New Apps

Mitch for Twitch

2 days ago

Mitch is a lightweight native macOS app for Twitch. Features: - Watch every game and channel on Twitch - Browse top games and channels - Quick access to channels you’re following - Discover and follow new streamers - Get notifications when y

Days Left

2 days ago

Visit this link to watch a demo: This app sits in the dock and counts down to all those important events, appointments and other things you have to do in the future. Set up multiple reminders and they will rotate in the

PrintLife 4

2 days ago

"Chronos upped the ante with a major new update to its own virtual print shop application…" — Macworld PrintLife is the fastest, easiest way to design and print projects. Throw away the cheesy clip art and clumsy design software of yest

Kerio Notes

2 days ago

Kerio Notes is the best way to clarify thinking, brainstorm and visualize concepts. *** Capture your ideas *** Kerio Notes is the best place to lay down ideas or research for writings. Experiment with different tools to create beautiful, hand-craft

VPN Connect World

2 days ago

Do not need to register, do not collect your privacy information. Security & anonymity with secure connection between your device and Internet This App work on two mode: World mode: Get you access whole Internet whatever where you are. China Mode: Ge

Web Builder Pro

2 days ago

The perfect building, editing and publishing suite, all in one. Web Builder Pro™ web design software for the macOS and iOS platforms provides a visual interface for creating and editing both websites and web apps, as well as previewing and pub


2 days ago

LiveScreening is a live screen sharing platform that allows customers to broadcast their desktop screen to the viewers of Facebook. Using this app, Users can sign in to their Facebook account and can broadcast their screen. So, all the Facebook view

Ace your exam with Dynamic Path’s new Respiratory Therapist test prep app! This module features 300 review questions designed to help you prepare for respiratory therapy exams like the RRT. Our targeted multiple choice questions were written

Reverse it is a strategy board game played on an 8x8 un-checkered board with 64 disks which are light on one side and dark on the other. You can play against another person or the computer (CPU)! Multiple disk (game piece) patterns and tiles to cho


2 days ago

Rapid positioning simulator folder

Personal Budget is an all-new approach to personal budgeting that takes care of everything. Personal Budget is a friendly personal finance tool with basic features that keeps things simple. Features: -Intuitive user interface -Easy to add Items and

Gold Rush! 2

2 days ago

Jerrod Wilson left his home in Brooklyn, New York during the legendary Gold Rush of 1849 to find his brother Jake, who was forced to leave 11 years earlier. After a long adventure, Jake and Jerrod found the richest vein of gold in California’s


2 days ago

Have you forgotten your anniversary? Not a time-conscious person? Give us a try : ) Maybe we can help you improve this problem!


2 days ago

The FLSpacecraft application uses physical laws (classical mechanics) to simulate a spacecraft entering and interacting with the Earth-Moon system. The craft is roughly the size and mass of the Apollo Command and Service modules combined, with the a

Length Converter Support Metric System & Imperial System & Chinese System length measurement unit conversion. - Metric System: -> Kilometre (km); -> Metre (m); -> Decimetre (dm); -> Centimetre (cm); -> Millimetre (mm); -> Micromet

Find hidden objects in this garden mystery! No time for hide and seek. No time for 'Where is my stuff?'! It is up to you to solve the mysteries in this hidden object adventure and find all the missing objects! Do you have what it takes? What are hid

Area Converter Support Metric System & Imperial System & Chinese System area measurement unit conversion. - Metric System: -> Square kilometre (km²); -> Hectare (ha); -> Are (are); -> Square Meter (m²); -> Square Decimetre

Full Body Workout

2 days ago

ϟϟϟ First Full Body Workout App for Mac ϟϟϟ HICT (High Intensity Circuit Training) is a workout that is focused on effects. For the exercises you need only a simple chair or a platform. You workout just with your own bo

Study smart with Dynamic Path’s new Managed Care Nursing exam prep app! This module features 400 review questions designed to help you prepare for managed care exams like the CMCN. Our targeted multiple choice questions were written exclusive

The BoneBox™ Spine Viewer is a real-time 3D medical education and patient communication tool, featuring a detailed anatomical spine model. It is a member of a series of apps developed by a team of anatomists, certified medical illustrators, ani


2 days ago

LineVideoFX allows you to instantly apply fun line-finding effects to your videos. Choose from a range of colors, adjust a few slider controls to tweak the exact look you want, and you have a highly-artistic line art video. The changes are instantly


2 days ago

TextPlus - Xcode Source Editor Extension. # Notice DO NOT install TextPlus unless you're Xcode user. # Enable extension: System Preferences -> Extensions -> Xcode Source Editor # Feature: 1. Editor+: - Remove Comment - Add Class Delegate - Add

Car Parking is the iPhone Appstore's most addictive driving and parking game that puts your spatial awareness and dexterity to the ultimate test. Car Parking opens a new era of parking simulation games, with super-stunning graphics and challenging f


2 days ago

QCTools (Quality Control Tools for Video Preservation) is a free and open source software tool that helps users analyze and understand their digitized video files through use of audiovisual analytics and filtering. QCTools allows archivists, curator

Folder Color

2 days ago

Make your folders immediately recognizable by coloring them! Try this innovative app and you’ll quickly leave colored tags in favor of this new method! Designed to be fast, high-performing and user friendly.

DapSync Light

2 days ago

DapSync is a simple utility that synchronises your iTunes library with a DAP (digital audio player) or an SD card for the DAP. DapSync supports up to two storage devices and can prefix track filenames with track numbers for DAPs that do not sort on

Why is Online Security So Important to You? NO popups, simple smooth browsing experience. Internet is the world's foremost communicative medium. Each day, the volume of messages it transmits, the tidal wave of credentials, ID numbers and passwords i

Always stay up to date with the weather with a stylish weather widget on your desktop! A selection of attractive widget designs to choose from. Use the widget to give you an overview of the weather, or for a more in-depth forecast you can open the d

Dynamic Path presents our premier exam prep app for Financial Planner exams, now updated with 150+ new questions. This module contains professionally-written multiple-choice review questions, each with detailed, helpful explanations. Our questions

Quick Calculator

2 days ago

A simple calculator. You just need to enter an expression to calculate the result. This design mode is more convenient to operate. For example: Enter "2*(3+6)+10/2.4", And click "Calculate" to get result. show result in console. Support expression e