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Mitel® Secure Collaboration is a place for teams to come together, to work closely, all in a secure environment. With messaging, content sharing and real-time connectivity all combined into a single app, bringing people together to coordinate on

Liquivid Video Merge is an easy-to-use app that allows you to combine multiple video clips into a single one. For each input video, you can select which part of the clip to export and you can optionally choose a music soundtrack for the output file

KPI Reporting App

8 days ago

Welcome to the Fitness Industry Sales KPI Reporter and Analyser. Combine the OS app with the one available on your iPhone and submit and monitor all of your sales data from your desk or on the go!

PT Business Pal

8 days ago

Personal Trainers and Coaches - manage your business and Sales with our app, PT Business Pal. Sync with the iPhone version or use the OS app standalone! Are you looking to grow, maintain or begin a Personal Training business? We are the Fitness I

Data Recovery EX

8 days ago

Data Recovery EX is 100% safe and effective for data recovery software. Key Features • Recover deleted or damaged files from Mac hard drive. • Recover deleted or damaged files from storage devices. USB drive, SD Card. • Any file type

NTFS Assistant

8 days ago

NTFS Assistant is a simple utility that can display all NTFS drives in one list, easily search & find the files (including hidden files) in selected NTFS drive. After the specific files are found, there are four operations for the found files: Open,

Context Menu Lite

8 days ago

Context Menu is a configurable right-click menu extension for Finder. You can easily attach applications / shell scripts to the contextual menu of Finder with the help of Context Menu. Note: Context Menu Lite is implemented as a Finder extension, y

GoldenKey is the most trusted security, privacy and access APP. -Access all websites and apps securely and privately at home, school, work or anywhere in the world. -GoldenKey fully own all servers and the proprietary servers ensure fastest speed,

***** 50% OFF, Hurry now !!! ***** Make your notes and record audio, both at the same time with Speech Recorder, the best note taking app in the App Store. Speech Recorder is a powerful combination of notepad and voice recorder that helps you take

Searching for an app with amazing vintage filters and frames to use on your images and still apply effects on them? With Vintage Color Effects - Filters and Frames you can apply the effects, using enhance, black and white and choose between 64 filter

MyMoney Accounting

8 days ago

MyMoney is a lightweight, simple accounting software with an easy interface and minimal functionality, including your most basic accounting needs, easy to record your living expenses. Features • The most simple accounting interface, including


8 days ago

VoiceNote helps clinicians to create and manage their patient encounter documentation by leveraging robust front-end Speech Recognition capabilities and rich templates. Clinicians need an account with the eCareNotes Cloud Platform in order to use Voi

Enigma can three touch to encrypt the text. Enigma is also in the App Store for iOS. Agree with the person about Your "Key" encryption (for example, the number "563"), and he will be able to decrypt Your message. Features: * as the encryption key,

Four Video Player

8 days ago

**Only Supports MP4, MOV and 3GP** Watch four videos at the same time. Just drag and drop your favorite videos and hit play. Use the right arrow/circular arrow buttons to loop or turn off loop. Use the speed options to watch videos at different spe

Moodle Desktop

8 days ago

Introducing Moodle Desktop - the solution to accessing your Moodle courses on desktop. With Moodle Desktop you can experience all these popular (and more) functionalities: - View course activities and download materials offline. - Quickly find and

Any audio files to MP3 format in one click! Universally applicable audio utility - Easy MP3 Converter - All Formats. Plenty of formats, bitrate setup and high-quality MP3 files as a result! INPUT AUDIO FORMATS: AIF, AIFF, AIFC, CDA, CDDA, CAF, M4V,

***Celebration for the release of Version 12 : LIMITED TIME OFFER*** ****40% OFF on new license!**** ***** Navicat Premium named “Best Database Administration Solution” by Database Trends and Applications Magazine ***** ** Best-in-Clas

***Celebration for the release of Version 12 : LIMITED TIME OFFER*** ****40% OFF on new license!**** ***** Navicat Premium named “Best Database Administration Solution” by Database Trends and Applications Magazine ***** ** Best-in-Clas

Duck Bow Hunt

8 days ago

Duck Bow Hunt is a classic arcade duck shooting game using a bow and arrows. The goal of the game is to shoot the ducks before they go off the left side of the screen. If you let a duck get away or shoot a crane which are an endangered species you wi

Cut part of a Video and save as a separate video in 4 easy steps. The application supports all MP4,M4V and MOV format videos. Using the application a desired part of the Video could be cut and saved as a separate video.This could help in saving space

A handy video cut&crop tool. It can help to cut interesting video clips and compress it to small size and various format, help to share on websites. [How to use] Step1: Drag&Drop video file to app Step2: Choose video convert option Step3: Submit tas


8 days ago

A quick, easy, user-friendly tool to crop pictures.

The most comprehensive French-English/English-French bilingual dictionary for your Mac. The essential reference tool for all French specialists, now in a new expanded and updated edition for 2017. Le Grand Robert & Collins 2017 (version 3.1), now e


8 days ago

Cleanboard: Your Clipboard Cleaner Keep your Clipboard Clean When you copy a file, it's save to the Clipboard on your Mac, but your Clipboard is using a lot of Memory and anyone can access the files or information from your Mac, with Cleanboard for


8 days ago

This is an application that can be used to create images by placing other images in a regular grid layout. Useful for creating backgrounds for computer desktops. Just drag some images onto the application icon, set the properties of the final image a

Ultra-addictive match 3 slots lever game, maker of Crazysoft Paintball & The Odyssey ** LAUNCH SPECIAL OFFER ** Buy Premium Version within the App today and get premium versions for all your other computers. Frutakia by CrazySoft (the creator of 'P

Convert Image 2

9 days ago

Convert Image 2 is the extended version of the app for batch conversion. Just choose the input file and convert it in the necessary format. Now the image conversion is even more convenient! - Convert images in one click - Possibility to set the size

Purely Violin is designed to help you become a better Violin player. By repeatedly practising the routines and lessons included in the software, your playing technique will improve over time. The advanced visual interface adds an extra dimension to y

Do you ever wondered about the rumors of cow tipping? Now it´s your turn! Use the darkness and silence of the night to enter the meadows and tipp as much cows as needed to enter the next level. But be aware of the watchdogs and other dangerou

FireSQL 3

9 days ago

- Create, Edit, View SQLite database - FireSQL 3 is a successor to ViewSQL Pro and lets you, create, view and edit SQLite database. There have been a number of changes and improvements. - What’s New? - 1. The user can rename and delete e