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Video Pixel Resizer

13 days ago

Video Pixel Resizer is an application that could Resize the Videos by changing their pixel size.Using this application, the size of videos could either be decreased or it could be increased.The application could Batch process even hundreds of videos

nPrompt Express

13 days ago

>>> NOTICE: This is the free "Express" version of "nPrompt Teleprompter" intended for users who want to try out nPrompt before buying. This version has the same feature set as the full version but will pause teleprompting after 5 minutes! <<< nPromp

Video Size Compressor reduces the file size of a video to an exact size without clipping any part of it.For example, if there is a Video of size 250 MB . The application could reduce the size of Video to 100 MB,150MB ,50 MB and etc. In order to use

Video Journal

13 days ago

Video Journal allows you to screen capture and share!

If you have ever faced problem in playing videos on computer then this application is for you. This application converts all unsupported video formats to MOV format that is suitable for playing on your computer and all other devices like iPhone and i