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Fancy Words Pro

4 years ago

“Fancy Word Pro” is a really addictive game almost for all ages and for all comers! But we are sure that especially children will be able to see the true value of this educative app. Activate your fantasy thinking and knowledge of Englis

Have you ever dreamed to travel all around the world? New cities, beautiful places, unique national features are waiting for you in this journey. With Travel Trivia Puzzles Pro you have a chance to see the most famous and beautiful places in the worl

Famous Buildings Quiz Pro is colorful and educative puzzle game for everyone, who know or want to know more about Famous Buildings Quiz Pro! Colorful pics and interesting tasks are waiting for you! Solve the puzzles and enjoy the wonderful creations

Enter the garden with a whole new objective! Hidden Garden Word Mystery is a word puzzle game based on the acclaimed Hidden Garden Series. Try to determine the mystery word based on the category clue at the top of the screen before your score reaches

In this FREE Blackboard overview course trainer Jason Diehl gives you an intensive first look at all the modules that are contained in the Blackboard Learn system. Sit back, watch and see what Blackboard can do for you! App Features: • 29 minut

Equilibrium gives you quick, easy access to music controls from your menu bar, desktop and keyboard. You can pause, skip, scrub and rate tracks without unhiding your music player. Support for controlling these OS X music players (requires player to

Learn how to be a cross-platform, multi-device number cruncher with Apple’s Numbers software on your Mac, your iOS devices and on iCloud by watching this 41-tutorial course, by our Mac and iOS expert Francesco Schiavon! App Features: • 19

WMV To Any Pro

4 years ago

WMV To Any Pro is a powerful easy and best tool to convert any WMV to any other video & audio formats like FLV/F4V, MP4, MKV, WMV etc., It enables you to play any video/audio on iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP and other mobile devices, or to import media fil

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If you really are fond of driving simulators and parking car games, extreme pursuits and dangerous virages, this new game “Police Chase: Desert Race Pro” is all you are looking for! Here you are the true driver of the vehicle, but it is

*** 20% of gross revenue to charity! At Testament Creative, we are committed to making the world a better place, so we will be donating 20% of all revenue from ads, in-app purchases, and game/app purchases from now, until forever. Read more at: http

Multi Event Filter

4 years ago

Quick and easy transfer of multiple events from text into OSX's Calendar application. Using text entry, cut and paste, or (possibly most usefully) running as a service Multi Event Filter can process events from any application that contains text to


4 years ago

ResoMetri is a tool that enables you to quickly check if your photo is large enough for printing. You can drag a cropping rectangle to see if a part of the picture is big enough for the purpose. Select the units (inch, centimeter, pixel, pixels per i

Cartoon Parking 3D is a challenging driving test for young drivers. Learn to drive a car and get your driving license without any problems! Are you a good car driver? Can you park your cartoon car in a few seconds? Test your driving skills in a free

Access your complete home music library from whereever you are ! Easy MP3 Streaming Server is an MP3 streaming software that allows users to connect and stream your music easily through a Web Browser (iOS Safari, IE, Firefox, Chrome etc.). It can he

Report for Pages

4 years ago

Do you start reports looking at an uninspiring blank page? We've got you covered—whether you're creating a business proposal, professional report, case study update or school assignment, our elegantly-styled and pre-formatted Pages and Microsof


4 years ago

Description:     This program can customize folder icons, so your folders have more personality and easy to find. Easy to use, you only need a few simple steps to complete the operation.     Use transparent png can ach

File Splitter Pro

4 years ago

File Splitter Pro is a tool to split and join files on Mac OSX. It's convenient and easy to use. File Splitter Pro = Splitter+Jointer+Hash Value Key features: 1. Split one large file to several small files. 2. Joint several small files to a large f

PhotoNerd Wallpaper

4 years ago

Photos from as your wallpaper. Due to the limitations that 500px provides, images have a max width or height of 900px. Therefore, the images are not HD. Information about the photos is provided if the author has provided it. Made this a

Icon Cast

4 years ago

Icon Cast offers over 1,500 beautiful icons for web designers, developers, UX designers or just about anyone who needs clear usable icons in few seconds. Icon Cast keeps you in the flow and gives you any icon in just few steps: - SEARCH by keywords

The backup solution for DentalChart for iPad and DentalChart Pocket for iPhone/iPod Touch. The easiest and simplest way to backup your patient’s data. How to use: All your iOS devices and your Mac must be in the same WiFi network. Start Den

Music Convertor

4 years ago

Music Convertor is an easy use audio conversion app. It helps to convert most common audio in different formats to different new audio formats like below. Supports Import Audio: such as "mp3", "caf", "m4r", "ogg", "ac3", "aiff", "wav", "wma" , "flac

Toki (時), pronounced "toe-key", is the Japanese word for "time". Toki sports a minimal feature set, showing how much of the day you spend on your computer, and how long you spend in each application. Toki uses as a backend to backup a

"The best catcher game ever!" Become the master catcher. Eggs falls from the sky, your goal is to catch and turn them into Bunny Coins. FEATURES - Fast and dynamic gameplay - Endless fun - Simple and intuitive controls - Many levels to achiev


4 years ago

Create a digital art gallery! Store your favourite paintings in a database. Create a collection of classical art or manage portfolios of current artists. Create slide shows of your favourite paintings.

Password Pandora

4 years ago

Password Pandora is a super lightweight and extremely secure password manager and password keeper !! Forget all this graphic overloaded, heavy weighted password managers - All you need is Password Pandora, it just does, what it says -> STORE YOUR PA


4 years ago

Merge one and two to three, then three to six…

Have you ever wanted to travel the world and see famous monuments and buildings? Do you want to learn about different countries, cultures and be an international detective? You get do all that and more in "Where in the World is Monolisa?"! An inter

Make your reading more active.
 Questioning Reader for PDF is a PDF reader with question and quote modules.
 By asking questions constantly and try to answer them, your reading will become more and more active.
 You can quote any in

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