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DXF Maker - From PDF to DXF is a tool for converting PDF to DXF files. It is a lite version of DWG Maker that is only used to convert PDF to DXF. Supported formats: PDF: PDF files must contain vector graphics. Main Feature: 1. Two Conversion Modes

Thanks to our unique learning method, you will soon achieve great results on the path to mastering Spanish. Vocabulary Builder is ideal for anyone wishing to learn some words and phrases for use on holiday, as well as those looking to brush up their


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webcam+ is a two-in-one app of webcam and webcam monitor, which supports multiple platforms. This is the client of webcam+ on macOS. To use it, a mobile device with webcam+ app is required. The mobile device uses its own HD camera to shoot video an

I’m Markdown, the Markdown editor for OS X. Markdown 是一种用来写作的轻量级写作工具,它用简洁的语法ߣ


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Virsical provides enterprise mobile application entrance for office daily usage. Basic components include enterprise contact, enterprise module or 3rd applications and enterprise IM chat. Virsical can make the office more intuitive and convenient,

China is in danger, and we require you to learn Cantonese. Cantonese Spy is a language learning game that uses a one of a kind approach with taking in the Cantonese dialect. Adapting new words and expressions has never been this much fun. Download

Horse Racing

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Horse racing is one of the oldest sports developed by humankind. Over the years many new formats and styles have evolved but basic premise remains somewhat same, that is, to find the fastest horse-jockey pairs among the given set. Also horse race bet


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Your aunt Miranda is gone and soon, her image begins to disappear from all photos. You and your friend Mike go to your aunt's house, to unravel this mystery. There, you will open a portal in time. You will be taken to Italy, in 1468. You will acciden

Discover Windows 10 and learn how to maximise it's potential with this collection of MORE THAN 200 tutorial video guides. Use this app as a “Video Referencing Library” where you can come back for a refresher lesson or search for how to d

Learn how to play the Accordion with this collection of 275 Tutorial Video Lessons. Use this app as a “Video Referencing Library” where you can come back for a refresher lesson or search for how to do something new. App features: ** Edi

ISO Buster

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ISO Buster is an easy to use ISO Image creation and burn to disc utility. Features included: ▪ Split your images to a specified size ▪ Multiple burning device support ▪ Supports USB burning devices ▪ Supports burning on


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AstroDSLR is an application similar to AstroImager, an easy to use tool for astrophotography, but intended for use with DSLR cameras. AstroDSLR controls ISO, aperture (if lens mounted), shutter speed, exposure compensation, metering and focusing mod

Run, Presto!

2 days ago

Presto is a shepherd dog, but something went wrong and the brainwashed sheep want to capture him. Can things get worse than this? Yes, a huge rock is chasing him, and there are plenty of obstacles to avoid. Also available for iPhone, iPad and Apple

● Interactive storybook - “Going to the Dentist” ● Help kids PREPARE for their FIRST DENTAL APPOINTMENT! ● Show children that a DENTIST IS NOT SCARY and a DENTAL CHECKUP IS NECESSARY! ● Learn why sugary foods and s

Amazing BW Photo has 450 original filters. Each filter was inspired by the best filter around the world and carefully crafted to make your photo stand out, the process is so simple and enjoyable, it will help you become more creative.


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오픈태스크는 서로 다른 언어를 사용해도 업무 협업이 가능한 글로벌 협업


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A simple app to test your regular expression for "Match" or "Replace". Features: - Highlighting matched text - Group information


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Manage your Nest Learning Thermostats effortlessly from your macOS menu bar. Clima for macOS allows you to manage temperature, mode, and away state of your Nest Learning Thermostats.

Tactic, lineup & drill builder... Mac version of Coach Tactic Board, one of the best iOS coaching apps. More drill equipment, over 110 player poses, fields in different perspective will let you prepare any drill you could even imagine. FEATURES -


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EZBurner burns audio, video and data to CD, DVD and Blu-ray media. It also duplicates discs, imports and exports ISO images, and formats rewritable media. EZBurner is an All-In-One writable media utility solution.

The App is used by Photographers to calculates Hyperfocal Distance, Near Focus Limit, Far Focus limit, and Depth of Field (DOF). In optics, particularly as it relates to film and photography, depth of field (DOF), also called focus range or effecti


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Som ledare i en organisation är det svårt att ha full kontroll över verksamheten och samtidigt bedriva ett effektivt förbättringsarbete. MEVISIO löser detta genom visualisering, så att du och ditt team ska kunna p

Photolive PLUS

4 days ago

Realtime Live Updating Photo SlideShow Photolive slideshow that automatically updates with new images at full screen.Use for Wireless Transmitter or Eye-Fi or Wi-Fi Cameras. Live Updating Slideshows When new images are fly into the folder, the sl

Panda's Bad Day

4 days ago

Oh noes! Big bad human came, and cut down all the trees! Now a cute young panda with bright eyes and shiny red fur needs to do all he can to survive. Help him gather enough acorns to feed his panda family! • Fun game for kids, boys and girls! &

HDR Effects comes as an Application AND a powerful Extension to Apple Photos! HDREffects lets you create rich HDR effect images from a single image. You do not need multiple shots, raw files... This easy to use application will accept, JPEG, PNG,

Chronicle is all about eliminating financial surprises. Here are some of the ways Chronicle saves you time and money (and reduces stress, too): - Never Forget A Bill With notifications, and upcoming bills in your menu bar and notification center, Ch

Re Desktop

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***Launch discounted.*** ***Uninstaller sensei - discounted 87% for a limited time. *** ***Xmas snow - discounted 80% for a limited time. *** Re:Desktop allows you to hide all windows or show in one click. Use the dock icon or icon in the status me

Thanks to our unique learning method, you will soon achieve great results on the path to mastering German. Vocabulary Builder is ideal for anyone wishing to learn some words and phrases for use on holiday, as well as those looking to brush up their l

Activebot for Slack prevents Slack from going idle due to inactivity. NOTES: This application requires Slack authentication using one of the following methods: 1) "Activebot for Slack" app installed for your team 2) Legacy token Please verify you h

the best 3D runner game run along crossing the endless sea tackle obstacles ,collect golds to unlock items and new stages. this game contains all features needed to make you have fun and enjoy the game. there is a brilliant stage locked try to co