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Searching for an app to do amazing sketch effects on your photos? Your search is over! With Sketch Effect - Paint Styles, you can do beautiful sketch effects on your images and also enjoy great color and image correction tools to make your photo the

Organize your recipes. Create grocery lists. Plan your meals. Download recipes from your favorite websites. Seamlessly sync to all your devices. Features • Recipes - Download recipes from your favorite websites, or add your own. • Grocery

Desktop Icons Hider

18 days ago

Using the application you can hide all desktop icons on the screen.The application also supports multiple monitors.If you have even 4 monitors setup, the application could hide desktop icons from all monitors at a time. The application is very custo

Screenshop Lite

18 days ago

Screenshop is the most advanced screenshot creator and designer on macOS! No need to deal with expensive or complex software anymore! Screenshop is intuitive to use, just drag&drop everything! Your editing happens directly on the canvas. What you se

Remote for Roku

18 days ago

Remote for Roku is an remote controller for your Roku stick, it lets you easily control your Roku from your iMac/MacbookPro. you will never worry about losing your Roku remote again. just simply connect to your wifi to begin. Features: 1. automatica

I'm Mou, the Markdown editor for OS X. Mou is a lightweight writing tool for writing that replaces typography with a simple grammar that allows us to concentrate on codewords and replace the common typographical format with the "markup" syntax. Mark


18 days ago

Take full sonic control of your audio files. Old recordings that lack the vibrancy of modern recording technologies, or simply any audio file that you need to tweak get a better sound to, use BigEQ to easily and powerfully adjust the sound using a 31

eBike Lab 1.6

18 days ago

To increase the Motor Power Level by 1, Click on upward direction button on screen (swap length should be more than 1 inch) when Motor is connected. To decrease the Motor Power Level by 1, Click on downward direction button on screen (swap length s

Bitcoin Bar

18 days ago

This menu bar application will keep you up to date on bitcoin prices in 22 different currencies. Choose from several different update intervals and add your wallet holdings to keep track of your personal value in any supported currency.

Text Expansion Pro

18 days ago

Ever got tired of typing out phrases you frequently use? Use this application & save a lot of time by assigning the shortcuts to your frequently used texts. For example : You could assign "adr" shortcut for the home address. Now, wherever you need t

Robbers Runners

18 days ago

What would happen if a thief, robbing a bank, had a machine that cloned people? This thief, he cloned himself, several times, and cloned many bags of money? Well, in our history, this is our case, and you have as mission, to kill them, and not to all

Video Watermarker

18 days ago

Video Watermarker stamps translucid images and text over video files to protect, customize and brand video content. The user can select images from the built-in library or browse the computer for images. The program supports transparent PNG image fil


18 days ago

Pyká is a revolutionary new app and the world’s first Work Hub. Designed for people who work in project-based environments, Pyká takes project and asset management to a whole new level. There are many challenges and problems that

Live Wallpaper NG

18 days ago

Use live wallpapers on your macOS desktop ! You can set your wallpaper to any video file or web pages, just drag them and drop on the panel, it will take effects immediately. It's using latest WebKit to render your desktop, you can use modern HTML5


20 days ago

about:blank is an app that blocks websites in Safari . I use it to break my bad browsing habits and to stay productive. You specify the websites that you want to block on your mac or iOS device, which are then synchronized across all your other devi

SurfEasy VPN

21 days ago

SurfEasy VPN is the world’s most trusted security and privacy VPN. Our ultra-fast, no-log network encrypts your data and means you can browse the web securely even on public WiFi, without any loss of speed, and without even us knowing what you&

Flying Bug Smasher

21 days ago

Flying Bug Smasher: Smash a never-ending stream of bugs! Three game modes to play Infinite: Not timed; you can play as much as you want. Timed: Play for 2, 5 or 10 minutes and see how much you can score Level: Play from simple levels that star

Kid’s Magical Instruments This is a cool app with musical instruments that will create magic for your child. Your child will be amazed with the different sounds that can be created with just a tap! Young toddlers will enjoy these simple instrum

Password manager by Max Secure remembers all your passwords in one place. Keep your account passwords secure, available and in one place! - Store usernames, passwords & confidential details - Generate random strong password - Secure with a single pa

Shrinker Pro

21 days ago

Shrink your photo folders to any size you want with this utility. It automatically shrinks every photo in the folder and creates an identical shrinked version of it. -- "Best app to create cloud friendly photo folders. Don't pay for extra cloud spac

CB Sheet Writer

22 days ago

Create sheet music with chords and lyrics. Auto-Detect chords in text pasted from other sources. Auto formatting features. Special Mountain Dulcimer fret option.

Cannonball Commander is a fun pirate themed game where you shoot a cannonball into a barrel. Cannonball Commander is fun, challenging, and addicting to play. Use the up and down arrows to aim the cannon and the "Fire" button to shoot. In some levels

Franchise Hockey Manager 4 is the deepest, most authentic hockey strategy gaming experience you can find. The game is the only PC/Mac game officially licensed by the NHL®, allowing you to take the reins of your favorite franchise to capture the S

What's hiding on the other side of the looking glass? Adventures with Alice and her beloved friends from Wonderland, of course! Plus 120 unique puzzles based on Lewis Carroll's world renowned story. The game's genre is known by many names: patchwork

AB3D (AB3DBasic)

22 days ago

AB3D (AB3DBasic) GENERAL INFORMATION Category: Education, Productivity. Version: 1.0.0 Language: English. Seller: AB3DLabs Company, ©AB3DLabs (Simprex 3D). PRICING AB3DBasic: $9.99 ABSTRACT AB3DBasic is AB3DLabs’s simplest design softwa

Give your photos an amazing look with Christmas stickers and cliparts using CamStyle - Sticker and Clipart. The Christmas festivities have arrived! So, you want to inovate your photos with amazing Christmas collages? With CamStyle - Sticker and Clip

Pakkey's adventure

23 days ago

It was a fantastic adventure Miracle Adventure It's an adventure about gold coins The adventures of a young rabbit in order to save his mother Danger coexists with gain Challenge and stimulate resonance Come on, enjoy the action adventure game.

Wirelessly stream ANY audio on your Mac to not only Chromecast, but also Chromecast Audio, Wireless Speakers with Chromecast built-in, Android TVs, and Google Cast-enabled devices in real-time! To see how this app works, please watch a demo video: h


23 days ago

Step on gas and outrun your competitors. Win each race in order to be able to advance in the championship. Complete 3 racing modes - circuit, knockout and time attack. The ‘Circuit racing’ implies a large number of competitors racing in


24 days ago

SourceCounter analyzes the source code files in a folder, classifies them by their language and shows you a report with the number of files and the total size per language in a data table and an interactive plot. SourceCounter has the following feat