Some Great Apps For OS X Lion

21 Jul Posted by in News
Some Great Apps For OS X Lion

Earlier today Apple released their brand new operating system to the world, Lion. The new operating system contains over 250 new features that are available to use straight out of the box. Well … I say box, but the new OS was actually available for purchase and download only through the Mac App Store. Having used it for most of the day, I am still not in a position to post a full review of the operating system, but would like to suggest a great way to discover new apps for your newly upgraded system. Here at Mac Genius, we have devised a Top Mac App Chart for all the apps that can be found on the Mac App Store, just click on the link and browse though categories from music and video, to developer tools and utilities.

Ok, so if you are still wondering whether to upgrade or not, several other sources have decided to go ahead, and quickly review the new operating system. The mix of reviews is astonishing. From joyous cries of their love of the new interface, to repulsion and disgust at Apple’s attempt to create an experience that is meant to cope with beginners and more advanced computer users alike. However, saying this, most of the reviews so far have a positive liking towards Lion. A few reviews that make for good reading are posted below:

New York Times:

“Launchpad would be a better fit for technophobes if it were always there waiting, and not a program you have to open manually every time; but otherwise, the Lion makeover is fluid and satisfying.”

All Things D:

“Apple’s Lion Brings PCs Into Tablet Era.”


“As usual, however, it’s eminently sensible to upgrade at your own sweet pace. Waiting until Apple has swatted any big bugs and software developers have released any necessary updates will only improve your experience.”

Arts Technica:

“The next major release of Mac OS X would be called Lion. Jobs didn’t make a big deal out of it; Lion’s just another big cat name, right?”


“Mac OS X Lion: This Is Not the Future We Were Hoping For.”


“Full-screen apps are a fantastic addition to OS X Lion, and should make many users much more efficient.”


“Mac OS X Lion review: A worthy upgrade for the price.”


“It’s true that gestures can be tricky to learn. Some feel natural, because the result mimics the gesture, the three- or four-finger flick that moves your windows out of the way and summons Mission Control, the three-finger sideways slide that moves you from one space to another and the new four or five-finger spread that reveals the Desktop. Others are less intuitive.”


“One could definitely argue that Apple has gone a little overboard with multitouch gestures in Mac OS X Lion. There’s a pinch and swipe for almost anything you can think of. However, there’s no arguing that once you get the hang of them, these gestures are quite useful.”


“Versions is really, really cool; I would pay for the upgrade even if this was the only new feature.”

PC Advisor: 

“A very neat touch is that you can customise each desktop with its own wallpaper, a long-overdue touch.”


So there you have it, a few of the voices from around the web. If you still haven’t made up your mind, make sure to check back here for our review later on this week.