New Apps

Paper Scanner

7 days ago

At last one application to scan your document easily! Forget all those expensive and complicated software to scan your images and documents! Now with Papers Scanner you can scan your documents with few steps, just place your image or document onto

Days Left Lite

7 days ago

This app sits in the dock and counts down to all those important events, appointments and other things you have to do in the future. This Lite version allows you to setup two reminders. They will rotate in the dock from one reminder to the next. If

Singing is your app if you need to create digital signatures and paste them on documents in minutes. Speed up your workflow with Signing and sign documents with ease. Creating your signature images with Signing is as simple as drawing and sketching o

ZFactura es un programa de facturación muy fácil pensado para autónomos y pequeñas empresas que le permite elegir entre gran variedad de plantillas de facturas, presupuestos, … Le permite gestionar sus archivos de

Toolbox for Hero 5

7 days ago

The Toolbox for GoPro Hero 5 cameras allows you to control GoPro Hero 5 (and 4 with some restrictions) cameras. The app supports a self timer, HDR/exposure bracketing, GPS based triggers, and live streaming to YouTube, Facebook, and other services. A

BibleVerses is a perfect way to get God’s daily word in your busy schedule. Read, Apply and Memorize!! Get inspiration Bible quotes on your desktop written on stunning 4K wallpapers. All the wallpapers will be changed automatically in every


7 days ago

You've accepted the fact that you need a metronome. Good for you—we all have to at some point. Let Betronome be the better metronome for you — helping you to become better too. Features - Clean, modern, and simple interface lets you focu


7 days ago

An Enum to Switch statement extension for XCode that is built to work with both Swift and Objective-C automatically.

Deep Synth

7 days ago

Unique synth with AUV3 (Audio Unit) and midi keyboard support! You can touch and change the wave and hear the difference. Deep Synth also has: - simple envelope filter - reverb effect - tremolo sound effect - hair - high frequency modulation. - 5

Font Manager

7 days ago

Font Manager is an easy way to decide what font is suitable for your needs. Just open the app. navigate through available fonts and double click on the desired font for advanced interaction with it. Even if you installed new fonts, they will be aut

Time to roll hot & drift wheels and push the limit. Fantastic cars are here waiting for their drivers and Babes are looking for those fast driving guys. Lets burn rubbers take out wheels to play an exiting car racing game in town REAL EXTREME RACE F

Canary Mail

7 days ago

If you think you can buy Canary and forget it, forget it. It is so delightful to use and behold, we bet you won’t go back to your boring old email app again. And you shouldn’t – this is 2017, and encrypted email is a necessity. KNO VPN

7 days ago

What is a VPN? VPN or Virtual Private Network is a secure private network that helps you keep your online identity invisible by replacing your original IP with one of its own. When you connect to a VPN, it encrypts all your traffic and passed it thr


7 days ago

Está demostrado que si no mantiene una comunicación activa y frecuente con sus clientes, éstos, muy probablemente, dejarán de comprarle y ese dinero se irá directamente al bolsillo de sus competidores. Le presentam

Warm Distortion

7 days ago

Warm Distortion is Audio Unit effect app that creates nice distortion sound. It is excellent quality of sound that is produced by new technology, not emulation of old gear but completely new stuff. The effect works great with guitars, drums, synths a

Risk Manager

7 days ago

Risk Manager is designed to be a simple, easy-to-learn, cost-effective tool for use in any environment or situation where qualitative risk management is required. The main features of Risk Manager are as follows: - Identify, analyse, treat and docu

Neptune: Arena FPS

7 days ago

Welcome to Neptune: Arena FPS! Classic arena style gameplay mixed with modern and futuristic elements, where the only thing that matters is the skill. Features: - Set into a futuristic environment; - Fast paced, tricky, get quick into the action; -

La guía de televisión definitiva. Nuestra experiencia en Broadcasting, nos permite ofrecer una guía completa, rápida y fácil de usar con actualizaciones diarias de la información. Todas las funciones favori


7 days ago

SBFolder is a simple Application  for fast access to your iOS Simulator apps. It can easily deal with Simulators' folder structure. 2017/3/9 - 2017/4/9 one month half price Features - Quick reveal to finder of your iOS Simulator apps - Re

Event Kiosk

7 days ago

The Event Kiosk by Fresh Vine is a simple way to check people in to events you’re hosting. It adds polish to your events, ensuring each guest receives the same experience. You can check individuals into large community-wide events or small cla

Super Me!

8 days ago

Resilience is the ability to bounce forward after something bad happens. Resilience means getting help from others to recover, heal, grow, and succeed. Developing your true Super Me! will give you the encouragement and skills to handle tough situa

3DOF Simulator

8 days ago

The 3DOF Simulator is a simple application for commanding and observing the movement of a simple 3 degree-of-freedom (3DOF) manipulator. The application allows for positioning the manipulator via joint angles (forward kinematics) or a Cartesian point


8 days ago

Regressi est un programme de traitements de données, en particulier d'ajustement de courbe.

Instantaneous beam analysis that fits in your pocket! Easily calculate beam deflection and engineering graphs for structural analysis. Quickly double-check your results and develop your intuition of beam deflection theory. This app is an invaluable

***10.11 and up recommended*** ***Supports Mov., MP4 & .3GP*** ***To use this app you must select a folder and it will upload the files in that folder. You can't select individual files*** This app has two options: Option 1 allows you to watermark

This app is designed for less-experienced players. It provides 103 deals to declare and 12 to defend. All principles of playing a hand are explained. These include finessing, when not to draw trump first, counting winners and losers, communication et

A gently flowing and relaxing puzzle game? Or a beautiful tool to create inspiring pieces of abstract video art? Maybe both? Anyway, prepare to unwind! Features 100 handcrafted mesmerizing puzzle levels. Easily remix the compositions to create your

Step by step guide for yoga lessons and weight loss. Our course covers all the subjects that every yoga beginner needs. Not only beginners, we believe professionals will also get useful information if they finish this course. Step by Step Tutorials

Softron Metadata Editor enables you to quickly add or edit metadata into any QuickTime Movie (.mov), MPEG-4 (.mp4, .m4v) so that it can be recognized by iTunes, your AppleTV or any Mac application that can read metadata. Writing in-place is provided

iGIF Maker Pro

8 days ago

What is GIF? It is the most spreaded graphic format in the Internet for creating images with animation. The "iGIF Maker Pro - Simple Converter" application enables you to convert your MP4, MOV, 3GP video to format GIF with subsequent opportunity to