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Do you want to get your weather charts without using an internet connection? HF Weather Fax lets you receive marine weather radiofascimile transmissions, using the audio from your HF marine radio. Just connect your radio to your computer using a stan

WeatherLive for AccuWeather is one of the best ways to receive real-time weather alert and forecasts on your Mac. This app is the most accurate way to get live weather statistics for any location. Search for your location from the search bar and inst

Float Weather posters on your desktop always such as widget type. The features of Weather posters to 1. show weather information about current/maximum/minimum temperature, humidity and wind. 2. show weather of today, tomorrow and next tow days. 3

With Sunrise and Sunset Calculator, you can calculate the Sunrise and Sunset and plot the times over a timeframe on a graph.

Outside brings current weather condition to your system status menu. Current Weather Functionality: - System menu bar (next to the clock) - Current Weather condition (sun, clouds, snow ...) - Current Temperature - Current Wind speed - Current Wi

OurWeather for iPhone/iPad is also available on the AppStore! Welcome to OurWeather Do you want to know the weather forecast without having to look out the window? Do you want to have the most accurate and complete weather on the palm of your hand?

Easy temperature information right on your menu bar. Get the current updated weather condition for your location with this easy and simple app.

Display RAOB upper air data in a SkewT, Tephigram, or Stuve chart. This version displays only United States upper air data. * Displays 12 or 24 hour Temperature changes. * Display 0-3km hodograph with 0-6km storm motion. * Display LI and CAPE Upper

With Weather Map you can real time track the weather in the whole world. With the network of the public Netatmo stations you can see the current temperature and rain value. Any questions? Feel free to contact us via mail ([email protected]).

One click access to your Weather from the Menu bar, including 4-day Forecast! Get up to date weather information with the all new Weather Tab App. Meant to be simple and informative, Weather Tab App resides in your Menu bar and gives you current wea

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Based on the critically acclaimed, DogeWeather presents the weather in your current location in a dynamic canvas based on the wildly popular doge meme. The doge is set against a backdrop chosen to best suit your current weather condi

See the weather forecasts Meteogram for every part of world. You can choose between different weather data sources. The forecast is simple and intuitive. This is status bar app. Updates data every 30 minutes. Tips: - Scroll with mouse pad horizo

Weather One is a simple weather Application for Mac that shows basic weather statistics on a compact widget. The app uses animated weather scenes for different weather conditions as its backdrop and presents current weather infos in the most beautifu

This app solves a wind triangle by allowing you entering four values out of six (three speeds and three angles) and calculating the remaining two. It then explains how you get these results with a flight computer, by animating it. It rotates the disk

Have you ever wondered how much time remains before sunrise or sunset? Lux is able to offer this and more. Make sure you have a WiFi connection to the Internet. At this point the application will detect your geographic location. The display will s


CanadianSatWeather is application for accessing GOES satellite weather data. Data is provided by Environment Canada. Program is designed for OSX so full screen mode is enabled. From main menu you can easily save images to your local storage. Also, we

琵琶湖の水位を表示するアプリケーションです。 画面上部のバーには&

Der Hundertjährige Kalender ist ein aus niedergeschriebenen Beobachtungen des Wetters zusammengestelltes Werk aus den Jahren 1652 bis 1658. In dieser Zeit beobachtete der Abt Mauritius Knauer tagtäglich das Wetter und schrieb es nieder. Der

NOTE: An Internet connection is required to use CanadianAvio. This app cannot and should not be used for in-flight navigation; it is for reference only! This is application for accessing aviation weather data in Canada. Essentially, this is the app

Is it raining outside right now? Is it faraway? This is very easy and convenient way to access latest Canadian radar data. Download Canadian doppler radar images. Animation mode is supported. You can save and print latest images.

Actively display animated weather on top of your own images. Personalize your weather with My Window. Simply take a picture of what you see looking out of your window and the animation of the real weather will appear on top of your image. You wi

IMPORTANT: This app is for Western New York only. Please refrain from reviewing if you live outside WNY and are dissatisfied with the covered regions. Snow Day has been called "Simply elegant" and "Superbly amazing," with over 70k total downloads! C


CloudWatcher is an astronomy utility which enables Mac-based astronomers to use a hardware device to monitor relevant weather conditions, such as cloudiness and rainfall. The device is able, in combination with the CloudWatcher software, to activate

Ever wanted to have a simple way of mapping out your day? Well Today is your lucky day. This app makes it easy to be in control of your notes. Writing down notes is only the first step, managing and sharing those notes is even more important. Simpli

Hygrometer is the ideal tool to measure the humidity of the outside air at any time and place you are. With an intuitive graphical interface, this application provides a pleasant experience and reliability in its use. Want to take a walk and want t


Designed for the weather enthusiast that must keep up to the minute coverage of storms, WeatherWall primarily displays NEXRAD Level 3 radar data. For convenient interrogation of storms, or situational awareness, WeatherWall features modes that allow


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RadSat brings together two vital sources of weather information. Using your specified or derived location, animated radar images from the nearest NEXRAD radar station or animated satellite images from the appropriate GOES satellite are downloaded and

Wherever you are Thermox gives you the local outside temperature, directly on your Mac. Never leave home unprepared. Thermox tells you how many degrees are outside and the climatic conditions. You can also see the temperature of the day before. Temp