connect

Test Your English (ABC): - Test Your English (Level A) - Test Your English (Level B) - Test Your English (Level C) Why should I check my English level? Because you actually don't know your English level so it is very hard to select a course that i

Bear Flight Pro

4 years ago

Bear Flight Pro is a new cool adventure game with cute design for al fans of flight simulators and games with funny animals! It is an addictive timekiller and plenty of fun in one cool game! Let's play at Bear Flight Pro - you'll definitely love it!

Stellar Phoenix OLM Repair **Efficiently Repair Backup file created in Microsoft Outlook 2016** Stellar Phoenix OLM Repair is the ultimate software to repair corrupt Outlook backup files (.OLM files) in the most efficient, simple, and secure manner

Stellar Phoenix Mail Repair For Entourage ** Efficient software to Repair & restore MS Entourage 'Database' file ** Stellar Phoenix Mail Repair For Entourage is a smart and user friendly Entourage database repair solution. Its interactive interface

A NUMBER 1 DEVELOPER TOOL IN 63 COUNTRIES DON'T BE FOOLED BY CHEAP IMITATIONS OF THIS APP Asset Catalog Creator takes any image and creates a full set of icons, splash screens or universal assets for you. Unlike other icon generators, batch resizers

Dominos Pro

4 years ago

Enhanced version of Domino game (also known as All Fives) with statistics, five levels of difficulty and customizable game options.

ExtractEmails Pro

4 years ago

Extract Emails Pro is a simple and powerful app that allows you to extract all emails inside files recursively in any folder and export them to a CSV file that can be opened in Numbers, Excel or Libreoffice. You choose the folder to be analysed, and

Bass Notes Finder

4 years ago

Learn or improve the sight reading of the notes, in any notations, on the 4-string bass fretboard, using the app just a few minutes each day The app has 2 modes:
 1. Notes Explorer 2. Notes Trainer The “Note Explorer” lets you

Riddle of the Mask

4 years ago

Seek out the rarest masks for the countess! Become a real detective of the "Ancien Regime" and visit renowned carnivals to form a collection of unique masks. The most beautiful places of the world will spin you around in the melodies of carnivals an

A scientific calculator based on expressions, enter expressions with keyboard of your own device, press the Equal key to get result. It’s a calculator of new concept, what you see is what you get. Don't Hesitate to try it. Fullscreen support