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UnwetterWarnung benachrichtigt sie über Unwetterwarnungen des Deutschen Wetterdienstes. UnwetterWarnung - Das Frühwarnsystem für Ihren Mac: Die App informiert automatisch über aufkommende Wettersituationen, wie Regen, Gewitter, U

Emergency info via 3D Map such as storms, fires and earthquakes. Web site pastes from FEMA, Red Cross and others. Videos for medical treatment for burns, broken leg, emergency triage ect.

Never lower your guard. Protect yourself from the risks that can result in uncontrolled exposure to the sun. UV Ultraviolet helps protect you from UV rays, giving you the level of solar ultraviolet radiation that reaches the earth's surface at the po


NAVTEX Pad lets you view NAVTEX and Radio Teletype (RTTY) marine weather transmissions, using the audio from your SSB marine radio. Just connect your radio to your computer using a standard audio cable, tune in 518 kHz, and the text transmissions are

World View is a living model of the Earth with a dynamic sun-shadow, clouds and seasons. Move the mouse over the world to get the current time and click to learn more about each country. Five day weather forecasts can be displayed or added to the m

Diana is a widget that graphically displays the waxing and waning of the Moon. # Functions: * Displays the waxing and waning of the Moon * Displays the dates of the Moon's new, first-quarter, full, and third-quarter phases * Displays the times of th

Rain application for Slovenian Rain radar of ARSO ( in podatki/radar.html) overlayed over Slovenian map. Application is statusbar app. Need internet access. Aplikacija "Dež" pokaže radarsko sliko padavi

Simple status bar app for Singaporeans to quickly and easily monitor the PSI/PM2.5 levels. This little app will notify you should there be any change in PSI/PM2.5 levels. Get a detailed breakdown of PSI levels by region or get the weather forecast by

This app provides you with up to date information on rain in parts of Denmark using DHI’s Local Area Weather Radar (LAWR). You can animate the radar images, load data from specific period, see plots of mean area precipitation for selected cal

Calculate Heat Index and Windchill values on the fly. Your result will be calculated as your type. Input your data in a wide variety of units such as Fahrenheit and Celsius. For the heat index, either providing the dew point or relative humidity.

Sun Calculator is a little app that can calculate the Sunrise and Sunset and plot the times over a timeframe on a graph.

A simple weather and pollution shortcut menu for OS X, written purely in Apple Swift 2.1 *Pollution is currently available in India only in select cities.

The weatherstation has been working since the Ocober of 1999 in Tähe 4, Tartu, Estonia, at the roof of the Physics department on the University of Tartu. The geographical coordinates are: 58°23' N, 26°43' E and height from sea level 76 m

With Moon Phase you have always on hand the different aspect that the Moon shows to Earth during its motion. Consult the integrated calendar to see the past and future Lunar cycles. Check sunrise and sunset in real time. The day and night mode is ac


Canadians want to check out weather, eh? WeatherPop is designed for your Apple Mac: you light Macbook, powerful Macbook Pro or your iMac. We support OS X El Capitan! WeatherPop is a simple, elegant and accurate weather and weather forecast app made

Weather Calculator comprises a selection of 6 different calculators that will simplify calculations which have given you headaches so far. Complex calculations, such as Cyclone Radial Velocity, Cloud Base and others listed below will be handled easil

This app solves a wind triangle by allowing you entering four values out of six (three speeds and three angles) and calculating the remaining two. It then explains how you get these results with a flight computer, by animating it. It rotates the disk

3DWeather Widget is an impressive weather application for Mac that shows weather information in an amazing style. It lets you keep a 3D animated widget on the desktop that generates scenic representation of the present weather condition. STUNNING TH

Weather information with funny commentary to make you smile. Solar app is the true weather app with a little humanity. Just grab your phone and let Solar tell you what it really thinks. Note: If you afraid of the “F” word and any kind


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Simple weather app to give you the current weather anywhere you go !

A simple weather bar that sits in the status bar to tell you details of your location. Try it out today!