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4 years ago

LargeLook is a simple application that displays the text larger. FEATURES • Services Menu & Contextual Menu Support • AppleScript Support • URLScheme Support (largelook://) - Multi-line Support - Multi Screen Support + Font and Font S

Dragon Hunter

4 years ago

◆FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME!!! ◆Game Introduction: The much-anticipated RPG, Dragon Hunter is released now. Why not take your heroic journey by overcoming all obstacles? With aesthetic scenes, cool fighting experience, easy operation and

Oriental Boxing

4 years ago

Oriental Boxing is the action game of fighting. Is a combination of moves: - Thai boxing - Karate - Kung fu - Boxing - Custom - 8 Combat environments - 8 Characters - Hundreds animations - Dozens moves - Ranking system The world's largest fightin

Kanban Kit

4 years ago

>>>Get ready to manage your projects with Kanban Kit.<<< You can now manage your projects via a virtual Kanban Board. Kanban Kit helps you to prioritize your tasks and to keep track of all your projects. It works great for projects like writing

Astraea: A Small World is an open ended multiplayer mini-game about saving the small town of Sleepy Pastures. The town has run out of food and it's up to you to save them! - A beautiful 3D sandbox world to explore! - Plant and harvest crops! - Gathe


4 years ago

Yo dawg, I heard you like gifs, so we put gifs on your gifs so you can gif while you gif. Manage your animated gif collection, and search though thousands of gifs online. You attach your gif folder, and the app begins monitoring it. It shares your

3D CarKit

4 years ago

****Save Thousands of Dollars and Man Hours. 3DCarKit is a Excellent 3D Car Template Software and is Perfect Graphic Designers, Game Developers, CGArtist, and Engineers With Hundreds of Finish 3D Car Models of Some of the Worlds Most Famous Car Make


4 years ago

CarDB is a full-featured database containing cars currently on sale and allows you to make conscious buying decisions with its filtering and sorting abilities. The CarDB app is the companion application to the website.

I Love Mosaic

4 years ago

This is just a tool to cover the mosaic. But, It can make funny image with your imagination. Have fun with it. Support URL shows some funny usage(18+). Click support url to checkout.

The circus comes into a small town so all townsmen are looking forward to evening performance. Though the evil magician compels to play solitaire from volunteers and till you win the show will not start. Move cards of the same suit into the top right

Concept Car Parking

4 years ago

Concept Car Parking game is a futuristic parking game with eight levels. In each level, you have to park your car in the indicated space as the timer counts down. Crashing into an obstacle or letting the timer hit zero will result in losing a car. Yo

All Audio Record Pro Tool is easy to record audio devices ( Mic or other audio devices ), computer audio and online music website . All Audio Record Pro Tool can record computer audio and you can record audio from music Websites, you can free get a


4 years ago

Nether’s is an ultra-minimalist word processor that lets you type - nothing more. Start it up, go fullscreen, and just worry about writing. -Zero formatting -Fully editable -Immersive fullscreen -Plain text for complication-free copy/paste -Au

Emotion IQ Test Pro

4 years ago

This personality test designed to reveal aspects of an individual's character and psychological makeup. It helps you discover your personality and social compatibility, based upon research in personality psychology. Take your time with this test and


4 years ago

MediaKeep is a copy utility specifically designed to cater the demanding needs of professional film and video production/post production. MediaKeep allows you to copy camera files to two separate drives at the same time with maximum efficiency!. This

*** - All the templates in the app and even more! *** ***Fuel for PowerPoint - handmade themes for your perfect presentation. Unique themes for your business, personal or any other presentation.*** The app contains 80 multiple lay

Especially for lovers of time management, productivity and fans of the simplicity of our Activity Timer. The "Activity Timer - Interval Edition". Perfect for time management. This timer allows to split a working task into intervals. This could be f

Equations Solving PRO is the easiest way to practice methods for solving systems of equations. The app is easy to use and quick in solving equations.

Would Love To Buy is a new shopping app created to help you to remember about things you liked buy couldn't buy. Have you ever seen a cute thing when you had no money, or maybe a gift for your friend that you would love to buy later? No need to strai

Bold Rabbits Shoot

4 years ago

Bold Rabbits Shoot is a cool addictive game with funny animal characters for all kids and adults! If you like hunting shooters and colorful graphics, so you definitely should try our brand new Bold Rabbits Shoot game! It will afford you great pleasur


4 years ago

Calculatory is a menubar calculator application that provides an extremely simple and accessible interface for all kinds of calculations. With Calculatory, all you have to do is pressing the hotkey that you have selected to open up Calculatory, and

Rock Zombie

4 years ago

What would happen if a concert of a female rock band was invaded by a horde of zombies? The answer to that question can be found in this videogame which combines both, classic gameplay from arcade golden era with state-of-the-art tridimensional graph


4 years ago

musicMath is a musical tool that includes a timecode calculator, a tap tempo, a tempo to delay in millisecond and hertz converter, a note to frequency table converter, a sample length converter, a tempo change converter, and a frequency to note conve


4 years ago

Molar is an educational tool and reference for students with features such as periodic table, triangle solver, and chemical equation balancer. PERIODIC TABLE Molar has a complete periodic table for easy reference. It contains a lot of info, and is

** Requires Keynote 5 or later version installed. Countdown Timers for Keynote contains 16 countdown timers ready to be used with Keynote 5 or later version. Countdown Timers for Keynote can be used to show the time before the actual presentation,

Pyramid Sol

4 years ago

Move all the pyramid cards to the foundation to win the game. Move as fast as you can. Only the exposed cards can move. If the value of two cards combine to 13, the two will be moved to the foundation. The king’s value is 13.

This is a utility for Developer. In this app you will find the FULL SOURCE of 9 applications. YOU CAN USE THIS TEMPLATES FOR YOUR APP!!!! Projects complatible with Xcode 5 and 6! With some small modifications you can create your app starting w

This personality test designed to reveal aspects of an individual's character and psychological makeup. It helps you discover your personality and social compatibility, based upon research in personality psychology. Take your time with Career Psycho

Fruit Mahjong PRO

4 years ago

Fruit Mahjong PRO is an entertaining logic game for all kids and adults who like picture puzzle games and interesting brain trainers! This app will definitely make your typical day at work much more interesting or it could be a perfect time killer fo

VideoGIF Free

4 years ago

VideoGIF Free is the most agile app that helps you create animated GIFs by trimming any part from a video/movie. VideoGIF Free makes it easier than ever to create animated GIFs from videos/movies. To get started, you are free to add a video from vid