New Apps

Spot-Kick Hero

3 years ago

Spot Kick Hero allows you to get right into the action. Pick your favourite team and hone your penalty taking skills before challenging friends in tournament mode. With exhibition mode, tournament mode and Hoopla mini game you have the chance to ste


3 years ago

Hailed as the greatest color-based puzzle game to ever grace Macs, Tap Colors is the most fun you will have this holiday season. In Tap Colors, your goal is to fill the board with a single color. Start in the top-left and work your way through the b


3 years ago

For Documents. Tag, organize, see, find. Photos have iPhoto. Music has iTunes. But when it comes to PDFs and other office documents, you're on your own. That is, until now. Now there is Yep and there's no looking back. Built for macOS Sierra. Works


3 years ago

Limited time opening special, get for 30% off! AutoFiler uses a simple rule interface, similar to Apple Mail to organize your files for you in the background. Filter on name, type, date, tags and Spotlight attributes. Move or copy files, set color


3 years ago

Limited time opening special, get for 30% off! AutoClips records a history of the items you have cut and copied to the Mac Pasteboard, You can get back older items organised chronologically, or by application, or by Spaces workspace. Get them back


3 years ago

Limited time opening special, get for 30% off! AutoNotes is notepad unlike any other. You can activate it with a hotkey, and automatically save notes into your "repository", for lightning fast quick notes. Your documents are all linked together lik


3 years ago

Limited time opening special, get for 30% off! AutoTyper is a classic typing saver application. It can replace what you've typed into any other application with some different text and/or images. There is support for dates, times, plain text, rich t


3 years ago

End of Financial year sale! Get 50% off! Automaton is four tools in one program, each of which is indispensable. It includes AutoNotes, AutoClips, AutoTyper and AutoFiler. These four tools are also available separately. AutoTyper is a classic typin


3 years ago

iTweetMyTunes is the missing link between iTunes and Twitter. It allows to automatically or manually post iTunes' current song and artist name to your Twitter account. The application stays in your dock or in the system's menu bar and runs in the ba

Where is the trunk on a tree? What is the name of the colourful parts of a flower? Do butterflies have legs? One of the basic starting points in early science is for children to become familiar with the basic structure of plants, trees and different

Create presentations for Keynote 2013 in minutes. These easy-to-use, animated templates will surprise and delight both you as a presenter, and most importantly, your audience, keeping them interested and engaged. Choose from five design presets, con

Export for iTunes

3 years ago

Export your playlists and albums from iTunes to any local folder, external storage, SD card or USB drive! You can transfer easily your playlists to your car stereo or any other media player. Convert aac/m4a files to mp3 for best compatibility with mo


3 years ago

Mosamic is a simple software that helps you create amazing photomosaics from your own photo collection. It is very easy to use, but still fast and powerful. You can use your own photos (saved on your computer) to be used as tiles, or photos from the

Keep track of your Source Code, wherever it happens to be! Committed uses OS X’s Notification Center to let you know when the source code changes in the repositories you care about! The Magical Panda has rebuilt Committed from the ground up t

Quick View

3 years ago

Quick View is an image viewer. You can browse the entire images of folders and archives unlike [Supported Image Types] JPG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, MacPaint, Icon, QuickTime, QuickDRAW, EPS, TGA, OpenEXR, Radiance, X bitma


3 years ago

Sometimes we run into so of demand, needs to be sorted out PDF file or edit PDF files, including, the PDF page, the original chapters, rearrange bookmarks, however, a manual finishing up a bookmark is a very time consuming, so now have iTGBLa to hel

Get the sheriff's badge and set out on your journey to Wild West to establish order and justice in each place you visit. The game has 20 episodes with 5 levels in each thus there are 100 levels for relaxing and continues play. Delete all tiles from t

File Date Changer

3 years ago

Good tool change date for file or folder. If you need to change a file's creation time and editing time, File Date Changer is a good choice for you. Advantage: - Easy to use — Very fast,save you time - Support batch operation - Support file


3 years ago

FAP Monitor HughesNet enable users to monitor their download usage with HughesNet when using a DW6000/DW7000/NH7000S/NH7700 or HN9000 modem. The Mac App alert user when usages criteria set by user has been reached. Optional the user can turn networki

Templates For iWork

3 years ago

Templates for iWork is the ultimate bundle edition of templates for Apple’s Keynote, Pages and Numbers on your Mac. This is the ideal tool for users of iWork that provides so many unique designs for Page Documents, spreadsheet templates for Num

Eye Break

3 years ago

Eye Break is a Mac application for avoiding eye strain when working on a computer. “Computer vision syndrome (CVS) is a temporary condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer display for protracted, uninterrupted periods of time. S


3 years ago

CoreData+ is a Powerful,Unique Probe for iOS/OSX Dev. Inspect/Query CoreData in real time on running App,Code auto generation,Data Import/Export. Feature 1:Inspect CoreData on running App(Device or Simulator) By Linking our Probe Library to your

Is it possible to return people from the dead? Hope against hope, you are determined to meet your dear sister Margaret again. After so many years, can she escape from the dead and come back to life? You must find out what really happened to Margaret

Sink your teeth into a thrilling romance and explore the dark side of love. When Dracula's son falls for a mortal woman, he must protect her from his diabolical family of blood thirsty monsters. Unravel a dreadful tale of love and deceit. Can a vam

“An utterly charming romp through a steampunk world” 5/5 “The graphics in Clockwork Tales are plain awesome!” 4.5/5 FANTASTIC HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF ENIG


3 years ago

this is a tool for spy pdf: 1、view catalog 、 XRef 、outlines objects ; 2、view pdf object value; 3、view pdf object stream.

Guide a woman who sets out rescue her fiancé from a supernatural force that feeds on human suffering! As she explores visually stunning mystical dimensions in a bid to reunite other lovers and weaken the grip of the entity, you'll find useful


3 years ago

More than 25 million songs from all over the world at your fingertips. We are now open in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and India, 24-7.

The Last Rocket

3 years ago

Guide Flip, The Last Rocket, through 64 rooms of spikes, fans, mines, flamejets and more. Collect all the scattered Memory Gears to help AMI, the onboard Autonomous Mechanical Intelligence, escape before the ship falls into a star! Featuring 8-bit gr


3 years ago

Lovify is a simple utility to "Love" your currently playing track in Spotify on Last.FM. When listening to a track in Spotify simply hit the Lovify button to tell Last.FM that you "Love" this song!