New Apps

+ PDF Converter OCR

3 years ago

+ PDF Converter OCR is the Pro version of + PDF Converter. It can convert PDF to Office file formats, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and plain text. OCR function can recognize and extract text contents from scanned image, so you can get editable c

Copy as HTML

3 years ago

Copy as HTML allows you to copy HTML from Safari and other Webkit-based apps and paste it into browsers such as Firefox, Opera and web development tools like Adobe Dreamweaver. Currently apps such as Firefox, Opera and Adobe Dreamweaver does not sup

This personality test designed to reveal aspects of an individual's character or psychological makeup. It helps you discover your personality and social compatibility, based upon research in personality psychology. Take your time with this test and

*** Save the city park from demolition! *** A mysterious but well-loved old lady everyone just calls “Granny” has been living in the park for longer than anyone can remember. Now, the park has fallen into disarray and the city has decid

Please believe your eyes, this is a storm of unprecedented icon efficient production. We provide the most professional icons for your multiplier icon in the making. We provide the most textured background makes you look like a duck in the producti

Battle with ferocious dinosaurs in a prehistoric showdown that's over a million years in the making! Use powerful jaws and razor sharp claws to fight your way to victory! Pick your favorite dinosaur, step into the arena, and prove that you are the on

Animal Mahjong Pro

3 years ago

Animal Mahjong Pro is an entertaining logic game for all kids and adults who like picture puzzle games and interesting brain trainers! This app will definitely make your typical day at work much more interesting or it could be a perfect time killer f

PrintLab Studio 2

3 years ago

PrintLab Studio is a lightweight and easy to use vector drawing illustration application for macOS. PrintLab Studio has tools you need to create basic shapes. Create designs quickly and easily change styles. Notable features: - Layers - Text Editin

KidsHero Quiz III

3 years ago

KidsHero is proud to present you KidsHero Quiz III for Kids. If you are looking for a unique way to teach your little ones about Numbers in an engaging user friendly interface, KidsHero Quiz III is the app for your child. This is where enjoyment an

KidsHero ABC II

3 years ago

KidsHero ABC II is an all new learning tool for your kids. It teaches your little ones about Alphabets in a very unique and interesting way. It has a very simple design, so that kids can jump through different sections, by themselves. There are di

Gin Rummy Pro

3 years ago

Gin Rummy game with advanced features: - three levels of difficulty - auto-sort current hand - fast card animation - game statistics - auto-save when exit

Gin - Rummy

3 years ago

Gin Rummy is the popular rummy card game. Get one card, discard another and collect the best set for victory. Game features: - clean big cards - auto-sort current hand - fast card animation - auto-save when exit

Proportion Calculate is an App with build-in high-speed proportion calculation service ; such as, discount calculation, screen proportion, unit price ratio. What's more, this App also supports four fundamental operations of arithmetic.

The Commander

3 years ago

Prove your skills as military troops commander , combat to protect your base. TheCommander is a FPS shooting game with with a strategy of command, you have troops with different weapons and skills, you can set the behaviour of your soldiers and weap

Color Scheme

3 years ago

Color Scheme makes finding the perfect colour palette easy and fast. By selecting a main colour, Color Scheme will automatically find matching colors based on common colour theories. #Features: - analogous color scheme - monochromatic color scheme

Pilot a helicopter, discover new lands, fly over unexplored cities and observe the beautiful landscape with our breath-taking Helicopter Flight Simulator 3D! HOW TO PLAY Turn on the engine and get ready for takeoff. Use the pedals to go up and down,

Everybody knows that world history and culture is very rich and great. But not everybody knows the most famous and outstanding people ever! “World Famous People Pro” app offers you a very addictive adventure in guessing the names of the m


3 years ago

Encrypt your photos, protect your privacy… PhotoCrypt will encrypt your photos by classic open. Write a password and select a filename for export. Your file is now encrypted. The encrypted file is still a photo. Features : - Strong encryp

Hidden Objects Secret Places is a beautiful, fun and relaxing adventure game. Journey through all the beautiful, secret locations as you search for hundreds of different objects. There are no timers or points to score, just AMAZING images and relax

FileTags Lite

3 years ago

FileTags allows you to assign tags to files and folders, and later search for them. Attention: The tags currently do not integrate with spotlight or the native OSX tags system. Full version features: - Unlimited tags (limited to 5 in lite version)

Description Impress others with your geography skills, know the most famous classical paintings, recognize classical music in movies and ads and seduce someone with your knowledge of astronomy! Using multiple-choice games, this app will teach you:


3 years ago

WatermarkPDF is a simple and intuitive application for applying text, image, color and texture watermark on PDF documents in batch fashion. WatermarkPDF provides easy and effective ways to apply watermark with extensive set of options and presets. Pe


3 years ago

ImageToBase64 is a tool to convert image to base64 string (CSS Image). Converting an image to base64 string is needed if you wish to embed images directly into a web page. The program is not only provide conversion to Base64 string, but also tell you

Get the most out of your Keynote presentations with this HD video training App from! •Over 2 hours of video tutorials on how to use all aspects of Keynote! •Learn to add and edit slides, work with master slides and themes. &bul


3 years ago

Limited Time Offer 50% Audio-extractor can convert video/audio to WMA, MP3, m4a , aiff , wav . support rmvb, RM, avi, wmv , mkv mp4 etc . almost all popular formats . Of course, you can also convert from Flac ape to mp3 format. so you can put your

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Captures good video though and you can pick the screen you want to record, which is cool. What you see is what you get. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Screen Record Pro - Final is a very useful tool. You

Standard Calculator

3 years ago

A Scientific Calculator. Degrees and Radians calculations. Wrong number edit. Keep expressions on the screen.

Mocha TN3270 Lite

3 years ago

Mocha TN3270 provides TN3270 emulation for IBM Mainframe Access. Features: - Supports all standard 3270 emulation features - Screen size 24x80 and 32x80 - Small and fast. - User defined functions keys - Hardcopy of screen - Many trim parameters

Kung Fu Wolf Pro

3 years ago

Do you like to watch Jackie Chan Kung Fu movies and Kung Fu kicks and blows? We have a new arcade and action game for you! Play the role of NINJA master from Japan. In this Kung Fu Wolf Pro quest you will become the Kung Fu warrior. No ranking, no r

Memo Sticky Notes

3 years ago

Memo is a simple stickers app that let you store your notes with password. Memo is the perfect companion to store datas, quick to do, several account info, some data can be stored securely to keep your data off from unwanted eyes. - Memo support