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Weathervane aims to stay true to it's name by bringing weather to your device, cleanly and simply. Weathervane presents current observations, hourly forecasts and daily forecasts all in one place. Weathervane will periodically check the weather an

baratmo allows you to see your netatmo stations' data directly in your Mac's menubar. Note that you need an account at, and access to at least one netatmo weather station for this app to have a use. To see a measurement directly in your

UnderTheWX reads weather data off the popular AcuRite USB Professional Weather Centers and uploads it to Weather Underground,, PWSWeather and WOW. The app is a Status Bar Menu which displays Temperature, Humidity, Wind speed and dir

Current Weather condition on your Menu Bar. Additional 6 day Forecast, Radar Maps and Satellite cloud coverage Maps for your Local Region. We are one of the most complete weather app for everyday use. Note: We value your privacy therefore we do not

**Please note that we were experiencing outages due to high traffic on October 7 (Hurricane Matthew), everything is running fine now** *Huge 3.0 update just released, check it out!* Hurricane Track 3.0 is the most advanced, modern, and easiest to us

The weather now app! This app doesn't just display the current temperature it also supplies current weather conditions as welll. If you want current weather and temperatures right now, without having to sift through pretty images and clumsy interf

Seismo is a little free application that allows you to get a list of earthquakes from around the world. Seismo uses the data feed provided by United States Geological Survey (USGS) to display the details about all earthquakes from the list.

Forecast conveniently puts global weather in your mac's status bar. Add any location around the world and view the current weather, daily and hourly forecast sunrise, sunset and much more with gorgeous background images.

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Introducing Drizzle, our free weather app gives you weather forecasts directly from your menu bar, this beautiful experience combines open weather forecasting technology with a drop down menu bar GUI (Graphic User Interface). No other desktop app com

Weather Dock Express is the most modern, innovative, and beautiful Weather application. Weather Dock Express features stunning photorealistic animations, super accurate weather forecasts, gorgeous interactive 3D Graphics, and even Live Tropical Storm

Daylight shows a big, bright, and beautiful map of the illuminated Earth, and the sunlight terminator. - Show where sunlight falls at any time, any place on Earth. - Get sunrise, sunset and twilight times for any time any place on Earth. - Drag th

«Pure Weather» — is the most simple and at the same time elegant way of getting the weather forecast. The forecast will be available on your desktop within a few seconds after running the application. There is no need for a set up

3DWeather Free is a unique weather application for Mac that shows weather statistics in 3D animated themes. Get full weather forecast of different locations in one place. Get timely weather alert directly sent to the Notification Center. Users can k

Weather Tab PRO, the new extraordinary Clock and Weather App with weather forecast, HD animations, and changeable skins. Look no further - this is the most exciting and refined Clock & Weather app for your Mac! Weather tab PRO integrates in the Mac

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WeatherPlus is the best weather app for real-time weather alert and forecasts. This app is the most accurate way to get live weather statistics for any location. Search for your location from the search bar and instantly get basic weather information

The best App for accessing your Netatmo Weather Station right from your Mac's Menu Bar! Only works with Mac OS 10.9 (Mavericks) and earlier otherwise use Hue Menu 2 for Yosemite 10.10 Featured on Cult Of Mac,The UnOfficial Apple Blog, iLounge and

Software MacKiev's 3D Weather Globe™ & Atlas provides a complete weather package from dew point to wind chill factor, overlaid on the highest resolution NASA maps ever created for the entire Earth. Cloud cover is provided throughout the day fro

Display National Weather Service WSR 88D Radar on your desktop. Pick from any one of the NWS radars in the 50 United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam. * Display Reflectivity, Velocity, or Precipitation amounts. * Loop up to 20 images. * Step through ea

Introducing Motion Weather 4K: The most insanely beautiful and innovative weather application ever conceived. Motion Weather 4K turns your Wallpaper into breathtaking Cinema quality 4K video based on the Weather conditions outside — and is an

Add the moon to your menu bar and view moon calendar with all its phases in just one click. Its so simple to use and much more convenient than anything else, it quickly becomes an indispensable tool for your Mac. Moon Widget includes the following f

NOTE: this a is menu bar app. Once you open the app an AeroWeather icon will appear in the menu bar (as shown on screenshots). Now also available for your Mac - a simple and clean version of AeroWeather. Shows METAR and TAF with accurate data in t

*Special Sale! 40% off for a limited time!* Mach Wallpaper is the true dynamic Wallpaper application for OS X! Mach Wallpaper features 20+ stunning themes, with each theme featuring advanced 3D effects, and the most cutting-edge and beautiful "Des

Live VideoWall is the ultimate collection of 100+ exclusive wallpapers with eye-catching animations and more live wallpapers to be added each and every week. It showcases some of the finest live wallpapers, which will redefine your Mac’s deskt

Wherever you are Barometer gives the local atmospheric pressure . With an intuitive design, this app offers an enjoyable experience and reliability in its use. Make sure you have a WiFi connection to the Internet. At this point the app will detect y

Forecaster is a modern weather app for the Mac and iOS. It provides a simple and clear forecast for weather locations you select. If snow is in the forecast you will actually get the predicted snowfall total and not just an icon that leaves you wonde


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LuckGrib is a fully featured, easy to use, fast GRIB reader, viewer and downloader for your Mac LuckGrib uses beautiful and fast graphics to give you insight and understanding into how the weather and ocean conditions will change through a forecast

With WeatherSnoop 3®, you can take control of your weather information right on your Mac! Powerful, versatile, and easy to use, WeatherSnoop communicates with your personal weather station or Internet-based data source to give you a whole host of

Welcome to Nano Weather Do you want to know the weather forecast without having to look out the window? Do you want to have the most accurate and complete weather on the palm of your hand? With Nano Weather is possible! We have done for you what i