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A new breathtaking photo for your desktop wallpaper, every day. Unsplash is the world’s premier platform for HD photography. Millions of submitted photos have been narrowed down to the absolute best by the Unsplash community. Today, you get to

It is a digital puzzle games, and will bring you more fun and may help for an improvement of logical thinking

Take a break from your everyday life with these classic versions of Solitaire. Play a modern & stylish version of Solitaire, with the gameplay you know & love. Play Klondike (Solitaire), Spider and Freecell all in one app. All games are free to pla

PCAT Practice Exam

8 days ago

PCAT Practice Exam lets you take practice test for your Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) Exam. You can either do quick 10 question test, 75 question test or All questions test. Practice this test and see how you score! Good luck!

ArtPose Pro

8 days ago

ArtPose Pro is a fun and artistic app for posing the Male and female figure. Create fast and dynamic poses in minutes. Quickly flesh out an ideal pose to use in your favorite art apps. ArtPose Pro lets you Pose two figures together male or female a

*** Check out StationWeather Pro! *** - METARs, TAFs, Weather Charts and more - completely decoded weather reports for faster and better briefings - 8,000 airports - Live TAF breaks down forecast assessment to a matter of seconds Forget raw weather

BackBeat Reducer

8 days ago

Are you a beat maker? Do you own an Mpc, Maschine or Ableton? Backbeat Reducer studies your audio samples to remove the back beat! Now you can isolate sounds in your samples or remove the drums. You can even use BackBeat to brighten or clean up your

Solaria Moon

8 days ago

Solaria Moon is a space adventure in 3D in which we will be on board of the enormous cargo spacecraft Taranis. Our protagonist, a young computer engineer named Lucy Lambert, wakes up completely disorientated in her hibernation capsule without a hint


8 days ago

Every Xcode user sometimes finds his/her Mac running out of space. This is a simple tool that helps those who use Xcode regularly to clean temp Xcode files with ease. Xcode is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

>>> You can try nPrompt for FREE by downloading "nPrompt Express" from the App Store! <<< nPrompt is an easy-to-use yet powerful teleprompter for your Mac. It is ideal for solo content producers and small teams and has been designed to make it easy

Classic Backgammon

8 days ago

Loved by millions, played for centuries, the Classic Backgammon is a strategy game quite unlike any other. The goal is simple: race to get your checkers off the board first. The deceptively deep rules and rhythm of Classic Backgammon has secured it

Flight Express

8 days ago

Simplify the process of bulk uploading images, videos and documents from your local or shared drives into your Flight media library with this advanced upload tool. Flight Express is a desktop application for Mac OS that allows Flight users to impor

New Hidden Object adventure from the creators of Time Trap Hidden Objects. This time, a story of romance unfolds in the world's capital of love, Paris! Immerse yourself in a romantic story with its roots in the 18th century. Any object you’ll f

Football Slot Machine is a premium 3D sport and betting combination game. Are you ready for a whole new slot experience? What you will love ◉ retina graphics, awesome sound fx, exciting 3D animations ◉ bonus game features 3D interactiv

Anagram Puzzle

8 days ago

Anagram Puzzle - 1st word game puzzle on the Mac AppStore. [an·a·gram] is direct letter switch or word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word to produce a new word, using all the original letters exactly once. for exam


8 days ago

Supreme is the most productive todo app ever, probably. Just type whatever you need to do, drag and drop to reschedule, and set alerts by simply typing the time – all information is contained in good old plain text. Just scroll through your ag

If you liked City Island and the early tycoon games and you like to build a lot, you will definitely love our third citybuilder game! Join over 15 million City Island players and start playing City Island 3: Building Sim today! This time you will h

Wix Photo Albums

8 days ago

Create beautiful online photo albums straight from your Photos Library on Mac. Each album is easy to customize to look the way you want. It’s free and it only takes a minute. You can easily send your stunning new online photo album to family a


8 days ago

This is a bare bones simple to-do list manager. There are may to-do list managers out there with many features but, I just wanted something simple. Since I didn't find one, I made this one. This app loads as an icon into the main menu bar. Feature


8 days ago

ParanoiaImport is a tiny helper application which automates process of importing Audio CD using cdda paranoia. With this application, you can automate the following Audio CD import process. 1.Ripping Audio CD using cdda paranoia. 2.Convert the resu

You are starting the adventure, then will have the opportunity to pay and unlock the full game later. Continue the adventure of the The Hunt for the Lost Ship in this longer quest as you hunt for the pirate’s lost treasure in this beautifully

Volt Launcher

8 days ago

Volt is Application launcher for macOS. Very quickly and simply. Application will start when you "double-tap" command key. or option key, shift key, control key. Usage: 1. Run this app). 2. Click icon on menu bar. 3. Registry App with key. 4. Doubl


8 days ago

CalmusComposerFree is an innovative tool for musical compositions that allows you to compose music - even in real time. It generates/composes music from the input created by the user - or generates music by itself by using the internal library/memory

You are starting the adventure, then will have the opportunity to pay and unlock the full game later. In this latest adventure with Uncle Henry, he has had a secret kept for many years that he now wishes to share with you. Over his travels he has di

Gomoku ⁣

8 days ago

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |         The best and the only Gomoku game with smartest computer AI.            | ------------------------

TOWS Analysis

8 days ago

TOWS Analysis or TOWS Matrix is used to Develop New Business Plan Expand or restructure Existing Business Portifolio Management Strengths: characteristics of the business, or project team that give it an advantage over others Weaknesses (or Lim

VarX Poker

8 days ago

Play 1000's of hands per hour in the fastest offline poker game in the world. Go up to unlimited table stakes and if you're feeling tired, no problem, just switch on the auto-play feature and let the AI win for you. Download it now for free and impro

INCREASE LAB PRODUCTIVITY Easy to use and intutive interface drives increase in your lab productivity. Take notes the way you think. Group and search experiments by tags, dates, project titles. TAKE NOTES ON YOUR OWN TERMS elucidaid makes it easy to

The outline is one of the most powerful weapons for a writer. Now you can easily outline your stories wherever you are thanks to Story Planner, the best story-mapping and organizational stories tool ever. With Story Planner YOU WILL: - create as man

Flow ai

8 days ago

With designing, deploying and managing conversational AI is a breeze. offers an intuitive drag and drop interface and is powered by state of the art NLP. You can easily build sophisticated bots in multiple languages, across multiple p