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4 years ago

Description: this application can convert ape music to mp3 format ,easy to use, you can fully use your device up (iPhone, kindle, iPad, etc) A lot of people are very fond of listening to ape format music, unfortunately your device does not necess

How to get the real last modification date of the file/folder ? There are so many backups of one file/folder, which one is the newest ? Go to "Last Modification Date" for help! It's incredibly simple. Just drag&drop your file or folder to it, you


4 years ago

LAUCH SALE!!!! JUST NEED $3.99!!! Do you want to extract image(.jpg,.tif,.gif etc) in PDF files? It is a efficient and reliable app designed for Mac ox users. 1* Drag and drop PDF files to preview the images in PDF files. 2* Peview image files, u

Facebar is simple app that allow to keep under control your Facebook account. You can use it as full Desktop client and as simple menu bar. Legal Notice: - Facebar is a 3d party application for Facebook and is not affiliate with Facebook Inc. - Fac

Enter the garden with a whole new objective! Hidden Garden Word Jumble is a word puzzle game based on the acclaimed Hidden Garden Series. Unscramble the 5 letter word or words before the timer runs out! Hidden Garden Word Jumble comes with two modes,

Notes Finder lite

4 years ago

Find the notes on banjo and balalaika in any notation! Learn and improve the sight reading skills, using this app just a few minutes each day The app has 2 modes: 1. Notes Explorer 2. Notes Trainer The “Notes Explorer” lets you find

A fast video browser and management tool. * Browse videos by file list and thumbnail(snapshots) * Save videos snapshot in local video library for browsing offline [ How to use it: ] step 1. Drag/add video files or folders contain video files to app

iFileLog Pro

4 years ago

iFileLog generates a text file which represents the attributes of a directory and allows the user in a simple way to protocol and understand changes. Admins can easily log the changes of a directory and keep track on activities and changes. While c

Crossword Editor

4 years ago

Crossword Editor is an application to help you in the construction and printing of crosswords. A number of users have left reviews stating that the program does not work for them. In these instances you should contact support for assistance. You s

The new Final Cut Pro X is filled with pro editing enhancements. Join Michael Wohl as he explains the advanced techniques and reveals ALL the new editing features packed into Apple’s flagship video editor! App Features: • 115 minutes of v

Presenter Mirror

4 years ago

Hate giving demos in mirrored-displays mode? Use Presenter Mirror while in dual display mode to see what’s on the projector screen behind you! Keeps your main display free for notes and preparation, while you can present on the secondary displ

Cette application vous permettra d'acquérir et de maîtriser les mécanismes essentiels au maniement de la langue latine. Des exercices variés accompagnés d'aides et d'exemples vous permettront d'assimiler le fonctio

Navaja Secure EMAIL

4 years ago

The Navaja Secure EMAIL is the 100% secure and easy solution to protect your email, messages, notes and fb postings and private, business text communication! Extrem strong encryption: AES 256 DL !!! Crypto Level 4 !! ► Extremely secure and mo

UFO Squad 3D Pro

4 years ago

UFO Squad 3D Pro is an addictive squad-based tactical strategy game where you can test your logic and management skills! It´s not a simple fighting game with magic. It´s a big playground for your mind. Use your attention and strategic ski

Falling Balls 3D Pro is a perfect free fall simulator with realistic physics effects! The main character is a girl which are falling and you will have to avoid the varicolored balls. Let´s test your luck and try to fall as long as possible! Ho

Clear Clipboard

4 years ago

Clear Clipboard is a lightweight utility for clearing the clipboard content, it prevents sensitive clipboard date from being peeped. The clipboard may contain sensitive data such as account information, credit card number, or other private data, you

***Only compatible on Enterprise, Performance and Developer Editions of Salesforce.*** The only Salesforce synchronization tool compatible with Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Mac OS X Mavericks, OneSync allows you to sync Salesforce with your Mac’

Crazy Run 3D

4 years ago

Crazy Run 3D is a endless runner similar to the awesome game Temple Run. - Beautiful graphics - Multiple obstacles - Captivating music - Awesome acrobatic, desperate moves, special items and super cool locations. - Endless gameplay - Simple and fun g

Marty McBlast

4 years ago

Marty game is a retro and cool platformer game like mario mixed with a shooter game ! Earn XP to buy upgrades for your guns. Many guns and upgrades available. Hours of fun for all ages.

Perfect Zero Puzzle

4 years ago

Perfect Zero is the new incredible puzzle game you will love this summer. If you liked a puzzle game like 2048, you will love this. Is extremely more easy to play. Just subtract numbers in other numbers and try to make the perfect ZERO. The Game T


4 years ago

Card4Call is a simple application that lets you easily create your own business cards (size 8.5 x 5.5 cm). Features: - choose from over 2800 icons and 400 textures; - set the background (texture or color); - insert images, icons and texts; - se

Batch Editor

4 years ago

Resize, Change canvas size, Rotate, Reflect, Round corners, Add border, Color background, Mask, Overlay, Add shadow… Batch Editor lets you combine various image operations into workflows and apply them to any number of images at once. Workflo

Jumpy Bird!

4 years ago

THE IPHONE HIT IS NOW FREE ON MAC (few days only) $1.99 >>>>> FREE GET IT NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP! Born with small wings but strong legs, help him jump and avoid the obstacles. Control by pressing the screen with a mouse click or using spac


4 years ago

Memory cleanup,speed up your computer!


4 years ago

Obscurity allows you to take more secure notes while you work. Whatever you enter into the window will either disappear immediately or after a delay when you activate another program. Those walking past or talking with you won't see the sensitive inf

Movie Splitter

4 years ago

Do More With Hybrid Auto Movies Movie Splitter is an application for splitting up movies into smaller sections. Designed to quickly and easily separate movies by chapter, Movie Splitter makes a time consuming task simple. Movie Splitter works with

Virtual Pet Dragon

4 years ago

Prepare to take control over the most legendary mythical creature of all time, the Virtual Pet Dragon! Burn down the village and steal their gold! Hunt down sheep to turn into sheep-kabob! Play games and dozens of other activities to keep your dragon

Game of Dragons 3D

4 years ago

Game of Dragons 3D - Dress up with legendary armor to end a brutal and never-ending war. This most addictive action game, playing as an legendary creature will make you forget the time. Features * Control your dragon by using Touches and Acceleromete

A handy and fast tumblr video crawler&downloader, can download more than 10GB of videos a day! * Crawl&download all videos from Tumblr blogs * Support browse history, avoid duplicate crawl. * Support bookmarks, easy to save and access your favouria

Duplicates Killer

4 years ago

This is a duplicate search and cleanup tool ! It makes the task of finding and removing duplicates significantly easier. It help you kill all duplicates quickly when you drag several files to scanning paths panel. It is very powerful and easy to use