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Playall is a video search-engine & ad-blocker, letting you find and play videos from all over the internet -- without the ads. Enjoy ad-free content from YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, Dailymotion, Ted Talks, Bloomberg, and more..

In this MIDI masterclass tutorial, trainer Gary Hiebner takes you through all the MIDI options that Studio One 3 has in its vast music toolbox. App Features: • 82 minutes of video training • Super clear explanations • Offline Playbac

Day Count Wizard

12 days ago

Day Count Wizard is a very simple tool that allows you to count date and time. If you want to know how many days left until an important event comes? Or if you just want to calculate how many days or hours between dates? You can just simply enter the

Brochures Templates for MS Word by GN is a top-quality collection of 245 original templates for Apple’s Pages word processing app. Whether you’re starting a new business, organizing an event, or trying to give your sales a boost, Brochure

Join sound designer Timo Preece as he sonically explores Berlin’s abandoned structures while recording a plethora of unique sounds. Then, see how he transforms the audio in his DAW as builds an amazing sound library! App Features: • 131 m

Bot for Reddit

12 days ago

This menu bar app allows you to search subreddits for posts based on keywords, automatically, in the background. The app alerts you when it finds a matching post. Features: * Lives Entirely in Menu Bar * Automatic Notifications Let us kn

Show your appreciation and recognition with a beautifully designed certificate. From employee-of-the-month to outstanding students, now every award can be perfect. With 57 powerful templates, you can create professional looking certificates in just

xPad Studio

13 days ago

xPad Studio is a text editor with no formatting with extra features such as: - Code Recognition - Language Colouring - Code Grouping - Project Folder - Favorites Projects - Advanced Search - Bookmarks - History - Lines Numbering - Zoom, cursor p

Journal and diary app to keep a record of valuable days of your life, events, and feelings: - Record events and feelings for any day, week month or year - Start every day by looking at the list of entries for the same day over the years - Describ

SMART METRONOME Combine 5 time values (half note, dotted quarter, quarter, dotted eighth and eighth note) and 7 types of subdivision (ternary or binary) on 2 to 11 beats for various – almost unlimited – time-signatures. – VISUAL o

Mute Video

13 days ago

Mute any Video with just one click of a button! Just Drag & Drop any number of Videos & click Mute Videos. That's it! ● Supports basically any video container with any video codec. ● No Encoding. So Blazing fast. ● No quality loss.

FULL VERSION WITHOUT ADS! 2Day 2Do - Daily Activity Planner Pro is a todo app that will help you to arrange and to track your tasks easily. EASY WORKFLOW ORGANIZATION - Create tasks and subtasks and comment it; - Add necessary files to your tasks;

IRC Rating

13 days ago

IRC Rating is a Calculator Application, edit competitors table then let the IRC Rating make calculations for you. IRC Rating can work in two different mode. Time Interval - Calculates the ratings for a given time interval. Continuous - Calculates t

Race Analysis

13 days ago

Race Analysis allow you to analyse your race log in a very simple way. Import your race data in the CSV (comma seperated value) file from your navigation software (Deckman or Expedition). Select the variables pair from dropdown menu to plot the gra

Agility Dog Training is so much fun! Not only for the owners but also for the dogs! This is a great way to keep a happy and healthy dog. This app has 266 tuitional and informative videos on Agility Dog Training. App features: ** Edit the video t

Welcome to the Fluo! family of language learning tools : the easy way to success! - 10's of thousands of entries - super-fast bi-directional search (from/to English) - search-able alphabetical (+phonetical) index - translations by part of speech (no


14 days ago

NumberHelper NumberHelper is a convenient user to deal with the common form of digital tools. Can effectively solve the daily life to fill in the digital or processing digital complexity. At present, we first provide a check in China, Hongkong and

Buildings ablaze, people screaming and flames shooting several feet high! Welcome to the professional fire brigade. You and your team will experience the exciting work of the professional fire brigade, surviving realistic missions where you extinguis

Learn what it takes to become a Electrician and learn how to accomplish many everyday electrical DIY tasks. This collection of OVER 300 TRAINING VIDEOS will soon bring you up to speed. You will be shown how to do many electrical projects and also b

Ohio DMV Theory

14 days ago

The Ohio DMV Theory app allows users to prepare themselves for the DMV Theory test. It provides over 200 practice questions which you can use in either quiz or study mode. There is also a comprehensive road signs section where you can identify road

Achieve incredible productivity improvements with Deadliner! With Deadliner you can track and manage your deadlines, events and meetings. Set goals and track them visually. You will never miss anything. Your deadlines sync seamlessly between your d


15 days ago

Reflexology, also known as zone therapy, is an alternative medicine involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. It is based on a system of zones and reflex

Cheats guide and house ideas for enjoyful game, Minecraft. You will learn many things from this Minecraft tutorial. Our course covers all the subjects with video tutorials and 95 pages pdf content. Cheats guide and House Ideas video content: - Tip


15 days ago

CodeCatching is an app that allows people to save stuff - receipts, images of important artifacts, documents, and of course, codes. This information is shared with other owned devices (Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad), through iCloud. CodeCatching does n

Diet Planner Plus

15 days ago

Diet Planner Plus è una applicazione per i medici sportivi, i dietologi e tutti coloro che debbano creare piani alimentari ed effettuare analisi corporee sui propri pazienti / atleti. L'applicazione nasce con lo scopo di offrire uno supporto

Dinosaur Safari

15 days ago

A jurassic world for you to discover a dinosaur or become discovered. Become a Sniper or FPS style free roam and discover many dinosaur deadly carnivores is this epic hunter saga. 2.6+ Million Downloads. Join the million's of dinosaur players who

The card game of bidding! This game, in which players try to predict the exact number of tricks they will win. The size of the players' hands increases or decreases by one in each deal, and this has given rise to the name Up and Down the River. The

Reviews are a very important instrument for developers. Sometimes the users of your app have problems using it or run into bugs that lead to a crash. Most of the time, the users write a negative review for your app and it is very important to react t

Note to Users: These are PowerPoint Templates. You need PowerPoint to open the Templates. Check out the Video: This App is not a presentation software editor. It's 99 High-Quality PowerPoint Templates. ---- How to Use --- 1.

Devslopes is the most affordable and effective way to learn iOS development, web development, game development, and app design. Think of Devslopes as a coding bootcamp that fits in your pocket, but for a fraction of the cost! ◆ What you&rsquo